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how do you believe in those gods of religions who says they are true who has not been proved as lie

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Started: 4/12/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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how do you believe in those gods of religions who says they are true who has not been proved as lie or wrong until they are alive and to win from others they prove others are wrong by proving and believing in temporary fake truth that they are true to win time from them through there genies. Do you believe in those gods of religions who looses when they are wrong with any temporary fake truth proven by others because temporary fake truth also gives power to win from anyone and even gods will have to believe in that truth because its temporary truth but its true. Whether truth is temporary fake or original if gods genies doesnt believes in them then there mind becomes bad and mistakes happens in there religions. So what do you believe in gods of religions who proves and believes in fake truth to change time and get time to win from others and prove they are only true which has not been proven as lie by anyone. Do you believe in that truth which becomes lie or wrong by anyone to be true. Can anyone prove they gods are true and never proven lie or wrong or never lie and cannot become lie or wrong. I will believe in that god to be true if that religion god cannot be proven as lie or wrong in any times because religion gods believers believes there gods are true and lives eternal life and goes in future from past which happens to them in the same time and so how do they manage to see future from there time when there religion god is not true and lie and wrong. What do they believe in ? do they believe in fake truth which is not proven as wrong by anyone ?


You asked for proof of God.
The only truth that mankind knows is the universal language of truth, mathematics.
Here is GOD is simple arithmetic. In response to it I would like you to prove the equation wrong because you asked for the evidence. So don't just give me your opinion but give me proof I am wrong.

It is actually quite simple to explain beyond everything.
This equation answers it all and beyond. It's the theory of absolute infinity and all shown without surpassing any of our governing laws. The beauty of it is in its simplicity.

This is not infinitesimal or infinities within our existing boundaries. So it doesn't go against Cantors work but shows its limited.

Starting with the basics and the limits of our mathematics, our governing laws".

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12....

Our numerical system has potentially a never ending amount of numbers. The more you count, the more we can plus another one.

Potentially an infinite amount...

But in truth....

Only one number does exist

The number "1"

E.g 1 + 1 + 1 = 3

That is because "1" explains itself and every other number.

In fact, every number is a repetition (more precisely a reproduction) of the number "1".

Not only does it explain every whole number but it also explains every type of number.

For example a fraction or a decimal point is a "part of "1"".

50% =

1/2 =

0.5 OF 1

What's so special about "1" is it is also complete

1 = 100%

In maths, when something is complete It MUST have a bound and an end.

In maths this is signified with brackets ( )

( <------bound, beginning

) <------end, finish

*****(We do not use the brackets because we consider it common knowledge.)

In maths we rarely use it but Brackets explain grouping pairs or completion in maths. That is why brackets are done first in arithmetical equation


(3+2) x (3+1) = 20


(5) x (4) = (20)

One is 100% completely bounded and ended to itself.

(1) or (100%)

Hence this instantly means "(1)", the number "1" is the finite because of is finite restriction.

ANYTHING that can be calculated is.

Instantly our universe becomes finite (1) even if it has potentially infinite possibilities (infinity).

1 = 100% = everything, hence the answer to theory of everything must be simply 1.

Our current understanding of the Infinite and all the different size infinities that we come to know are merely potential infinities of what number 1 can explain

Infinity is a concept not a number meaning boundless/endless

Unrestricted (beyond brackets)

This is what has come to be known as potential infinite, even though it's just studying the infinity possibilities within (1).

If we accept (infinity) as anything more it would be the greatest oxymoron in the history of mankind.

There is also another restriction of the number (1)

That is because by itself can not do much.

It needs a medium or a language to communicate.

multiple, divide, square root Etc are all fancy and group methods of doing the core symbols of maths.

Addition and subtraction

+ -

Just like (1),

(+|-) addition and subtraction can explain themselves and every other type of calculations.


(1+1+1) + (1+1+1) = (1+1+1+1+1+1)

So inside every (1) we have (+|-).


Man = (1)

And he has (+|-) within himself.

Think of anything Positive and negative, Addition subtraction, Time space, Proton electron, Good Bad, Right Wrong, Light Dark

We can even say

Yin Yang for good measure

All we have is equal and opposites and one can not exist without the other. Black exists because of white and vice versa.

Think of anything, chemistry, biology, physics even non scientific subjects like morale; you can even say from a materialistic morale point of view, water is our greatest asset, the reason for life yet, our greatest restriction.

Anything from a positive and a negative within a finite position can be explained quite easily.

(+ -) within (1)

Now to make it interesting..........

Scientifically we know we are living in 1 x (E=mc2), we are restricted.

My question is say we calculated everything that exists in our (1) universe.

Hypothetically lets say

everything = (100)

What would be

1 + (100) = ?

