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Started: 5/18/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe that feminism has gone to far and that women already have equal right already (except the whole women have to wear shirts thing that's stupid)
pro starts


Greetings! Thank you for this debate, this should be fun! In accepting this debate I do not pretend to stand for all of feminism seeing as there are many different sects of the movement. I also do not claim to know everything about feminism. I will use sources from the internet as well as books to support my argument.

First, we must define Feminism.

There are many different types of feminism.
For example: Antiporn feminism, Cultural Feminism, Hip Hop feminism, Lesbian Feminism, Queer feminism, and Radical feminism.

The feminism it seems you disagree with is the one that is prevalent in the Pink Hat movement.

But my stance will be from the Antiporn and Cultural Feminist movements. These movements advocate the reality:

      • Women are more nurturing, cooperative, and communicative. Instead of measuring themselves against men, women should make their own activities more visible and valued.

      • Want to do away with the dehumanization of women in pornography

You say that feminism has "gone too far," but before we can continue, give me more to chew on.
Debate Round No. 1


I'm talking about how a large is amount of feminist are attacking men like for example hepeating, hep eating, man spreading, toxic masculinity.
but also you say you notice what im talking about then start talking about a diffent thing, so could you also explain your veiws a bit more?


Yes certainly. But friend, simply giving your opinion on a topic isn't how you start or maintain a debate. You have to make a claim (or take a stance) on the issue and then give evidence and examples to back up that claim. In my last post, I was just explaining two types of feminism and their views.

But since I was confused, I am taking back the first stance I made and am taking the side of Radical feminism (the movement that does these things you mentioned such as "main spreading" and "hepeating").

Radical feminism is a movement whose main focus and objective is to challenge oppressive systems within society. This is incredibly important, as this revolutionary idea is what the United States government is based upon. We may have a system of checks and balances in government, but having one in society (such as this sect of Feminism) in order to keep certain people groups from having too much power is equally important, even if it may be annoying at times.
Debate Round No. 2


honestly if any ones oppressed its men the British board laugh at the idea of talking about men's problem. feminist clothing is every were but one Mra peace of clothing and they go to boycott. men have a much high skid rate and assault charges but all we hear about is women's harassment and sexual assault(which is bad but the point still stands). women have several legal rights over children than men tell me. in what ways are women oppressed
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by master-de-baiter 3 years ago
sorry for the spelling i was on a bus and had to get it done because there was 20 mins left
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