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god does not know how to love

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Started: 4/22/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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If you think that there is ANY love offered within these verses below from god, something is seriously wrong with you and you should property seek either what is going on within your cabbage batbrain and psychoanalyze it, and thus learn to think, reason, rationalize, use common sense, and use logic because none is provided within god, in which nobody can even prove even exists, the bible and its religion. YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS. OR seek some professional help by a professional of some kind, like a psychologist or a psychiatrist - just as long as that psychiatrist does not supply you with a never ending supply of pills with no help.

Use at least 5 verses from the verses below to prove that there is ANY love from god. (NOTE: Inventing excuses and or flat out lying for something in which you clearly know nothing about and yet you pretend that you do will no be accepted)

jesus will not be accepted as he was a false prophet and will automatically be trashed if mentioned.

Here now are the verses...
* god hates gays in his bible and wants them stoned to death LV 20:13 proving god hates,is evil and thus cannot be involved with love.
* god hates anyone that blasphemes and wants to put you to death LV 24:16 which is true 100% hate and evil and nothing but and shows that god is nothing but hate and evil.
* god hates anyone that does not believe in him in his bible 2 CHR 15: 12-13, ESPECIALLY if someone worships another god/ idols other than himself, thus wants to kill them DT 13: 9-10 and 17: 2-5 proving god hates, is evil and thus cannot be involved with love.
* god endorses slavery in his bible EX 21 the entire chapter especially 20-21 which is truly sick and disgusting, LV 25:39, LV 25:42, LV 25: 44-46, DT 15: 12-15, DT 23: 14-16, MT 18:25, proving god hates, is evil and thus cannot be involved with love.
* god gets jealous in his bible EX 20: 3-5, EX 34:14, DT 4: 23-24, DT 32: 16-17, DT 5:9, DT 6:15, JH 24:19, PS 79:5, PS 78:58, 2 COR 1:2, proving that he is evil, hates and thus cannot be involved with love.
* god wants you to die in his bible if you break the sabbath EX 31:14, NU 15: 32-36 proving god hates and is evil and thus cannot be involved with love.
* god wants to put you to death in his bible if you commit adultery LV 20:10 proving god hates, is evil and thus cannot be involved with love.
* god has freely admitted in his bible numerous times that he IS evil IS 45:7, 2 SAM 12: 11-14 sick and disgusting, EX 32:14, 1 KS 1 22: 22-23, 2 CR 18:22, JM 19:3, JM 19:15, JM 23:12, AM 3:6, DT 30:15, 2 KS 22:16, JU 9:23 thus proving that he IS evil which is irrefutable and also proves he hates and thus cannot be involved with love.
* god in his bible knowingly and truly hates children through numerous passages such as LM4: 9-11, MT 10:37, MT 2:16, JG 21:10, 2 SAM 12:11-14 which is truly sick and disgusting, DT 2:34, NU 31: 17-18, LV 26: 21-22, 1 SAM 15:3, HS 13:16, 2 KS 15:16, EZ 9: 5-7, HS 9: 11-16, EX 12: 29-30, IS 13: 15-18, MT 2:16, (EX 21:17, LV 20:9, MK 7:10, MT 15:4, MT 10:21), JG 11: 30-33, PS 137: 8-9, 2 KS 6: 28-29, DT 21: 18-21, DT 32:25, DT 2: 32-34, DT 3: 3-6, JG 19: 24-29, EX 12:29, 2 HS 2: 23-24, LV 26:29, JM 11: 22-23, JM 19: 7-9, JM 51: 22-26, 2 KS 8: 9-15,LM 2: 20-22, RV 2: 18-23 only to name a few proves god hates and is 100% pure evil and 100% proves he cannot be involved with love.
* god hates women in his bible LM 4 9-11 sick and disgusting, HS 13:16 sick and disgusting, JD 21:10, 2 SAM 12 11-14 sick and disgusting, DT 2:34, NU 31 17:18, LV 26 21:22, 1 SAM 15:3, HS 13:16 sick and disgusting, DT 2 32-34, 2 KS 8: 9-15, 2 KS 15:16 sick and disgusting, EZ 9: 5-7, HS 9: 11-16, 2 KS 6: 28-29 sick and disgusting, JD 19: 24-29, LM 2 20-22 sick and disgusting, 1 COR 14:34,1 TY 2:12 proves god hates, is evil and thus cannot be involved with love.
* god loves rape in his bible NU 31: 17-18, 2 SAM 12: 11-18 sick and disgusting, JD 19:24-29, JD 21: 10-24, DT 20: 10-14, DT 22: 28-29, DT 21: 10-14, JD 5:30, EX 21 7-11, ZE 14: 1-2 proving that he is evil, pure evil and nothing but, is filled with hate and thus cannot be involved with love.
* god commits abortions who knows how many times within several verses in his bible, so that means that christians do not follow their god which is extremely hypocritical and contradictory from his bible HS 13:16 sick and disgusting, 2 KS 8: 9-15 sick and disgusting, 2 HS 15:16 sick and disgusting, HS 9: 11-16, and perhaps the biggest acts of abortions were committed in the great flood according to this so-called god of the bible in the great flood (which never happened btw) so who knows how many pregnant mothers died there in his bible thus proving this god to be nothing but pure evil, hate and thus cannot be involved with love.
* Indeed god is far far far worse than Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Hong Xiuquan, all serial killers, all rapists, all tortures, all pedophiles, all sadomasochists etc etc etc combined. After all god knowingly created them which means that he is ultimately responsible for them. Its either that or god is not a god and lets them off the hook with nothing but a tap on the shoulder for their horrific, disgusting, repugnant crimes and simply god---does---not---care. Now here's some examples of god"s sickened, diseased, abominable atrocities for absolutely no reason at all... the great flood according to the bible (which never happened btw) so who knows what the body count was there? 3,000 EX 32:27-28, 14,700 NU 16:49, 24,002 NU 25: 1-11, 12,000 JOS 8: 1-25, 10,000 JG 1:4, 120,000 JG 8:7-10, 42,000 JG 12:3-6, 1,000 JD 15:14-15, 3,000 JD 16:27-30, 25,101 JD 16:27-30, 1 SAM 4 34,002, 1 SAM 6:19 50,070, 2 SAM 8 65,850, 1 KI 20: 28-29 100,000, 1 KI 20: 30 27,000, KI 19 35 -37 185,000, 2 CHR 13 17-18 500,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 2 CHR 28:6 120,000, Esther 9:5-18 75,813 etc etc etc

