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Started: 5/21/2015 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Though many people say that homework is good for your and people should stop complaining and just sit down and do it. But they are wrong because homework causes issues for the student, his/her family, and the student"s education.


I would like to start off by stating that homework is generally for beneficial for the student than it is wrong. Homework is a part of the simple assessment process that teachers use to determine what areas their students need help in, and can help the student improve from that point. Often times (and almost all of the time), teachers don't have the sufficient time they need in a day to teach material and ensure that the students fully understand; and teachers will use homework for the students to take home and bring back the next day.
Even if the student gets the gist of a subject, the teacher would still send home homework in order to prepare the student for any future tests;which is essentially required studying and practice at home.
Outside of the educational ideals, homework teaches students in a simple way about an important aspect in life for the future-- responsibility, that is. With the responsibility and accountability of being required to take time to finish school work at home, they develop much needed life skills for the future.
Debate Round No. 1


willtreaty1156 forfeited this round.


Con has forfeited Round 2.
Debate Round No. 2


Lets look at all the facts. When kids get home from school they have to go right to homework, then they have dinner. Then in hopes to finish homework for a reasonable bedtime. In that time there was no time for them to get outside and work off all their excess energy. With this kind of schedule, the student could become obese.
The site "Our Family World," States;

Wake up bright and early, get dressed, eat breakfast.
Head to the school bus and off to school.
School all day, with minimal recess.
Back on the bus, home around 4pm.
Homework for anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours or more!
Maybe 30 minutes of playtime, if they"re lucky.
Eat dinner.
Take a bath. After the bath, kids usually spend a little time doing quiet activities. They"re certainly not running around playing!
Page 2
Go to bed, typically between 8 and 9 pm.

Where in that schedule are our children getting enough time for active play? While younger children typically have less homework, it still takes up a good chunk of their after school time. Older kids in middle school and high school are often bombarded with homework, giving them virtually no free time at all.
Like it says there isn't enough time in this schedule for the student to get all the exercise he/her needs for a healthy diet. Which in turn could lead to obesity.


So, now, the Con presents his argument that homework causes kids to become fat.
And who else in the world would dare to make such a dramatic accusation?


(Chinese media, to be more precise) [1]

Not only does the Con make a strangely inaccurate statement, he also provides inadequate evidence to prove his point. Other than the fact that he gave us a nice poem that describes the daily life of a student in a school year.

I would also like to remind the Con that the purpose of school is to learn. To learn academically, in math and science, in grammar and history. To learn socially, forming relationships that last years. To learn emotionally, and how to deal with problems as they are and work with what you are given.

But most important to this debate: the purpose of school is to learn responsibility.

Homework is important! To refrain from being redundant, I will not repeat my main reasons for the importance of homework from Round 1.

However, I will return to refuting the Con's arguments, if he will not refute mine.

Because the Con provided no evidence for his argument that homework causes obesity, I undertook some careful research of my own. To my surprise, I came across an American website that argued in favor of the Con. Also to my surprise, this article I had found was the exact one the Con used in Round 3, called 'Our Family World'. [2]

If anyone would like to read for themselves, even the author of this article is against banning homework completely!

She says,
" The importance of homework is debatable. Some children excel without homework, learning what they need to learn during school hours. These kids do great on tests whether they have homework or not. Others do need the extra practice at home to help in sink in more. Some kids simply learn better in their home environment. Perhaps banning all homework isn’t the solution. Something needs to give, though! "[3]

I will wait for the Con to provide his arguments for the next round with evidence, and I hope that he will also give his rebuttals to my arguments. From there, I will give more rebuttals and conclude my reasoning.

[1] Homework makes children fat. (2015). Retrieved May 27, 2015, from
[2] Does Homework Contribute to Childhood Obesity? - Our Family World. (2013, May 9). Retrieved May 27, 2015, from
[3] Ibid.

Debate Round No. 3


As pro said or quoted, some people can do well at homework and it helps them, yet there are those that homework harms them because they can't do that well as those who excel. Which makes them feel bad which makes them fall down from other classes.
Moving on; Another one of the many harms of homework is family time. Kids spend around 8 hours in school, when they get home it"s around 4 o"clock. Then they have to do homework which can take up to two hours, more if the student resists. Then they have dinner which is stressed if the child resisted on homework, because the child and parent might both be done with each other. Then they have to go to bed.
The site "Educational Leadership," states
"Homework squeezes family life. All parents have educational agendas for their children. They want to pass on their cultural heritage, religious beliefs, and important life skills. They want to teach their children how to be good citizens and how to share in the responsibilities of running a home. More homework makes parents put their own agendas on hold even as they often struggle to help their children cope with homework assignments. Additionally, families need time to constitute themselves as families. According to a 1998 survey by Public Agenda, nearly 50 percent of parents reported having a serious argument with their children over homework, and 34 percent reported homework as a source of stress and struggle. Parents often have conflicting feelings about homework, viewing it as a way for their children to succeed but also as imposing serious limits on family time."
This also raises another point of view about family issues. Many kids and parents have "heated," arguments about homework. Lets say that a student gets home and they don"t want to do his/her homework. Then the parent tells them they have to better get it

done now or they're going to lose privileges. So now the kid"s mad and the parent"s feeling frustrated at the kid, and now they have to sit down and do homework together for over an hour. Which won"t go well, for either of them. Then from this point it could lead to bad feelings between them which could separate them .


