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frozen is a good movie

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Started: 4/8/2015 Category: Entertainment
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Frozen is a good movie becuase of the amount of money it made and number fans


In the year 2013, Disney would release a movie that would teach kids about love, betrayal, and being yourself. This movie would actually turn into the longest music video in recorded history. Let it Go: The Movie (Frozen) was filled with lovable characters and dastardly villains. Anna (aw-na) is a sweet princess who spends most of her life in a castle, which she could leave at any time, but finds the need to go out into the world. Her sister, Queen Elsa, is the absolute stereotype of practically every Disney princess, but now she as more power, as a queen. She also feels the need to go off and isolate herself for some reason, because she's programmed to be attractive, she has magical powers, and she has responsibilities to take care of her people. IT TEACHES KIDS THAT THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH BEING IRRESPONSIBLE. It also promotes a gay agenda, and incestual one due to the where true love between the Anna and Elsa saves Anna. Not being against the gay agenda, but is a kids film the place to bring it up? What the heck is with the trolls? Why are they there? There are too many holes in the plot and character's developments. Did it make a ton of money: yes, but so did Transformers 4: Age of Extinction and that movie was terrible.
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