None of that is any kind of love. Prove it wrong. Prove 5 verses as god's love.

Another Rule: dsjpk5 will not be allowed to vote in the voting process.


Hello. This is my first debate ever on After a couple weeks of checking this site out I decided to join. I look forward to an educational and enjoyable experience. Due to my New-ness do not expect me to debate perfectly. I'm still learning the ropes. I may not be a somewhat "conventional" Christian. I'm a Mormon, so I will be using a different scriptural text occasionally, the Book of Mormon. First, off the bat, I want to make sure this is a DEBATE. Not an opinion war. If you are an atheist but you find my arguments well-composed, more so than my opponents, vote for me. The same goes vice versa. Your beliefs should be left at the door. Try to avoid biases. But, without further ado, here are my arguments.

2 Nephi 4:21 He hath filled me with his love, even unto the consuming of my flesh.

Sure, perhaps a bit gruesome of an analogy, but He able to fill someone with his love. He has done GOOD for somebody.

Jonah 1:2 Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and cry against it; for their wickedness is come up before me.

This shows that He's willing to give them a second chance, which usually never works out. But He's still willing to give it to them.

Genesis 38:21 But the Lord was with Joseph, and shewed him mercy, and gave him favour in the sight of the keeper of the prison.

Again, He's showing him mercy. He didn't have to. But he gave him an unnecessary boost.

Alma 62:51 And they did pray unto the Lord their God continually, insomuch that the Lord did bless them, according to his word, sot that they did wax strong and prosper in the land.

Here He has blessed them for their righteousness.

