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Started: 2/26/2015 Category: Religion
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What do you believe happens when you die


I apologize, but to properly answer your question, and it is an important enough question to be answered properly, I need to go over more that 500 characters. I will post my response in the comments, I hope you don't mind :)

Debate Round No. 1


explain to me shorter reponse please like i said this is a project


There are basically two different things that happen after death. Nothing happens, endless sleep, or your conciousness travels somewhere, a heaven or something. The logical explanation is that nothing happens, since there is not evidence that your spirit leaves your body and travels somewhere else, it is magical, and magic is not scientific. It is also locical because we have been dead and unconcious for billions of years so it makes sense that that happens again when we are dead again.
Debate Round No. 2


in124 forfeited this round.


I guess i win
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Julia5678 3 years ago
"And they say, 'When is this promise, if you should be truthful?' They do not await except one blast which will seize them while they are disputing. And they will not be able [to give] any instruction, nor to their people can they return. And the Horn will be blown; and at once from the graves to their Lord they will hasten. They will say, 'O woe to us! Who has raised us up from our sleeping place?' [The reply will be], 'This is what the Most Merciful had promised, and the messengers told the truth.' It will not be but one blast, and at once they are all brought present before Us." (The Quran 36:47-53)
Posted by Atheism_Debater 3 years ago
can you explain your project in depth please? Is it a school project? Is it on death, is it an essay? Once I know what to help you with, I would be happy to help :)
Posted by Atheism_Debater 3 years ago
Sorry again but I wanted this to be a proper debate I completely understand if this wasn't alright
Posted by Atheism_Debater 3 years ago
This is the only proposition that makes the most logical sense as for the consciousness. If you didn"t have consciousness until you were alive, then it makes sense that when you are not alive again that it is the same.
That is my proposed explanation for you question, I hope I answered well enough, I look forward to the rest of this debate.
Ps(please explain what this debate will be about in the next round =514;)
Posted by Atheism_Debater 3 years ago
Plato where Socrates was put on trial for corruption of the young, being an atheist, and other charges, wherein he pled his case and was eventually condemned to death

The answer of a heaven, based on the faith, or religion. Has no evidence for this whatsoever, and upon careful examination and reflection, can be due to the physiological comfort. Due to a human trait called curiosity, humans have been known to come up with a bad answer for something that there is currently no answer to. Resulting in more than 4,200 different religions across the globe, each one (usually) designed by primitive people to explain things that could not be explained truthfully given the lack of technology and knowledge. These religions usually contained gods and goddesses that used advertising techniques that promised their followers a heaven and wonderful life for believing in the god(s) among other things. This idea of a heaven, or hell, a place where your consciousness/spirit travels to is not a reasonable explanation by today"s standards, for these reasons:
First of all, if your consciousness survives your death but not your physical form, you are not dead, you are only half dead.
Secondly, your consciousness, or your thoughts exist in your brain, your brain dies in the biological stage of death. There is no explanation how thoughts can survive without a brain, and should be regarded as such.
Thirdly, if you think realistically, does it make sense that some kind of spirit rises out of your body, flies toward the sky , and then lives with all your past friends and family? It seems likely that this is just a human invention, a physiological comfort to the living mind.

Now it is time for my proposed explanation, or the dreamless sleep. I believe that once you die it goes back to the way it was before. You have been dead for billions and billions of years, you popped into existence for a couple decades, then you will be dead again and it is back to how it was when you never existe
Posted by Atheism_Debater 3 years ago
My opponent did not provide any guidelines for this debate, so I am on my own right now. I will answer my opponent"s question in this round since my opponent directly asked me a question.
The question was, "What do you believe happens when you die"
First of all, it is extremely difficult to answer this question in entirety for no living being knows what it"s like to assume. The best we can do as intelligent and philosophical beings is make highly educated answers.
As for the physical and biological part of dying, that we can answer.
Death is a process, and the first step is clinical death, it lasts around five minutes starting when the being stops breathing, and the heart stops pumping blood. (Kidneys and eyes remain alive during this process of dying.)
The second step is biological death, where the cells begin to degenerate and the brain shuts down.
After the being has passed clinical and biological death, the answer to what comes next is elusive. Many people that have been brought back from biological or clinical death through methods such as hypothermia, report floating out of their body, racing through a tunnel, or seeing loved ones. Studies show that this is due to oxygen deprivation and lucid dreaming.

As for what happens to your consciousness, or as some would call, you soul/spirit, that is a different answer. And I believe wise Socrates explains this idea brilliantly, "Death is one of two things; either the dead man is nothing, and has no consciousness of anything at all, or it is, as people say, a change and a migration for the soul from this place here to another place. If there is no consciousness and it is like a sleep, when one sleeping sees nothing, not even in dreams, death would be a wonderful blessing" But if again, death is a migration from this world into another place, and if what they say is true, that there all the dead are, what greater good could there be than this judges of the court?"
(This quote is from the Great Dialogues of Pl
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