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gun owning

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Started: 12/3/2013 Category: People
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Guns may protect good people but they wont need guns if bad people don't have them because nobody was permission to have guns. Of course if they become illegal and only allowed to be owned my marines, army, navy, air force, and police. People can still get beat up and killed but at least it wont be gun involved. If you think about it guns do more damage than they do good. If nobody owns guns their will be less danger out in the world even though their will still be danger but again the danger will not be coming from guns.


Unfortunately for vast majority of people, who obey all laws to the best of their abilities, bad people don't obey laws. Making gun ownership illegal would ensure that only bad people, law enforcement and military would have guns. The police can not be everywhere all the time so this would give clever criminals the ability to "out force" their victims by choosing wisely.

Guns are the great equalizer of force. Without guns, the strongest men in society would naturally win any conflict that ended with the use of force. This would put women at a great disadvantage. Women who are naturally weaker than men would be easy targets for a criminal, even if the criminal wasn't using a "hypothetically illegal gun". But sadly, even if we made civilian gun ownership illegal, criminals would likely still possess and use guns for crime.

The "War on drugs" has proved that we can't keep contraband from entering our country. So there is no reasonable expectation that we could eliminate guns all together.

I respect your desire to protect your fellow citizens from violence, but unfortunately guns are forever a part of the equation. I would rather the "good guys" legally be able to bring the same equipment to defend themselves as the "bad guys" will surely employ to harm their victims.
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angie2002 forfeited this round.


Examples of force being used to restrain an out of control government authority.

The most recently relevant example to US citizens where citizens of Tennessee rallied an armed revolt against their local government and won!
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Yraelz 5 years ago
Rewording your resolution will make this debate much better. For instance:

"U.S. citizens should be allowed to own guns."


"A complete gun ban would be advantageous."

This clarity will also improve your chances of winning.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro wins this debate with respect to Sources offered (Con had none) conduct (Con forfeited) and arguments (Con again had none). Pro's arguments were driven by examples and a case was made as to why Gun ownership should be allowed. The points for grammar and spelling were split, as I found both arguments to be disjointed. As such I felt it was fair to not award these points.
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