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green is better than red

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Started: 12/4/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Why is green better than red? It's simple, when looking between the two red symbolizes destruction, death, and violence while green represents life, new beginnings,and happiness. Whether to symbolize a building , a country or a city. Green is the color you want to be surrounded in .After all the people of earth are surrounded by green every day, if it weren't for green the trees wouldn't exist , therefore oxygen would be diminished , nor would they give us shade, and the life in which green symbolizes would be lost gone forever, is that something you want? As would all the creatures, in which sustain people, whether plant or animal they ,all would be gone.


Thank you for this opportunity to debate with you.

Today I will be opposing the motion that "Green is better than red" due to three reasons, which are art, flags, and marketing. Before I unpack my argument, I would first like to rebut the proposition"s argument.

The proposition stated that if it weren"t for green, trees wouldn"t exist. This statement is entirely false, and I will now explain why. The cells which make up leaves, contain packets of chlorophyll. This pigment absorbs red and blue light, but reflects green from the Sun, hence a green leaf. But if it weren"t for the red light that the plant absorbs, wouldn"t the plant die from lack of energy? This is because the plant doesn"t need green light, only red and blue. In this scenario, green is not better than red at all, therefore I have already proved your argument to be incorrect.

Now I will unpack my argument, art. There are countless famous paintings which are dominated with the colour red. One famous artist known for using red paint is Henri Matisse, who painted an artwork named "The Red Studio". The painting used only a little green, and the majority of the work was painted red. In this case, is green better than red? Obviously to the well-known painter, it isn"t. This is another reason why I have proved your argument to be correct.

Due to the reasons above, I beg you to support my motion.
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Posted by clownbescary213 2 years ago
Con is right
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