It can not be 101


Everything has already been calculated and it equalled (100)

Let me rephrase the question

from my brief explanation above what would be

1 + (finite)

1 + (maths)

1 + (1)

1 + (universe)

1 + (everything)

1 + (100%)

1 + (E=mc2)

1 + (+|-)


It must be something outside of the bound and end (brackets)

Our concept of this is called

Absolute (meaning 100%) Infinity (meaning beyond any boundaries)

A CONCEPT (NOT A NUMBER) beyond all bounds "(" and ends ")"

So in an equation

1 + (1) = infinity ( doesn't allow the infinity symbol so I will write it in)

Or as explained before the core language of (1) is maths (+|-)

The theory of Absolute Infinity

1 + (+|-) = infinity

Even though I have not surpassed our laws of mathematics, it displays something beyond mathematics.

What so special about this equation?



Quote: "If an object tries to travel 186,000 miles per second, its mass becomes infinite, and so does the energy required to move it. For this reason, no normal object can travel as fast or faster than the speed of light."

So if something exceeds this limit (1) its mass becomes infinite.

1 + (1) = infinity


Mathematics studies the (+ | - ) laws to understand the (1) value.

Science studies the (1) value to understand the ( + | - ) laws.


Quantum Mechanics states for nothing to create something, laws must be in place for nothing to produce something.

The equation covers this aspect quite easily.

A law is something that governs its subjects. It is not an actual physical entity and can not be expressed as the value 1.

It is however an addition which must preexist our mathematical restrictions, as quantum mechanics states.

+ ( + | - ) This is the equation of Quantum mechanics,

And this (+|-) is what governing physics studies


Cantor actually coined the word "transfinite" in an attempt to distinguish the various levels of infinite numbers from an Absolute Infinity 100% infinity , an incomprehensible concept beyond mathematics itself, which then Cantor effectively equated with God (he saw no contradiction between his mathematics and the traditional concept of God)

IN RESPONSE TO Pi or other paradoxes

For all those who are going to give the response what about irrational numbers like Pi or other infinity paradoxes, well.....

This equation is explaining the Absolute Infinite beyond any restricting and governing laws.

Pi is restricted to and only potentially infinite.

To explain, Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter and is restricted to the circle's circumference. It is within a 100% complete and enclosing "circle".

Same goes for every type and size of infinite we know.

For example take the Hilbert hotel paradox, It is still within a hotel.

This infinite is bounded and ended by the governing laws of its confinements. When Time/Space ends, the numbers within it must end with it.

Absolute Infinity can not be governed or restricted by numerical properties

Also 3.1415926535... is basically (1)+(1)+(1)

We have "3" individual 100% complete (1)s and we are 0.85840734641021... away from the next complete (1), or the 4th (1)

And for anyone who wants to argue for zero

Then I ask what is 0?

Cause if we mean something was there and then wasn't then it never can be 0 and if it never existed we wouldn't know the 0 of it exists

Something that exist can not "not" exist because it has existed.

If the entity is removed it is the absence of an existence, not uncreated.

Nothing can only exist because it was something.

Something can never become nothing because it was once something and nothing can not be subtracted unless it becomes an additional something.

As soon as we label it nothing, it becomes something even if there is nothing there. The reason is when we identify its nothing, we give a no value (even if its nothing) within mathematical laws.

This doesn't only apply to physical or tangible entities.

For example we can create (or add on) using our imagination. The unique imaginative something that we created exists at a certain time within your space so even if forgotten and never remembered again, it can never become nothing, only the addition it supplied is removed.

However even this imaginative something is still restricted and can only be created because of our experiences.

We can not imagine what someone else imagines nor can we conjure up something unimaginable because everything you imagine is subject to your experiences or, your moment in time within the space of your life.


Say I dreamt of monster in my childhood.

Did that monster ever exist?

Actually yes, even though I just imagined it subconsciously it existed and was definable at that present time, even if none of the details can be remembered or is totally forgotten.

I.e it must be recorded for that particular time of my space

More so, for me just to give the above example I am creating something.

I've defined a nonexistent for example purposes so even if I never had any dreams of a monster in my life, it still exists because of my example.

Hence we can never identify "Absolute Zero" for as soon as we label "it" , "it" becomes the absence of something rather than becoming from nothing.

Now its your turn. Like I said you asked for proof of God and I provided it in the language of truth without surpassing any governing laws of mathematics. To disprove this argument you need to show the maths involved is incorrect. (I don't just want to hear your thoughts, I also want evidence as to why its wrong).

Tick Tock, time is ticking!
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Posted by Al-Kitab 3 years ago
What I gave was for God. Actually it is more for an absolute concept that explains the unexplainable and one can equate it to a God.
I'm sorry I can't summarise it any more. It is the hardest question in the world and is presented in a limited space give by It deserves more an ought to be read to the fullest.

But If you want a summary you only need to read the mathematic aspect. When I start going into Science and theology it is only additional evidence that the equation already exists, we just have never seen it presented numerically.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 3 years ago
Um... could you simplify your argument, Con? Is that proof for or against a god? It's hard to follow with the many paragraphs and seemingly irrelevant numbers and math.
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