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god is completely bankrupt and immoral

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Started: 5/3/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Exodus 34:14 "For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God:" Real cute huh?

"You"ve got 3 religions of peace all worshiping the same god of love and forgiveness, and yet they"ve been at war, continuously, ever since their inceptions." Aron Ra

Pay attention closely:
*Proverbs 30:5 "Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him."
*Isaiah 40:8 "The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever."
*2 Timothy 3:16 "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:"
*Psalm 19:7 "The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple."
In other words god"s words AND laws are PERFECT. They cannot be changed by anyone or anything which would include that lowly drab christ who did not have permission to in the first place by his ranking superior, god, in which there's no evidence for them ---ever--- existing. So if YOU believe in YOUR christian god then you MUST follow and believe in the verses below implicitly.

RULES: Counter some of the verses below (pick 10 or more) and prove that there is love within the verses below and that god shows his love within the verses below...
Do not invent excuses
Do not use opinions
Using creationist(s) will NOT be valid

* god hates gays in his bible and wants them stoned to death LV 20:13 proving god hates,is evil and thus cannot be involved with love.
* god hates anyone that blasphemes and wants to put you to death LV 24:16 which is true 100% hate and evil and nothing but and shows that god is nothing but hate and evil.
* god hates anyone that does not believe in him in his bible 2 CHR 15: 12-13, ESPECIALLY if someone worships another god/ idols other than himself, thus wants to kill them DT 13: 9-10 and 17: 2-5 proving god hates, is evil and thus cannot be involved with love.
* god endorses slavery in his bible EX 21 the entire chapter especially 20-21 which is truly sick and disgusting, LV 25:39, LV 25:42, LV 25: 44-46, DT 15: 12-15, DT 23: 14-16, MT 18:25, proving god hates, is evil and thus cannot be involved with love.
* god gets jealous in his bible EX 20: 3-5, EX 34:14, DT 4: 23-24, DT 32: 16-17, DT 5:9, DT 6:15, JH 24:19, PS 79:5, PS 78:58, 2 COR 1:2, proving that he is evil, hates and thus cannot be involved with love.
* god wants you to die in his bible if you break the sabbath EX 31:14, NU 15: 32-36 proving god hates and is evil and thus cannot be involved with love.
* god wants to put you to death in his bible if you commit adultery LV 20:10 proving god hates, is evil and thus cannot be involved with love.
* god has freely admitted in his bible numerous times that he IS evil IS 45:7, 2 SAM 12: 11-14 sick and disgusting, EX 32:14, 1 KS 1 22: 22-23, 2 CR 18:22, JM 19:3, JM 19:15, JM 23:12, AM 3:6, DT 30:15, 2 KS 22:16, JU 9:23, PV 15:3 thus proving that he IS evil which is irrefutable and also proves he hates and thus cannot be involved with love.
* god in his bible knowingly and truly hates children through numerous passages such as LM4: 9-11, MT 10:37, MT 2:16, JG 21:10, 2 SAM 12:11-14 which is truly sick and disgusting, DT 2:34, NU 31: 17-18, LV 26: 21-22, 1 SAM 15:3, HS 13:16, 2 KS 15:16, EZ 9: 5-7, HS 9: 11-16, EX 12: 29-30, IS 13: 15-18, MT 2:16, (EX 21:17, LV 20:9, MK 7:10, MT 15:4, MT 10:21), JG 11: 30-33, PS 137: 8-9, 2 KS 6: 28-29, DT 21: 18-21, DT 32:25, DT 2: 32-34, DT 3: 3-6, JG 19: 24-29, EX 12:29, 2 HS 2: 23-24, LV 26:29, JM 11: 22-23, JM 19: 7-9, JM 51: 22-26, 2 KS 8: 9-15,LM 2: 20-22, RV 2: 18-23 only to name a few proves god hates and is 100% pure evil and 100% proves he cannot be involved with love.
* god hates women in his bible LM 4 9-11 sick and disgusting, HS 13:16 sick and disgusting, JD 21:10, 2 SAM 12 11-14 sick and disgusting, DT 2:34, NU 31 17:18, LV 26 21:22, 1 SAM 15:3, HS 13:16 sick and disgusting, DT 2 32-34, 2 KS 8: 9-15, 2 KS 15:16 sick and disgusting, EZ 9: 5-7, HS 9: 11-16, 2 KS 6: 28-29 sick and disgusting, JD 19: 24-29, LM 2 20-22 sick and disgusting, 1 COR 14:34,1 TY 2:12 proves god hates, is evil and thus cannot be involved with love.
* god loves rape in his bible NU 31: 17-18, 2 SAM 12: 11-18 sick and disgusting, JD 19:24-29, JD 21: 10-24, DT 20: 10-14, DT 22: 28-29, DT 21: 10-14, JD 5:30, EX 21 7-11, ZE 14: 1-2 proving that he is evil, pure evil and nothing but, is filled with hate and thus cannot be involved with love.
* god commits abortions who knows how many times within several verses in his bible, so that means that christians do not follow their god which is extremely hypocritical and contradictory from his bible HS 13:16 sick and disgusting, 2 KS 8: 9-15 sick and disgusting, 2 HS 15:16 sick and disgusting, HS 9: 11-16, and perhaps the biggest acts of abortions were committed in the great flood according to this so-called god of the bible in the great flood (which never happened btw) so who knows how many pregnant mothers died there in his bible thus proving this god to be nothing but pure evil, hate and thus cannot be involved with love.
* god loves yummy cannibalism in his bible LM 2: 20-22, JM 11: 22-23, LV 26:29, 2 KS 6:28-29, LM 4: 9-11, proving this god to be truly sick and completely whacked out thus is evil, hates,and thus cannot be involved with love..
* Indeed god is far far far worse than Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Hong Xiuquan, all serial killers, all rapists, all tortures, all pedophiles, all sadomasochists etc etc etc combined. After all god knowingly created them which means that he is ultimately responsible for them. Its either that or god is not a god and lets them off the hook with nothing but a tap on the shoulder for their horrific, disgusting, repugnant crimes and simply god---does---not---care. Now here's some examples of god"s sickened, diseased, abominable atrocities for absolutely no reason at all... the great flood according to the bible (which never happened btw) so who knows what the body count was there? 3,000 EX 32:27-28, 14,700 NU 16:49, 24,002 NU 25: 1-11, 12,000 JOS 8: 1-25, 10,000 JG 1:4, 120,000 JG 8:7-10, 42,000 JG 12:3-6, 1,000 JD 15:14-15, 3,000 JD 16:27-30, 25,101 JD 16:27-30, 1 SAM 4 34,002, 1 SAM 6:19 50,070, 2 SAM 8 65,850, 1 KI 20: 28-29 100,000, 1 KI 20: 30 27,000, KI 19 35 -37 185,000, 2 CHR 13 17-18 500,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 2 CHR 28:6 120,000, Esther 9:5-18 75,813 etc etc etc Yeah god is really so moral huh? Nope.
Should you or anyone be worshiping this so-called god who in his bible has demonstrated he has a superior bloated ego complex in which NOBODY can even prove exists? Why? Why not?

