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gun ban

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Started: 8/10/2016 Category: Science
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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when alone in a law less land, i can be outnumbered, so for me to invent a gun and pick it up means others become less safe or i become more safe, where as if everyone has guns and i have my gun, i can be outnumbered

and a question, should i try a rocket launcher?


I am only aware of the debate topic because of the title. If what you are proposing is a full on gun ban, then how do you propose it is done. In what way is it possible to magically get rid of all guns? If the government were to ask everyone to hand there guns in then only law abiding citizens would comply, then only criminals would own guns, then who has the power?

Despite the fact that it was senseless, I will respond to your side of the argument. You are proposing that if no one has a gun, then no one has power over one another. At least that's what I believe you think, as you hadn't gone as far as to state what you meant. In that case then people would resort to other weapons, or make there own guns. In any way, the can of worms has been opened, and making a law that disarms no one except the law abiding citizen will do nothing to help matters. The safest way to keep us safe is to let us arm ourselves if we want and for the government to do its best to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.

In short guns will never go away because if we ban them then the black market will prevail.
Debate Round No. 1


to magically get rid of all guns, law.

police is there to serve the public

i can use a stick to make myself more safe

dangerous people like, unbalanced or mentally unstable?

the safest way is for only police to have guns.. clearly.. guns will only add to the body count

the only way black market prevail is for guns to not be banned, lack of control.. unnecessary cops

so far you have made claims..

gun=gun death


So you believe that by simply making a law that bans guns entirely from the public that the problem will go away? How do you propose that this law should work? In what way is it possible for the government to locate every gun? Do you seriously think that every single person will be willing to hand in all their guns? Despite what you believe, but can't explain, no law or method can completely get rid of guns. Again I say that the only people who would comply to a gun ban are law abiding citizens, thus making the problem worse.

"Police are there to serve the public." If what you mean by this is that we don't need guns to protect ourselves because we have cops, then I could say that we don't need fire extinguishers because we have firemen. The flaw in both cases is the same. Cops aren't always around to keep us safe just as firemen aren't always around to stop fires in time.

"I can use a stick to keep myself safe" I suppose that what you are saying is that we can use objects other than guns to keep ourselves safe. But what if an intruder enters your home with a gun? No stick or knife could really help you.

Yes, mentally unstable would fall under the category "Dangerous" As would criminals and anyone who fails a gun safety test.

"The safest way is for only police to have guns" Please refer to the first and second paragraph, as my argument here would be the same.

"Guns only add to the body count" If someone truly wants to kill someone else, they don't need guns to do it, and more importantly they don't need to buy a gun at a store to do it either. Again, if one has been deemed unfit to own a gun but still wants a gun, there is nothing stopping them from going to the black market.

"The only way the black market will prevail is for guns not to be banned" While I expected you to know basic economics, you clearly don't. So I will teach you a lesson. When the public and private sectors both fail to meet needs of any consumer for legal reasons, that is when the black market fills in. Lets take drugs for instance, since the government bans drugs from being sold, there is no way to control quantity or what is in the drugs to make them more safe. That is why we have drug epidemics. If we where to make the gun industry rely on the black market, it would get out of control in the same sense, with people going there instead of government mandated gun distributors, it is much easier for the law-breaking consumer to get their hands on even more dangerous assault weapons.

And if you want a paradise where no one but police have guns, then go to prison, because that's the only place it will ever be possible.

Thanks for reading.
Debate Round No. 2


it will work.. you can not control illegal guns when guns floating in the air and popping out of vending machines

the problem is you have war in your mind.. you will go to the length of saying, but a war could come, and we wouldnt be armed.. yea thats right isnt it.. but you have a military, like we do here.. whats the difference besides, about 2-9 dead by gun shots per year where i am from.. denmark.. vs 13000 a year

water is good, people should have water.. your brain is at war with your body.. you dont need a gun for this

no intruder comes with a gun.. i am no mafia man, and i have not much money.. you are at war with ghosts

you dont have arguments, only irrational war fear

true black market can exist in usa because of its crowded with guns... obviusly

you are wrong on all points.. i dont know who filled your head with all this babble.. you dont have any solid or true points.. just non sense

its only possible where public does not have guns.. this is simply true.. look anywhere else in the world


Your country's gun deaths per year are 55, not 2-9. Anyway while your gun deaths per capita are 0.9, ours are 3.6. That is 4 times a many per 100,000 people. But Denmark has 12 guns per 100 people, while the US has 112 guns per 100 people, that's 9.3 times as many guns per capita. Simply put, your country has a higher gun murder rate per gun owned.

And I haven't even remotely mentioned war, with the most powerful armed forces in the world protecting my land, why would that be a topic that I would even bring up? And would you kindly tell the 50 that died at the pulse night club shooting that they have no reason to carry a gun. Also, not that people in Denmark care, but a week after the night club shooting, a concealed carrier stopped a man attempting to commit a mass shooting.

"No intruder comes with a gun" Some will. But home intruders aren't the only threats. People die at the hands of guns, no gun law will change that, the only way to protect yourself is to arm yourself.

I will not respond to anything else as you have done nothing but refute what I have said, and simply rebuild arguments I already proved wrong.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Discipulus_Didicit 2 years ago
Vi_spex is getting into politics now. And his words are coherent outside the comments section. A historic day indeed.
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
ow, just 14.. paretns drivel running on you
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
ah, wait.. you are a christian right?
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