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Started: 6/20/2015 Category: Religion
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Why do people not believe in god?


My case:

People (me), do not believe in god because of lack of evidence, no actual observations, or it does not really affect their lives in anyway. People may tend to lean towards their own, or scientific, reasoning rather than god.

In order for my opponent to win, he/she must somehow disprove(?) my subjective beliefs, and my case of why it is justified for people to not to believe in hard.

Protip: It is very difficult to disprove one's subjective thoughts/beliefs/ideas. Good luck to that
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Posted by WhiteFlower 3 years ago
They do, everyone does. People just don't get that because they don't bother to figure it out. A god (using the English language) is a supreme being or an object of adoration/worship.
You can consider your house, your family, car, job, partner, etc gods or your god.
Think of the thing or concept you value the most. That would be your god.
Your god can change. So you might worship your new car which would become your new god instead of your old car which was the old god, that you don't consider god anymore but once did. It is subjective and personal.

A creator is different. There is a first cause, the original creator. There can be created beings that BECOME mini creators (and created this evil place). You don't have to consider the original creator YOUR god, or a god. But regardless of what you think the original creator is THE supreme being, technically.
The original creator is not subjective but even then you can choose to make it so regardless of definition.
Posted by that_wildflower 3 years ago
There are many people who claim the existence of a god- as of one who believes in no such supernatural beings whatsoever. The words of a book written by men, the stories told by those who claim to be "holy messengers". I have many beefs with one who claims there is a god or any other supernatural being. For one is those in pain and starvation, like the starving in Africa and other third world countries. Or those who are opposite sides of a war and pray to the same god for him to bless them to win a war, with both sides fighting in their god's name. Where is the winner in that? Or to those who suffer so much, or the many sects who interpret one book or text so differently it leads to violence, or those who say you cannot go to heaven despite the fact you led a beautiful and fulfilling life because you don't believe in my god, ect, I imagine you can get the picture. I am open to the possibility of there being a god or some other supernatural being because while there is no proof there is just that: no proof -either confirming or disproving such beliefs. But for somebody who prides oneself on being realistic, I honestly doubt there being any supernatural beings. Besides, We as a people have lives to live and lead, why worry so much about answers we may never get in this lifetime?
Posted by vi_spex 3 years ago
lies exist
Posted by MegadethRocks44 3 years ago
There is no way to prove or disprove the existence of god. We just have to decide what we believe and hopefully it will turn out to be true in the end. Think about this though... If god is real all of the atheists are in trouble but if the atheists are right nothing happens at all. Life is too short for there not to be an afterlife. Also I have noticed in my experience that a lot of the time people who believe in god are happier and better people than those who don't but that is not always true. It helps in life to believe in something.
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