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fortnite is better than gangstar 2

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Started: 5/31/2018 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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e," said Pannoni. "In some games, there is never an end to what you spend money on. In 'Fortnite,' when you win or lose, you won or lost fairly and not beacause you bought a bunch of stuff."

Bottom line: If your child can settle for generic attire, they can play "Fortnite" for free. If they want to dress up and express themselves in the game, they will pay for it.

3. Your kids can play "Fortnite" with their friends, but they will also be playing with strangers.
One of the advantages of "Fortnite" is that because it is on an online public gaming platform, your kids can find out who of their friends plays too and play with them online from anywhere. It's great for letting kids keep in touch with far-away friends or even friends from school.

However, it also means that your child will be playing with strangers, as anyone who signs up could be in the round with your child. "There can be inappropriate talk on the mic or chatting," said Pannoni.

Child development expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa told TODAY Parents that this aspect of "Fortnite" necessitates some parental supervision. Two of her own older sons play "Fortnite," though her elementary school-aged son is not allowed to play nor to watch his older brothers play.

"Letting a child play this means having some real conversations about violence and about online safety and how 'friends' in the chat are not friends " they could be anyone " and that usernames mean nothing," said Gilboa. "So 'Cory11' doesn't necessarily mean that this is an 11-year-old person, for example."

4. It's coming to mobile devices... soon.
Fair warning, parents: Very shortly, kids will be able to play "Fortnite" on the go. Epic Games began accepting sign-ups for iOs as of yesterday.



You might be wondering right now " Why did somebody actually accept this?" Well, I"m an avid player of GS2. Gangstar 2 is a far superior game to Fortnite for 3 main reasons. One: It"s on a Nintendo product, the DSi. Two: It has more action and intense gunplay. Three: The GTA aspects of the game make its game design fun and exciting. (Post note: The current E3 rumors suggest that Fortnite might be coming to the switch but this is only rumors.)

The current state of gaming suggests that people want to play their games on the go. Well at the time of your argument you stated Fortnite is not on mobile. Well GS2 was already on mobile for a few years before Fortnite was even making a battle royal mode. Gangstar 2 may not be the best in the series but that's what is good about it. The GS series has grown and expanded, changed and improved over the 11 years.
The way you mentioned the cussing and inappropriate language children may encounter intrigues me. GS2 has violence and some mild stuff sure, and so does Fortnite, but Fortnite also has people. Who needs to be constantly supervising when you could say yes or no to your child when they want to get said game. You already know what your kid will be exposed to and you can deny it all or not. People are unpredictable. Give a kid an hour on Fortnite and he might come back with a few new cuss words under his lip (see what I did there?). You simply can"t save your child from everything other people do/say.
This is why single player games are a good alternative for parents who want to keep their kid somewhat in what they want them to know. Yes playing with others is fun but for parents, it's a danger having their kid playing with somebody they don"t know. Me personally I could care less but in this case, I speak for the clueless. This game is also not a pay to win cash grab with no purchases after the initial one. There is no way to spend any money for virtual clothes or emotes. Plus, these virtual items will be meaningless in 5 or 10 years.

Bottom line: If there are no in-game purchases, you can"t waste money.

*I"m gonna be honest this is my first debate. Please leave any suggestions for anything I can improve on. It is greatly appreciated!
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