If I could summarize the Con's Round 4 arguments, it would be like the following:

  • Homework causes family disputes.
  • Still no rebuttals on the Pro's (my) arguments.
So I am still left with refuting the rest of the Con's statements.

However, this round, there is some truth to what the Con says.

But once again, I'm forced to bring up the matter at hand of this debate.
The Con argues that homework is more bad than good.

Therefore, I can only provide evidence that homework is generally more beneficial for the student.

As a matter of fact, homework pays off!

The benefits are the obvious:

  1. It helps children develop positive study skills and habits that will serve them well throughout life
  2. Homework encourages children to use their time wisely
  3. It teaches children to work independently
  4. Homework teaches children to take responsibility for his or her work [1]
Besides any disputed educational effects, the latter are reasons homework is beneficial for all children, no matter how old, how well they do, or how much they struggle.

Study habits, time management, independence, and responsibility are characteristics that all people need to progress in life, for whatever career path they choose to take. Yes, it is true, homework causes some stress and may result in family disputes. (But not make kids fat. Read this inaccurate and irrelevant article, and you'll understand why I don't buy it. [2])

Yet, it can be argued, and I am arguing, that the general benefits outweigh any handicaps. Not only that- but I guarantee that in a majority of the cases in which students are becoming less active or belligerent over homework, the parents are to blame. When students have massive amounts of electronic games or television to watch, why expect them to do homework instead.

If every parent were to remove the distractions from the household, then you would have the select few students that genuinely struggle with education and the few situations where homework actually hinders the student pyschologically.

In conclusion, homework is generally good and helps more than it does hinders.

Thanks for the debate willtreaty1156, I understand this is your first.

Vote Pro!

[1] Top 14 Reasons Why Homework is Important - e-Skool. (2010, October 27). Retrieved May 28, 2015, from
[2] Hey Teachers , Ban Homework and You Will Have Less Fat Kids. (n.d.). Retrieved May 28, 2015, from
Debate Round No. 4
4 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 4 records.
Posted by OpinionPersom121 3 years ago
I think homework does really cause stress but I don't think it should not be given out I feel depending on the homework given it shouldn't be handed in the next day teachers should give students time. For example if it's an essay and you only have two days to complete I believe more time should be given.
Posted by Tatedabeast 3 years ago
You are not taking in affect of the positives. Homework encourages good time use. With this ability you can schedule your sleep habits and work ethic, you can prevent sleep deprivation and promote good work ethic. This supports the statement you said " homework has been linked to causing health issues in students such as sleep deprivation", this is caused by students with poor time management. Homework can strengthen personal time management. Homework can also increase memory and thinking strategies. Homework reviews what was gone over in class and this can help you on tests. When you said "the negatives outweigh the positives." you are not taking in effect of the big picture. Sleep deprivation is very much like being drunk. Being drunk is not big picture. I know I am going off topic by talking about inebriation so I digress. The big picture is that you can never use too much time on helping your brain. When you also said "Students were more likely to drop activities" this is caused by homework. Here is a scenario, imagine you want to be a network engineer but you do the homework in the engineering class and you realize you suck at this course and you want to drop it. The homework taught you that network engineering is not you strong suit and you LEARNED that you cannot be in that field. Homework is not only just positive learning. This goes along with what you said about health problems it causes. It teaches you that too much homework can lead to sleep deprivation. I say in the big picture, the long term positives outweigh the short term negatives
Posted by willtreaty1156 3 years ago
Homework takes time to complete which could interfere with your sleep which could cause you to do worst the next day than if you hadn't studied at all. Because, if you study into the night and the next morning you are extremely sleepy you won't be able to concentrate on your other classes. Yet if you hadn't done homework and missed sleep you would be able to concentrate.
Posted by Tatedabeast 3 years ago
First off, homework is more substantial than only studying for the test you have on that class. That is not an opinion, that is a fact. Yes it does cause stress, but in exchange you obtain an "A" on that unit. Homework increases brainpower, knowledge on the subject, and makes studying much easier. So I would rather take loads of stress in exchange for loads of "A" 's.
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