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Started: 1/28/2009 Category: Politics
Updated: 12 years ago Status: Challenge Declined
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That Euthanasia is moral in a medical setting.
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Posted by Parris09 4 months ago
In my opinion, I believe that euthanasia should be a right of every person who lives in a democratic country, Although many people believe that it is a crime, I feel that it is a right because, Reaching the end of our lives, None of us would like to suffer if already We know what the end will be, And even more so if we see that our family is suffering for seeing us like this, I do not see it as a crime but rather as a humanitarian act
Posted by miopinion 5 months ago
In my opinion some people want to have the option of euthanasia because they have been suffering from terminal illnesses for many years, I think they have the right to decide about their own lives.
Posted by TANNIA05 6 months ago
I completely agree with euthanasia as long as the risk factors that the person has are that they have a very low probability of living
Posted by PQCH 6 months ago
I agree with euthanasia, As long as it is used responsably for example to a person with a disease for which there is NO treatment to cure it or a person who had an accident and remained in a vegetative state, If it is desire of that person not to suffer anymore, They has every right to choose euthanasia, After havin suffered so much for many years before a disease that deteriorates you, That you are not enjoing life, What a day is a constant pain and sacrifice to open your eyes and you are seeing your loved ones suffer from seeing you worse every day and knowing that there is absolutely nothing to do, I believe that one has every right to want to rest from so much suffering and free loved ones from the same suffering.
Posted by DagonChernovski666 7 months ago
I'm against it. Euthanasia might be overused and people will gain less life experience. Many people have biased beliefs and think of life as a general suffering. That's called nihilism. Both pain and pleasure are parts of our experience.
Posted by Nayezka14 7 months ago
Euthanasia is a right to die with dignity, I am in favor of it, Because sometimes people get sick and their conditions are very critical and painful, They are also the ones who must make the decisions of their lives, Only they know and they feel the pain. That causes disease in their bodies.
Posted by Lancelot_Wolfenstein 8 months ago
ANYONE, Should be able to end their life if they'd like. I've seen so much death & suffering in my life that i believe it is PURE EVIL to tell someone that is in too much pain to go on & wants to pass into the next realm with whatever dignity is left that they have to stay on the prison planet they're on at that time. My grandfather & uncle both shot themselves in the temple for their suicides when it was their time to go & they didn't want the suffering prolonged & it wasn't even quick, My uncle died 12 hours LATER. I'm terrified of being forced alive in a miserable state. But the sentiments are especially relevant today because i even equate it with the Covid thing: here in our Western Medical Industrial Complex's System they care only about prolonging life & minimal bare survival but give not even a hair on a rats weiner about QUALITY of life. It stems from how most people have such an unhealthy relationship with death & spirituality in the West so they overly fear both far too more than is warranted. Death is not always bad, It is a prerequisite to accompany life. Suffering on the other hand is always horrific. So with Covid: 'everyone shall suffer so very few will die' is completely backwards of an enlightened perspective. & as for Youth in Asia ;) it's 'we are doing the right thing by not allowing this person (even if they are begging & petitioning) to die. The fact that their existence is now a literal hell on earth is irrelevant & anyways if he dies like he wants then we can't keep milking all of his insurance money' and one last thing as a clarifier is on the topic i haven't been referring to someone on life support but more of a Dr. Kevorkian type situation where patients themselves are begging for a peaceful departure instead of a brutal prolonged stay. Thanks for reading to anyone who may have; God Bless
Posted by Ihsieman 11 months ago
Maybe in the year of 1492, But we have drugs that take away the pain these days, So I would say no
Posted by alberthoffmann 1 year ago
Murder is the unlawful killing of another human without justification or valid excuse, But the justification of euthanasia is that the person being euthanized wants to be killed. Therefore euthanasia cannot be classified as murder because the definition of the word "murder" precludes it.
If you believe that humans are given a "gift of life", Then you must support euthanasia. You are free to do as you please with a gift, The gift-giver cannot oblige you to do anything with said gift, Otherwise it would be a "obligation of life", Not a gift.
Nobody chose to be born, So why can't everyone choose to die? Why does anyone owe other people their life? There is no reason to believe that anyone is entitled to anyone else's being.
Posted by GuyIncognito1 1 year ago
Euthanasia is murder, But everyone should have the right to refuse life support.
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