dsjpk5 will not be allowed to vote in the voting process.


Conversely: God is rich and moral

I pose the opinion that God .. or the updated aural translation of impact *Thud is neither bankrupt nor Immoral.

Thud has always existed in the heavens; various historic traditions have captured the powers and splendour of Thud within their communities chosen method of teaching; pictographic in Mesopotamian, Sumerian and Babylonian societies, moving into cuneiform and hierophant/hieroglyphics in Egyptian times and eventually within the current methods of knowledge preservation; English, French, German, and many other modern day Latin derived languages.

Many books, wax and stone tablets exist as human records of the cosmic events that shaped the human civilisations rise to the technological prowess we live side by side with today. These cosmic events personified and deified into the Pantheon of Gods we know and preserve .. The dragon(China), Bhudda(India), Mohammad(Islam), Fionn Mac Cumhail(Celts), Horas(Egypt), Mars, god of War(Early Rome), Christ(Later Rome), Ares, god of War(Greece), The warrior priest(Maya) etc ... are all human ways of passing down the story of the cosmic collision of The Earth, Gaia Mother, and Mars, the red planet tens of million years ago, personifying the cataclysmic event which wiped out the dinosaurs and left huge scars upon both Mars (Mars often depicted with the scar on his face)eg. the Marianas trench on Mars ( ) and the Earth; the Grand canyon an example of this scaring, as a lightning trench-or the Siberian traps as the Lichtenburg patterns left from ionosphere discharges between the two planets. ( On a side note this is where the word YAHWEH (The sound of lighting) comes from, as does GOD or more understandably THUD.

The topic in question the GOD or THUD is bankrupt or immoral is a moot point, it has always been the religious societies that preserve the knowledge and power of the past to pass to future generations who through the abuse of power and neglect of bliss have themselves tainted the message. I.e it is the Catholic church's hierarchy that is immoral not Christ/Bhudda/The Dragon, similarly it was the in-fighting of the Nazi PARTY that corrupted the early renewal of the German state, not 'the fall guy' Adolph Hitler.

Though lets deal with the issue of being bankrupt or immoral;

~The ionosphere discharge between Earth and mars, aside from creating giant tidal waves and killing many pregnant dinosaurs also Heated and melted vast portions of the earth forming many of the diamonds that are mined even to today in Russia and across the world, not to mention some of the most stunning crystalline caves, the Giant Crystals Cave in the Naica Mine of Chihuahua, Mexico for example (see link provided
These beautiful and rare crystals, now bought and sold on an international scale, not to mention mined often by slaves in Africa, sustain the worlds economy and the Human races search for ever more flawless materials to base concepts of wealth and affluence upon.