Nehemiah 9:26-28
Nevertheless they were disobedient, and rebelled against thee, and cast thy law behind their backs, and slew thy prophets which testified against them to turn them to thee, and they wrought great provocations.
Therefore thou deliveredst them into the hand of their enemies, who vexed them: and in the time of their trouble, when they cried unto thee, thou heardest them from heaven; and according to thy manifold mercies thou gavest them saviours, who saved them out of the hand of their enemies.
But after they had rest, they did evil again before thee: therefore leftest thou them in the hand of their enemies, so that they had the dominion over them: yet when they returned, and cried unto thee, thou heardest them from heaven; and many times didst thou deliver them according to thy mercies;

Once again showing mercy, even if it seems undeserved, to those that repent.

So in summary, He punishes the wicked, but he shows mercy to the good, blesses them, and even shows mercy to the bad sometimes.
Debate Round No. 1


Seasoned beatings. Oh whoops, sorry I meant to say greetings, yeah that"s it. And how are you drooling today? Oh sorry, I meant to say doing today, yeah that"s it, just a slip of my furry tongue. I've got to stop making these deliberate miss-steaks on my part. I do hope that you are in the very best of spirits and that you do know what you are squawking about unlike nearly all who have made the attempt to debate me in which they have not known their subject matter at all and instead tried to invent excuses and or flat out lie for something in which they claim to have knowledge and prowess upon and yet they pretend that they do in which they clearly don"t. Bad idea.

Well if you are going to debate with someone then you need to learn to READ. I truly hate it when people cannot do something as wide and as vast as what "reading" is as so many christians here on cannot do which is one of the major reasons why they do not have any genuine friends or loved ones in which is a HUGE red flag for them. Now I do believe that you do have genuine friends and loved ones, but the rules to the debate as stated in RD1 (and I repeated them TWICE!) were and still are pretty clear and rather blatantly clear. So until you follow them I cannot with all good conscious continue with this debate.


First of all, I would like to ask they you refrain from insulting people or degrading the quality of the website. Ad hominem proves nothing, and I would also like to point out that when people get insulted they tend not to be open-minded. Using less offensive words is a good way to get people to listen to you, but since you usually insult people you have gained a reputation as a troll. Please attempt to be nicer to the people who agreed to debate you. If you debate just to insult people, they will ignore you. I forgive you for your insults, because honestly, not only did I make the mistake only a newbie could of not reading the rules correctly and assuming you wanted just five verse of love, not verses from your list, but I also have made mistakes online that I personally regret because it can be easy to become disconnected from your humanity when your sitting in front of a screen. I would like to re-iterate my sincere apology for misunderstanding the rules.

First off, I would like to start with the disasters you mentioned, namely the Great Flood. God may have killed many, but they were evil and didn't listen to him even after he also commanded Noah to warn them, which not shows his forgivingness, but due to the fact that they were evil it was in his best interests to kill them because:
A: Their descendants would have had to be punished as well, resulting in even worse consequences.
B: Noah's children would likely have been corrupted by the negative influences around them.

These arguments also fit well into many of your disasters, but I know that probably won't be enough to satisfy you, due to the fact, that honestly, you tend to quite violently rebuke and attack any counter-argument without mercy.

In your first argument you state: god hates gays in his bible and wants them stoned to death. Unfortunately, it never mentions stoning them, but alas, a minor detail. The time period in which a law is issued makes a big difference. Take for instance... wearing purple. Usually wearing purple used to be for kings. Royalty. But once someone found and easier way to make them it became the norm. Homosexuality was well known as a horrible atrocity, and knowing that it was a sin and still committing it made it that much worse. However, nowadays, homosexuality is widely accepted and normal, and the majority of people who engage in homosexual activity think it's fine, making them arguably innocent. (in my opinion)
Once again, this behavior would set a bad precedent, and therefore degrade the righteousness of people around them because of they brazenly disobeyed god. They will then be judged by god depending on how he deems tthem. If they had no idea what they were doing, chances are they won't be punished that badly for their sin.

