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gun control

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Started: 3/21/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I am a core conservative and I firmly believe that gun control is not going to help anything. Although to buy a gun every one should have a mental screening to make sure they are not mental disturbed. Guns are not the problem, people are the problem. Guns kill people like spoons make people fat. If the liberals take our guns it will be infringing on our freedom and the United states constitution and the 2nd amendment.


The US constitution is a man-made document that has been amended several times. The fact that something is currently allowed under it does not make it a permanently enshrined right- your country is governed at the will of the people, and if there is sufficient will then the constitution can and has been amended to add or curtail rights.

If guns don't kill people, only people kill people, why does your military give it's soldiers guns? People can only kill of they have means to do so, and the military give their members guns because they are the most efficient, portable weapon to allow a single person to effect the maximum casualties.

The idea that it should remain an inerrant right for an individual to be given the capability to inflict multiple fatalities is just insane. The idea that gum laws don't work is falsified by the fact that every other developed country has much tighter gun restrictions, and doesn't suffer the gun violence the US does.

At least you support mental background checks- this is not supported by the NRA and the US government has shied away from any measure not sanctioned BY the NRA, a multi-million dollar donor to republican politicians.
Debate Round No. 1


I don't think that your narrow minded liberal mind understands that most Americans own guns. therefore it will be impossible for them to get rid of the second amendment and if they manage to do so it will be taking away our right to keep and bear arms


Firstly, it was completely unnecessary for the pro to become offensive. It was, after all, they who requested a debate, so it seems rather churlish that they should then be offensive toward someone who simply took them up on their request.

It will not take long to address the arguments made, as virtually no argument WAS made.

Firstly, his opening statement, after the personal attack, was that "most Americans own guns".

This is simply factually not true.

Some 25% of Americans own guns, so three quarters of Americans don't.

Not only that, but a very small proportion own a hugely disproportionate number of the total guns, some 3% of Americans owning almost half the guns in civilian hands-

But exactly what point this is supposed to prove, I am unsure of. Around 50% of the European population had Black Plague at one point, this hardly made it desirable!!

This falsifies his point that it would be impossible to change the second amendment.

Various polls have shown that a majority of Americans favour stricter gun laws, around 66% in fact, with even 50% of GUN OWNERS supporting tougher measures.

It would only take the political will of a party that truly represented popular view and a constitutional convention would be achievable.

After all, the President, hardly a liberal, recently stated he favored guns being taken away from some individuals- even saying he was in favour of this WITHOUT due process!

Yes, he quickly back-tracked, but imagine if he thought it was a point that might aid his re-election?

His last statement is, of course, correct but irrelevant. Yes, tightening gun laws would result in fewer people having guns- people who currently have that right.

Rights are enshrined by legislation and change.

Americans used to have the right to own slaves, now they don't.

Americans used to not be able to marry someone of the same sex, now they can.

Right can change.
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Posted by Wizofoz 3 years ago
This tool starts a debate, insults the person who agrees to it, then buggers off. What a bloody coward!
Posted by Wizofoz 3 years ago
Well, I guess he's bravely taken his guns and run away!!!
Posted by Wizofoz 3 years ago
A constitutional right is not a Human right. There is no recognized human right to have the means to easily kill other Humans. Indeed it is a Human Right to be PROTECTED from other armed citizenry.

And let's look at some other totalitarian regimes that have strict gun control- like Germany, France, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden- Yeah, brutal dictatorships one and all.

What you and the Pro side of this debate demonstrate is the lack of co9mprehension about the rest of humanity demonstrated by most US gun proponents.
Posted by John_Eaton 3 years ago
The 2nd Amendment of United States guarantees every citizen the right to bear arms. What the left is trying to do is strip away your human right to own a gun. Let's take a look at what other dicatorships did like Stalin,Hitler,Pol Pot,Castro. What do they have in common? They stripped the citizens of guns and then they purged and oppressed the population. History is doomed to repeat itself if we forget the lessons of the past
Posted by Wizofoz 3 years ago
Do you think he gets the irony of having "In god we trust", the motto of the USA, on a CONFEDERATE flag, the symbol of a group that wanted to LEAVE the United States?
Posted by Truth-Over-Emotion 3 years ago
Good lord, if I have to hear another person assume that "gun control" means "gun ban", I'm going to lose it. Gun control just makes the purchasing of firearms more difficult for everyone. It's not getting rid of them. Universal background checks should already be a thing. There shouldn't not be a universal background check in place. And honestly, there really isn't a need for semi-automatic rifles.
Posted by porcaroc 3 years ago
Gun Control isn't to stop people from getting guns, it's to stop people like you said, with mental health issues. That means if your sane it shouldn't be a problem. You are right the government can't "take away your guns", if you are afraid that your guns will be taken away then you are not sure about your own mental health stability.
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