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Started: 12/10/2013 Category: Economics
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homeless men make more money than lacrosse players


I accept, and negate the resolution. Homeless men do not make more money than lacrosse players.
Debate Round No. 1


studer forfeited this round.


"homeless men make more money than lacrosse players"

Q. How much money do lacrosse players make?
A. Professional lacrosse players get paid depending upon the number of years in the league. The average pay is $20,000 dollars for the year. [1]

Q. How Much Money Do Homeless People Make by Begging?
A. The amount of money a homeless person can make by begging can vary. It would depend on what the homeless person was doing to beg for the money. Some homeless people perform to earn money. Some others will sit on the sidewalk and just hope that somebody gives them money. There are also many homeless people that will stand in the streets and beg for money from passing cars. It is impossible to know how much money each individual homeless beggar will get. [2]

Debate Round No. 2


studer forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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