Next up you pointed out that he wishes people that blaspheme to be stoned. What you didn't point out is that it's if he blasphemes the LORD. There are quite a few accounts (mainly from the Book of Mormon) where somebody would lead away many people into evil. For instance take Jacob 7:1-3
And now it came to pass after some years had passed away, there came a man among the people of Nephi, whose name was Sherem.
And it came to pass that he began to preach among the people, and to declare unto them that there should be no Christ. And he preached many things which were flattering unto the people; and this he did that he might overthrow the doctrine of Christ.
And he labored diligently that he might lead away the hearts of the people, insomuch that he did lead away many hearts; and he knowing that I, Jacob, had faith in Christ who should come, he sought much opportunity that he might come unto me.

Once again, it would ruin the lives of the people around them. He will judge the sinners however he wants, but he is showing love for those he does not want to be led away.

Most of your arguments follow the same pattern, so instead of following this time consuming process, I will close here and go help prepare dinner.
Debate Round No. 2


"First of all, I would like to ask they you refrain from insulting people or degrading the quality of the website." Well it has nothing to do with the website. It has everything to do with the person. Here"s how things are and I will not change for any reason. And this is taught, flat out, in college" If you do not know what you are talking about, especially for the subject(s) that you claim to having a prowess and knowledge upon and yet you pretend you do and you really don"t and then you make up excuses for it and or flat out lie, then I have every right to insult, degrade and dehumanize you. So so so many here on do that as they bring up truly made up goobly gak to the table that isn"t evidence at all but made up excuses. And believe me, I do know better, a lot better. Now if you do that to your teachers, they will spot it instantly and it will = an instant F. If you do it to your friends and loved ones = no friends and loved ones in a hurry. passwordstipulationssuck who left his idiodic barf-o-meal aquatic club for his you know where areas post here on this debate is 100% guilty of that and clearly has no genuine friends or loved ones. None. Its a HUGE red flag. I can"t even pity him because he flat out did it to himself. And he deserves it. He"s been caught at so so so many lies and invented its not even funny. Now what do I mean by genuine? Those that will go way way wayyyyyyyyy out of their way to help you out in time of dire need and ---never--- ask you a single question.
And let"s be real honest, unless the guy is a complete real jerk like our friend, I"m going to use homemade insults that are one of a kind thought up from my upstairs that are amazingly original, they are funny, and not tepid, like the used con-dumb our friend who uses heat insulated con-dumbs whenever he gets frost-bite "me-OW from his fridge.
To tell you the truth, I---don"t---care if anyone listens to me or not. I"m most certainly not here to make friends. I"ve got friends, genuine friends who would absolutely die for me and I for them. And sure I"ve made some right here. If I make friends here, GREAT! But that"s not my intention. I"m not out here to please anyone either. I"m not out here to win. Winning? So what. The difference between what is right and what is wrong, the difference between what is just and what is unjust, that"s what is important. And damn it, I would REALLY like a good debate with someone who is educated, intelligent and knows---their---stuff because if its also one thing I"ve learned in college its to ---never--- become involved in an argument or a conversation where you do not know what you are talking about and you do not have the evidence to back you up. That is also a great way to say hasta la bye bye to your friends and loved ones.
Actually people generally don"t ignore me when I insult them. If I was to swear at them every third word, of course they would. ?But I don"t. Not even close.

