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human right concept is a fallacy

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Started: 5/31/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The corruption of the world system is blatantly obvious in the idea of 'human rights'.The question is this: Allowed by whom ? Who is it that grants these 'rights' ? From whence comes the permission ? Whom is the giver ? The answer is obvious; the state, the corrupted system which has been fabricated by irrational man.The masses are being told that they have a 'right' to: shelter, food, medical aid, water, free speech, education, transport, information, shop, property, walk, ride a bicycle, smile ....... etc.
'Rights' are now allocated to: children, parents, animals, prisoners, producers, consumers, homeowners, street people, criminals, drivers, pedestrians, companies, employers, employees, men, women, families, smokers, drinkers, fanatics ....., etc.
It is astonishing that natural man is so gullible that he accepts all this nonsense without question. The concept of 'rights', can be classified as Orwellian, despotic. The key element in this kind of discourse is control. 'Rights' and 'duties' go hand in hand. For every 'right' there is a 'duty'. The 'duty' is now called a 'responsibility'. The 'duty' is to be a 'good' citizen, to conform to that which is dictated. ' Human rights ' are concessions 'granted' by the state, to those whom conform to the system.

Those who do not conform to the system, lose their 'rights' in the twinkling of an eye. They become enemies of the state, criminals. This is why the Son of man was crucified more than two thousand years ago. However they did not count on him being resurrected, nor did they count on him returning some day. They do not know that they will now be held accountable.
I give the example of the Ethnicity case , there are many tribal societies where one group is excluded. In Rwanda you have the Hutus and the Tutsis.


So... what you're saying is that the government is sh*t and that we should all submit to Jesus? Simplify that and you're just adding restrictions to yourself.
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Like I've said it in my last lines , the only right granted to the society is the irony of living under the rules . Anybody going against the system is quickly arrested or called the "enemy of the society". Let take the example of those places in our societies that the government didn't allow us to step : zone 51 in USA , Prypiat city in Ukrain and so many places if you as a citizen decide to experience on the sites , might be eliminated or in-jail.
I hope that you know what human right concept is in and out?


The rules are in place to make sure nobody decides to go on a murder spree and gets away with it. I'm guessing you're just a teen who got in trouble with the law for doing something and is being prissy about it. Area 51 is a goverment base, just like the Pentagon. You can't walk into the Pentagon without permissions, right? Same goes for Area 51. The only difference is theory idiots claiming there's aliens there. And yes, I do.
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