~Though the metamorphic geological results of this cosmic collision are not the only riches that resulted from THUD, many beautiful landforms, The Amazonian Tepuis; Fantastical high rise blocks uplifted and carved from the surrounding geography hold the worlds tallest waterfall, Angel falls (807 metres) and are stunning sights to see floating above the cloud hidden jungle beneath. These geological wonders are awe inspiring and could only have the effect to make one look inwards in search of similar beauty, thus sparking the quest for moral footing so many enlightened men, women and children have found.

~A planet wide catastrophe has thus not only scarred the face of two planets, but captured the imagination of countless historical and later adaptive artistic movements leaving us with a most magnificent array of well crafted, often golden bound books containing historical accounts; the bible(partially), images and paintings; the birth of Venus for example (, fairy tail adaptions of humans with THUD like powers; super strength, the power to wield lightning (Thor) entertaining children whilst simultaneously passing down aurally the true history of our(?) planet, not to mention some of the most violent yet catalytic wars whilst man abuses religious authority to condone the expansion and establishment of new kingdoms, vast rich kingdoms who build past the moral deficiencies of history and patron artists who sculpt visions of ecstatic grandeur from the very materials left on Earth from it's violent yet beautiful cosmic past.

~THUD is and was a planet, and thus cannot be declared bankrupt though can be found minerally rich, especially in Diamond and Gold.

In summation, THUD is both rich and moral .. the heavens are full of THUDS, or Gods, and every night the light from a billion stars cascade over these planets radiating their natural mineral and conscious beauty to anyone who chooses to look .. it is in this beauty of an endless sky that I find MY riches, and the moral strength to carry the burdens and maze of Human history into each bright new day.

*On a side note, the Catholic church and many other man made religious societies have become immoral though are certainly very far from Bankruptcy!
Debate Round No. 1


Pay attention to the rules, and I "might" debate you. Until then, nothing, not a peep, nor a sound from me. I truly hate it when christians like you, and there's a whole banquet of ignorant folk right here on just like you who CAN'T READ but travel into la la land with their noodles so intact in their heads that all it is, is slosh and mud turned to concrete.


Oh sure, ignore my argument.

I'm not christian.
I believe in myself and community spirit .. the christian church is a hierarchical movement as corrupt as a game of hop-scotch.

I will rely upon the entirety of the knowledge banks of humanity to debate the topic proposed, and if you wish to limit yourself for whatever reason you choose to limit your sight to only the bible, and refuse to look up or even outside your windows that's your choice, though I see that within the past 5/6 debates you've posted, either no one has replied or if they have, it has been with childish dismissal ... I have chosen to provide you with quite a well constructed argument .. ignore it at your peril
Debate Round No. 2


You didn't even read, nor look up a single verse stated in RD1. And you know it.
You the flying pregnant fetus screw, have no argument. I marketed some super easy to follow debatathon rules in which you the nun's pep rally at a phallic chess piece standoff didn't even look at, nor did you pay ---any--- yodeling grunge piano sing-a-long hoppity scotch for drinkers country opera attention to. So why on earth should I pay attention to a slaughterhouse meow mix like you who should have not accepted this debate because *duh* he is not a christian? Oh I get it, all he is seeking is cabbage batbrain attention from his dimwitted dullard snot meat sow you know where areas just waiting for those fire ants to take a nice little nibble so you can get a new high.

"the christian church is a hierarchical movement as corrupt as a game of hop-scotch." Well that's putting it mildly. Um its its pastors that rapes little boys who hides behind the shield of religion and thinks it can get away with it. Its its god, that nobody can prove even exists that is corrupt with every arm hair plucking.

"you choose to limit your sight to only the bible," That's exactly what god is a storybook and a fable even though this so-called god would never use text as a form of communication, the worst form of communication possible to begin with, because that's all christians have. They cannot go any further other than their teeny weeny little toy box of that big big big black blank hole book, though many have tried and many have failed. See, I know a lot lot lot more about christianity, religion, the bible, its so-called god than you ---ever--- will. Oh believe me smart testicle spot remover boy, I do know what the outside is. But it might be a little nice if you could look inside.
"I have chosen to provide you with quite a well constructed argument .." Its in no way an argument. That's the problem. Does it deny the verses listed and the printed god's true hatred, especially for children as an example?
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
3 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 3 records.
Posted by SHARINGISCARINGg 3 years ago
And again, you were wrong in the fact that no one can prove he exists. We have already been over this.
Posted by SHARINGISCARINGg 3 years ago
Plus, all those evil people that you listed close to the end are going to die eventually. Because death has a 100% rate of death. A very wise man from Alabama once said: "Death is such a traumatic disease that sometimes, it'll shock people so much that it kills them."
Anyway, do you know where God sends the people that hate Him, and break His commandments? That's right. To Hell. I'm pretty sure God has proved himself responsible for those people.
Posted by SHARINGISCARINGg 3 years ago
There was only one simple thing that needed to be said about RD1. Obviously, God works in ways that we cannot comprehend. But EVERYTHING (everything) that God does is out of love. Not hate.

1 John 4:8 - He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.

There's no reason to "counter some of the verses," because they are all good, we just can't understand how or why.
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