OK so onto the debate and let"s see what yah got.
"First off, I would like to start with the disasters you mentioned, namely the Great Flood." Well first off, god DID kill many. Not "may have". DID. That"s according to the bible. Not mentioning disasters, because nobody knows how many died in them, but in his holy book, this god killed 2,821,364. That"s only in one teeny tiny itty bitty little splatch of land. Oh and btw, the great flood ---never--- happened. That"s a gimme. Here are scores of videos to 100% prove this" - How Archaeology Disproves Noah's Flood - How Anthropology Disproves Noah's Flood - How Dendrochronology Disproves Noah's Flood - How Meteorology Disproves Noah's Flood - How Mythology Disproves Noah"s Flood - How Geology Disproves Noah's Flood - How Paleontology Disproves Noah's Flood - The Math of the Great Flood - Noah's Ark Debunked - 39 Problems with the Noah's Ark Story (includes the great flood also) - Noah's Ark is Plagiarized. Here's how we know " - Bible"s Buried Secrets 14:45
Regardless oh absolute its 100% total evil and nothing but. There"s 0% way you can justify the killing of innocent babies and children and pregnant mothers for absolutely no reason at all. Something you don"t get and what really p**ses me off about christians is that this god in which absolutely nobody can even prove exists, is this god could have started out with peace, love, kindness, care, harmony etc etc etc AND KEPT IT. But nah he believes in evil, anger, vengeance, rage, fury, jealousy all in which this so-called god has freely admitted to. Jealousy from a supreme deity? Exodus 34:14 "For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God:" Jealousy is nothing but anger as disguised fear. And even worse for you is this god neatly passed down all those baggage emotions down to man so in turn man could learn to hate. Great going god. Great going those who believe in him with at least 1 billion dead all in the supposed "good" name of god.

"God may have killed many, but they were evil and didn't listen to him even after he also commanded Noah to warn them," Really? According to what? See now you deserve to be flatly insulted, degraded and dehumanized with my toothpick in your ears to wipe out the snot that clogs your brain. Oh I get it, Noah WARNED THE ENTIRE EARTH - right? Um no absolutely 100% wrong. And this god of YOURS most certainly could have thought of a better way that wiping out ALL LIFE. Noah and his family and two of each species in which could have NOT IN ANY POSSIBLE WAY included the dinosaurs nor any species form Australia, and there being at least 1,000,000 species at the supposed time of this mock flood, could have never fit onto the ark in the first place. Oh and oh yeah along with its other fallacies, the most in the bible is the great flood, strange isn"t it, that this god of YOURS can create the universe in 6 days, but it take him 40 days and 40 nights to flood the earth? WHERE"S THE SIMPLETON MATH??????
Oh wiping out all life that includes wiping out babies and children and pregnant mothers (the first sign of your god committing abortions in which you christians are so against which is a super massive hypocritical contradiction in which your bible is extremely well known for as well as its inconsistencies, over 1,000, thus making your bible truly unreadable, is perfectly justifiable to you?

"A: Their descendants would have had to be punished as well, resulting in even worse consequences." OK I"m ending this debate right now. Not only do you not have the foggiest idea as to what you are squawking about. That right there tells me that you don"t care about anything nor anybody and that you cannot possibly in any way have any genuine friends or loved ones. You may say "I"m so mean to you." Too bad. You are being excruciating evil to the---entire---human---race. And what you are saying is that If you were to kill someone then 10,000 years down the road that generation of YOUR offspring should still be paying the price for what you did. You are totally 100% unreasonable. NO ONE can possible talk to you with reason or common sense or logic.

Your next argument that you post will surely be ignored, just as it should be. That"s because NOBODY, NOT ONE PERSON who is sane, will ever ever ever ever ever for any reason agree with you.



First of all, I would like to say I know where you are coming from believe it or not. There are bad theist debaters, just as there are bad atheist debaters. How good a debater is depends on:
A: How correct they are. A LOT of religions are out there, so not all of them can be true. More accurately, only one can be. Everybody picks the one they think is right, and I've picked mine, because let's be honest here, sending babies to hell just for dying without being baptized is stupid.
B: How well they debate their point. You mention people "inventing lies" because people WILL do almost anything to protect their beliefs. you have been victim to both of these things and see most of theists as slobbering idiots. People can, and do invent and lie if they are caught in the spotlight.

