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downloading music helps artists

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Started: 6/1/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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downloading music helps undiscovered artists be discovered. It gives undiscovered artists a chance for their music to be heard. Not every upcoming artist is going to be found on YouTube like Justin. People find new artists this way,and hopefully they will show people and it goes on and on.


I am firm believer in freedom of media and info. I support artists when they deserve my money and I do that through a number of differing means. For the sake of being a proper Devil's Advocate I will refrain from speaking of my pro-dl stance from here on out.

While I agree that downloading music can help the artist be discovered and boost them up there are some fallacies in this train of thought. First of all, if we are talking about free downloads then that might not always be the case.

What would happen if everyone just stopped buying music altogether?

Is the question I pose to you, Pro.

In the other perspective, whereas the person pays for the media, then it can help the artist. Once you give the song(s) to a friend you honestly contradicts the whole "pay" concept and the artist is once again losing finance and proverbial help.

With that aside, realize unless that artist is on a mom-pop label they are probably not seeing much of that initial cash flow from your digi pay download. But, that is another debate altogether. I am just trying to establish how messed up the industry is so my point gets across more clearly.

Basically, downloading whether for free or money, doesn't help the artist as much as you think it might. At least from a financial sense.

That is not a flaw with the peer2peer distribution but rather the subversive claws of the major record labels sinking into yet another facet of art.

Debate Round No. 1


Yes, they won't make much money off of it whether free or played, but it will help them get bigger and they will make more money. Money is not the case. Being heard is the case. So downloading music does help them. It gives then a start. I knew it's not the best start but hey it's getting them somewhere. They are able to play their own music and if people like it the will download it. The pay version might be better but I think the free version will give then a better start. That's just my opinion.


After looking at this again I honestly do not know what we are debating.

I am believe at this point, from the wording of the author, that the act of downloading helps artists get discovered.

Which is a misconception. I do not believe that the act of downloading helps an artist become discovered.

It is perserverence, talent, luck and a proper outlet for their medium. Along with a financial plan, such as digital distribution deal with people willing to download said media.

The act of downloading itself does not help any artist.

You have to be very specific about your argument.

If you can prove that downloading is the reason behind the discovery of artist that I will concede.

Remember, you said downloading, not digital distribution.

Downloading is an action and the fact you left it unspecified as to what is being downloaded leaves it open to interpretation. It can be arbitrary in nature, coupled with the fact, it's still an action.

If Pro can provide proof that the act of downloading helps artist become discovered I will concede the victory.
Debate Round No. 2


dorkie forfeited this round.


2 step 2 victory
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by mentalist 6 years ago
People were burning CD's before downloads...downloading cuts the greedy record labels out of the picture...
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