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driving a car slow is better than driving it fast in city

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Started: 5/8/2017 Category: Cars
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Driving a car slow is better than driving it fast in city because people wander in city and driving fast may lead to accident.there are lot of speed brakers in the city and when a car comes fast and stops at a speed braker the car will get damaged and the person driving it would get major injuries.Driving slow is safety and accidents won't happen.On March month a professional racer of Chennai met with an accident because of rash driving.


I'd like to thank the Proposition for instigating this debate. Let's hope it's a feisty one.

To open, I would like to put forward the following argument: that "better" is a subjective and preemptive judgement which, in this context, ignores that outcome, not action, should be the arbiter of virtue.

Inherent in the wording of the motion, and in the arguments put forward by the Proposition, is the notion that slower speeds are unilaterally preferable for drivers, and lead to better outcomes. This fails to take into account the varying levels of proficiency different drivers have, or that slower speeds are not necessarily a protection against disaster. Indeed, the Proposition states that "accidents won't happen" if drivers are sticking within the imposed limits, an argument that is demonstrably false. It is the case, rather, that accidents are the result of an amalgamation of circumstances, of which speed is only a part; alertness and driving ability are far more significant determinants in these situations. And, in most cases, who is behind the wheel is far more important than what they are doing, because who they are determines what they do.

This raises another point, and it will be my final in this round: if we judge the virtue of high speed usage in cars on individual merit, the question of said virtue becomes a matter of personal responsibility. It should not be for the Proposition to determine the correct course of action for a collective, but for the individuals to judge themselves capable or otherwise of performing it. Some people are capable of driving at high speeds safely, and others aren't. Those who aren't and choose to anyway are more likely to suffer consequences, for which they must accept personal responsibility. I feel it is not possible to support a motion that refuses to acknowledge this distinction.
Debate Round No. 1


The people who rash drives in the city with caution will be little in the world . The people who drive the car very rashly is for show - off and to stop this the government should make an order which supports and should take action on people who drives very rash.Faster driving gives you a shorter amount of time to respond to something in your path, and even a fraction of a second can mean the difference between life and death. Drive slower for your safety and that of those around you " especially drive slow around runners, cyclists, schools, and neighborhoods with kids on the streets.People give reasons that they drive fast because they don't have time. Make it a habit of getting ready early and leaving early. Now you don"t have to worry about being late, and you can enjoy the ride.
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Posted by nhause 1 year ago
i think most people would agree, Fast cars can be driven at perfectly reasonable speeds just like any other car, And its up to the driver to obey the laws of the street. If you're driving too fast and kill a pedestrian or yourself, You're an idiot and a murderer, No mater what you're driving.
Posted by Prathosh 3 years ago
thank you Harleygator
Posted by Harleygator 3 years ago
Apologies for not continuing with this debate. I did not receive the customary email to inform me that my opponent had replied, and was therefore unaware that it was my turn.
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