Second off, I would like to apologize for being unclear. By saying that the children would "be punished" I meant that the evil people around them would have turned them evil, making horrible amounts of lost souls. I don't think that it was an abortion, because that is killing babies just to get rid of them. Any babies that are the unfortunate victim of early death, coincidental to the cleansing of the earth or otherwise, I believe, will go to heaven. Sorry if this debate has been an unpleasant experience. And, I would like to point out, it's not that they don't HEAR you. They won't listen to your arguments and make said lies because they are caught in the spotlight, so insulting them just causes a spiral into chaos. I believe you could be a great debater, just don't insult people. I would like to apologize for me in-concise wording, misreading and other errors for my first debate. I look forward to debating you again under friendlier terms, and apologize to the audience for an unfinished debate.
Debate Round No. 3


Children watching violence on tv, bad. Children in church seeing a lifelike grotesque statue of a crucified man, good. Makes sense? - David Blickstein

I decided to look over what you had to say because what you had to say because you decided to tackle god and children which is a HUGE passion for me. And by your very definitions, you have proven without any doubt, that your god truly does hate children. Yes, there's more to this round than the debate on children...

Here"s some videos to help you out. - god hates children - Atheist Debates - Get em while they"re young

"Not scorning the three electoral children who are everything to me and even a glimpse at a second life and even alone an immortal one, and I"ll tell you something if I was told to sacrifice them to prove my devotion to go to do what all monotheists are told to do and admire the man that said "yes I"ll gut my kid" I"d say "no" f--k you." Christopher Hitchens

What do you mean "where am I coming from?" I come from a world that believes in peace, kindness, care, love, harmony, etc etc etc whereas with you it is truly impossible because of your god and christ in which you cannot even prove even exists which is solidly proven in your terrorist bible in which you have not even read and are clearly brainwashed by your religion and you are indoctrinated by it. Now I curious as to who did that to you because everybody, no exceptions, none, is born an atheist? And even worse is you cannot even fathom a world without your christ or god. And even worse is you expect everybody on this planet to believe as you do. Well billions don"t believe as you do. And I shall prove that this is exactly what you believe in a little bit.

"A: How correct they are. A LOT of religions are out there, so not all of them can be true." No. None of them are true until they can be tested, declared and demonstrated that they are true. And not one of them in the history of the human species has ---ever--- been proven to be true. "More accurately, only one can be." Who says so? You? Oh I get it, just because you say so then it must be true. See that"s an excuse and a miserable falling out one at that. And that"s one of the reasons why you insist that everybody believes in what you believe in. Well gee, what if many religions are proven to be true? Or what if NO RELIGION is proven to be true? Not ever in which is a very high octane probability above all else? What will you do then? "Everybody picks the one they think is right" Oh---they---most---certainly---don"t. Atheists do not believe in a god and or a supreme deity, thus NOT a religion. "because let's be honest here, sending babies to hell just for dying without being baptized is stupid." See, that"s ANOTHER excuse and a true befuddled one at that and one I"ve ---never--- heard and I"ve been doing this for 42+ years and have talked with roughly 22,000 people on this. Oh so that"s the reason why you picked christianity? Wow.You pick an absurd ruling of reigning twigs to think of something, to support an erroneous sliver of a point that truly has no bearing on anything.
B: "you have been victim to both of these things" WRONG. I KNOW when people flat out lie. I also told you about people inventing excuses. Its is so ridiculously easy for me to do both. I"ve been doing this for 42+ years. I"m also an established poker player. I"d easily take all of your chips before you"d even were to have sat down to the game. Its not that hard to get into the mind of someone who flat out lies and or invents excuses. And you"ve invented a couple already. Now its TWO things, not just one. Two. Lies and excuses in which are two separate things. I also know christianity well enough to know when someone is trying to bluff me out of a pot and it never works because it is so easy to spot.

"I meant that the evil people around them would have turned them evil, making horrible amounts of lost souls" And you know this - how? See you automatically believe that ANYONE who does not believe in yOUR god is automatically evil, just as your bible describes and should be put to death. So come on down here and do exactly what your bible states and follow your god and kill me because I do not believe in your god. Deuteronomy 13: especially 9-10 and Deuteronomy 17: 2-5 which basically states the same damn fricken thing. Whatsamatter you are not going to do it? Why not? Its because god"s law and many like them are completely bonkers and totally absurd and cannot possibly be followed under any circumstance by any sane person. Period. Your god is sick, completely whacko, and a truly coughed upped disease.

