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dress codes for schools

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Started: 5/10/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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i dont agree with dress code it takes away from students including my self, even though i dont listen to the dress code i dont agree with it. The freedom of expression is something that is taken from us in school becuase someone thinks for us and others and people listen to that, no i dont listen to this because collared shirts bugs me and it wastes so much money. Every year you have to go and buy new shirts cuz the others dont fit or the dress code has changed again and you cant wear this color now, students individuality gets taken away from them, and no it doesnt prepare us for a work environment. Everybody was a kid or teenager at one point and they want to be comfortable and themselves. the schools go and tell us what we can and cant wear but who is to enforce this when parents get involved and go against the dress code what do they do now. they make more rules and now you cant wear these shoes anymore or you cant wear those pants anymore who do they think



Greetings, worthy opponent.

Thank you for offering this challenge. In this round, I would like to state my views on the resolution 'resolved: Should there be dress codes for schools". I strong support the idea: Dress codes is absolutely essential for schools and should be implemented in all school systems. Before I move on to my three main contentions, I would like to clarify the key term:

Dress codes: A set of rules regard on how a student should dress up in school

Now I shall expand on my three contentions:

Contention1: Students are irrepressible with their clothing

A school without dress codes is like a city without laws. Students can be very irresponsible when it comes to dressing up. Often times students will dress up in a way that either it can be inappropriate for school or distracting for other students" learning. In school, it is really important to avoid clothing that shows too much skin, expresses explicit information, or is offensive in any form. Dress codes has alway been keeping the schools student-friendly, learning-friendly environments.

Contention2: Absence of dress codes can lead to bullying

School is all about learning, but many students may worry about their appearance more than learning when dress codes is not applied. Students can wear those fancy "cool" clothing for showing off and some students can get left out. People will be judged on what they wear then bullying will start happening. It is crucial to have dress codes to keep the students respectful to their peers and teachers.

Contention3: Dress codes keeps the students safe

Imagine doing a 400m run on jeans, and slippers. You might look great, but it is a disadvantage to your pe class. It is very easy to get hurt in jeans and slippers and when you do, the school is going to take responsibilities. The lack of dress codes is a detriment to both you and the school, and with it, students will not be hurt because of their terrible choice of clothing.

After all, dress codes is very critical in schools. Without it, students may get bullied, hurt, or distracted from learning.

Thank you
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