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flat earth?

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Started: 6/11/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I personally think the world is round but I'd like to hear an argument from a flat-earther that isn't "you can't prove the curve nasa is lying"


The Earth is flat.
People who believe in a flat Earth or flat-earthers believe the government has been lying about the Earth being flat since your a little kid.
The Nasa pics, photoshop and editing. People that have gone around the Earth have just been going in circles not around.
The government has been hiding the truth from us because if everyone knew the whole world would come to an end (figuratively). And the secret is...(I'll mention it later in the debate.)
In the beginning everyone thought the Earth was flat. The first people to suggest the Earth was round was ancient Greek philosophers. And these philosophers discovered a ton of things we live by today. But why don't we ever question them? They're ancient. For instance ancient greek philosophers discovered the constellations, but the actual connected stars look nothing like the picture of what it is supposed to be. Now you may say what do stars have to do with planets. And that's it. Our solar system orbits around one gigantic star. What if the solar system is just a huge constellation. Many scientists believe that if all the planets every aligned the world would come to an end. The alignment is the constellation they are trying to hide from us. I call it Smvemjsun. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. The constellation is a straight line aka a modern human body. What are two things humans need to live? Your brain and heart. Just like the two most important things to live in the solar system are the Sun and Earth. If you line up Smvemjsun on a human body Sun is where the brain would be, and Earth is the heart. The Sun/brain powers everything yet we can't survive without our Earth/sun. Earth is also an anagram for heart if you move the h. The Sun is your brain and is very hot. And if your head is feeling extremely hot it means your sick. And if your sick you get a thermometer and put it in your mouth. Exactly, thermometers are made of mercury. But this constellation was made a long time ago so where else did you put the thermometer. In your anus. It couldn't be more obvious Uranus in Smvemjsun is where your anus is. And from this we can place all the other planets. Venus is your neck, Saturn is your hips/butt, Mars is your arms (another anagram). And Neptune is your legs. Since Jupiter is in the middle and also the biggest it must be your stomach. But since Jupiter is the biggest planet there is a little more to it. It's not just a normal stomach, it's a huge stomach. This means Smvemjsun has something to do with eating. I mean why else would the stomach be so big in Smvemjsun. And when you look at it Smvemjsun is really just a digestive tract. Now you may say if Smvemjsun is so old then what about Pluto. That's the thing it was part of the body. Pluto is a fart. It went into Smvemjsun (aka the digestive tract) went down the planets till Saturn then, BOOM!!! Right of Uranus flying past Neptune off into space before what... disappearing. Here is more proof. A fart is just gas that comes from your anus. Uranus has 27 moons the third most in our solar system. Why else do you think when you expose your butt to someone it's called mooning them. And there is a reason Uranus has the third most number of moons. The sun is the biggest gassiest thing in our solar system. The Sun is literally huge ball of burning gas made up of mostly hydrogen and a bunch of other random elements, such as carbon, helium, oxygen, and nitrogen. When you add up the atomic number of each of these elements you get 24. And Uranus is number 3 in the number of moons. And if you add them together you get 27. The number of moons Uranus has. So we know Uranus is connected to the Sun, but thats not the only one. If you write all the planets backwards you get Sunaru/Uranus and one more, Seunev/Venus. Why Venus why not Mars. But we all know the saying men are from Mars and women are from venus. Because Mars or men have always been able to distract us from the truth, which lies more specifically with Venus or women. Think about it, why is the Sun called the Sun and not the daughter? The first day of the week is Sunday. Why is it son of a b**** and not daughter. A b**** is just a female dog. But male dogs are just dogs, which begs the question why are female dogs called b****'? You've heard of alpha male before right. The alpha was the leader and beta's followed him. Human beta's till follow alpha males today. Just like the planets. The Moon orbits the Earth, and the Earth orbits the Sun. It's all about alpha and beta A and B. And, a b**** is just an anagram for ab itch. Abs are your stomach and an itch is an itchy discomfort. So it means stomach discomfort. But there is a reason they are distinguishing between men and women. Stomach discomfort especially for a women can only mean one thing; pregnancy. The creation of life. But since men can't get pregnant, the only stomach discomfort for men is; a fart. Farts are the babies of men!!! :) Now you may say what does a fart prove that the Earth is flat. But it's very simple. Giving birth is giving life to a human being. But a fart is much bigger than that. Flat Earthers were right all along. The Earth is flat, but that's not it. Everything in our universe as we know it is flat. Because it's all flatulence. But you may say that is the Sun, not the Earth. The Sun is made of gas, but the Earth is a solid. But it's very simple, the Earth is a solid fart. That means the Earth is sh*t.
And there you have it. Solid proof the Earth is flat.
Try to beat this argument sucker.
Debate Round No. 1


Don"t you dare tee her me son. This evidence is real.
Debate Round No. 2
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This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Atheist_Goat 3 years ago
Pro is litterally basing his evidence on the world ending because planets alligning perfectly in a straight line. Which is impossible as the planets travel on different planes, and some of them never come close to each others orbits. Also, the only explanation he gives about why Nasa, Spacex, Every astronaut to ever go to space and every country that has ever gotten a rocket to space are working together to hide this "grand truth" from people is that the world will "figuratively end".
To put it simply: Pro is a complete nutcase.
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