"I don't think that it was an abortion," Oh it absolutely is abortions. When your god kills pregnant women just as he did in the many genocides that he committed fo 0 reason, that"s abortions. And your definition is an even worse excuse "because that is killing babies just to get rid of them." Wow pathetic. So you prove right there that YOUR god hates the human race. AND for no reason whatsoever. AND You guess at it rather than KNOWING. So you make things up in order for you to save your slimy skin which doesn"t look too bright from the moon.
"Any babies that are the unfortunate victim of early death, coincidental to the cleansing of the earth or otherwise, I believe, will go to heaven." OH PLEASE yet another excuse? Can you possibly lower yourself any further in the dung that you"ve prepared for yourself? OK have it your way then that utterly proves that your god absolutely HATES children. You couldn"t have possibly, not in any nuclear meltdown said it any better. And even worse for you "if any babies that are the unfortunate victim of early death" then they will not get to experience "life". And no child, baby should EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER be put through ANY kind of suffering of any kind whatsoever. That"s because they do not know what suffering is, except that it is what it is. And yeah your god gave it to them for no reason at all.You have no excuses for your s--t thinking.

I could also tell you of 3 people that had it far worse that your miserable christ who didn"t suffer at all but had it super easy dying on the cross, in which you can"t even prove has ever existed, but nah, you"d probably say something like "they"re better now up in heaven" which is the typical used freak show christian excuse, in which there is no such a thing as a christian, you are not one because you do not follow your christ and christ was a false prophet at any rate, because if this god of yours in which you cannot even prove exists had ANY COMPASSION whatsoever, he would NEVER knowingly create children to suffer, especially here on planet earth, and would not put them on planet earth ---ever--- but would take them up to heaven, thus bypassing earth and the horrors of the suffering altogether. But since this god of yours doesn"t do that, it only proves himself to be one twisted f--ked upped lice ridden maggot. AND he obviously gets his kicks out of it, otherwise he would not knowingly create it. Now what part of that don"t you understand? And there"s 0% chance of you possibly doing a round about/ circumventing what was just put forth to you.

Lastly for this round" you know what really p**ses me off about your god more than anything is how he truly hates children. Hey you just proved it with your debate and you have no outs, especially with your admissions. Let"s take the 10 commandments. There are 4, count em, 4, let me repeat 4, yes that"s right 4, 4 fricken commandments geared towards god"s blubbering babbling baby brained bumbling superior ego complex in which the bible is entirely about and nothing else. Yes the bible is all about god"s and christ"s sad frail fraudulent ego"s. And yet to prove how much your god truly hates children, there"s not one commandment in regards to children. Like something to the effect of "thou shalt always honor and protect children and never cause any harm unto them". But nah this god of YOURS is more concerned about his fat oafing self. Now if you cannot figure out how something is terribly wrong here, then something is terribly wrong with you and your way of thinking.

Sorry for being so blunt and i your face, but all you need to do is to think, reason, rationalize, use common sense, use logic, in which case your god, religion and bible are 100% totally incapable of doing. So if you wish to respond, please do those things. Thanx.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Mage_of_Tal 3 years ago
I appreciate your support, but I believe he thinks is genuinely trying to accomplice something worthwhile. Mainly, taking away our "delusions" and allowing us to live "clear-minded". I think he hates because he is frustrated. Indeed, many other Christians have incorrect or tweaked beliefs that they must construct shoddy logic to explain. He feels the stress of trying to argue with brick walls, while ironically not giving any space for arguing back. So while he may seem cruel, he is trying to attempt something he deems good.
Posted by Dinis 3 years ago
I agree with passwordstipulationssuck. I"ve recently joined this site for interest and have viewed Backwardseden various times, only to find out he only insults and degrades.
Posted by Mage_of_Tal 3 years ago
I realized that a bit too late. Still worth a try! ;P
Posted by passwordstipulationssuck 3 years ago
@mage_of_Tal unfortunately, you got Backwardseden as your first opponent. He will do nothing but insult you and denegrate your beliefs. Just know that most aren't like him.
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