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Started: 7/17/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The first round is for warm up.

I think god is fake. If you take away the bible or quaran or whatever other book in the name of god there is, then religion has no evidence. The only way to know if god is real is to have evidence. Not feelings. or dreams.


There is no such way to argue such a thing without proper evidence. Our notions are whatever we make them out to be. Our moral, spiritual, and sociological ideologies can't, nor ever will define such a thing. However, we base our entire our lives off of our own beliefs, and this is what makes god real. Imagine billions of the smallest stars in the middle of the universe. Now imagine the light that surrounds them. We are those stars, and our light is created by our soul beliefs. No, there is no such way to argue fact with feeling. But the larger majority of people in the world will say otherwise. Thus it is then not a matter of fact and opinion, but rather statistics.
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