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hulk vs batman

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Started: 6/26/2013 Category: Entertainment
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hulk should win because he has the full force of abilty to lose batman whereas batman cant lose hulk because batman is only an agent which hunts in the night whereas huk can kill batman when ever he want


What you said is pretty confusing but I'm pretty sure you're supporting Hulk and shouldn't you be Pro since Hulk comes 1st in the title? Anyways, your argument is that Hulk will beat Batman only because Batman can only fight at night whereas Hulk can beat batman at any time of day.
Although Batman does fight at night most of the time, he can fight in the morning and noon too if he chooses too.
Batman has fought Superman in the morning and the outcome was in Batman's favor. He also fought Bane in the morning/afternoon as showed in the end of The Dark Night Rises, where again the battle ends up in Batman's favor.
Debate Round No. 1


omsolanki112 forfeited this round.


I hope my opponent is ok. Since I am bored though, might as well add the arguments I was going to use in the 1st place except shorter this time, since I have no idea what to argue against at this point.
Batman was able to beat Superman and most people say Superman could beat the Hulk so with that logic, Batman can beat the Hulk.
Also Batman didn't just beat Superman, he also beat the Justice League quite easily really.
If Batman can take them down, he can probably handle the Hulk.

Batman usually knows info about every person he faces such as their weaknesses.
Spiderman knows how to beat each Avenger when all goes wrong and who's in that team?
The Hulk
I'm sure Batman would be able to figure out Hulk's weaknesses too.

Batman could be able to just calm down the Hulk. With his money,technology, & intelligence, I'm sure he can think of someway to soothe the Hulk down.
Debate Round No. 2
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