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electronics in school

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Started: 11/14/2016 Category: Education
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I believe that students should be allowed to have their phones on during school because 1. something may come up that you need to respond to or be alerted to an emergency, 2. they can be used as a cheaper way for the school to be more electronic teaching, meaning less money needs to be spent on new computers because students have their own phones and tablets


I suppose that the disadvantages of having phones or tablets for students considerably outweigh the benefits. Here are the reasons for it:
1) Students get disctracted by phones. The cases of emergencies don't happen very frequently; however, the availability to the Internet on phones keeps us connected to different sites-- for example, social networking sites-- all the time. As a result, student have a temptation to chat with their friends online or surf the Internet instead of listening to "boring" lessons. Thus, their productivity on the lessons decreases due to phones. In addition, in the case of emergency, parents can call school's administartion and ask them to alert you, so students' devices are not the only solution for such kind of problem.
2) Phones influence the social status of a student in school community. Mostly, the phone model can tell about the level of income in a student's family. Those who cannot afford expensive telephones may feel uncomfortable comparing themselves with those who have the newest phone models. Also, children with "cool" smartphones can have better impression in the eyes of their peers, meanwhile kids with bad or even no phones will have a disadvantage. So, having no phones in school can help to create the atmosphere of true friendhip where students will choose friends not according to their level of income, but looking at qualities of character.
3) You said that student's phones would reduse school's expenditures. But have you considered that children can have absolutely different phones? For example, while some phones can support certain apps necessary for the work at a lesson, others cannot. Moreover, some students don't have phones at all. What should they do? I think that it would be significantly better for school to provide its students with the same equipment for proper work at lessons rather than to have such problems.
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Posted by Curly_Fryz 2 years ago
They don't care if you have electronics in high school. As long as you don't use them while the teachers are talking, you're fine.
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