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humans/climate change are the cause for honey bees disappearing

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Started: 7/25/2013 Category: Science
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Bees are disappearing world wide at a steady rate since before the 1950s. Thats a fact. If they continue to decline at such a rate they will be gone by 2050 and according to albert einstein humans will perish 4 years later.

it has not been proven (yet) but i believe climate change is a huge factor. Harsh winters, wet or dry springs and late blooms or early blooms followed by frost are a huge stress on honeybees. I believe man is the cause of climate change but thats another debate.

Other causes for the decline include pesticides, Genetically modified crops, a reliance on a global economy (shipping foods over long distances), and a lack of diversity within the honeybee species itself (their are only a handful of bee breeders worldwide selling basically the same strain of bee) which makes the species less diverse resulting in a weakness to disease


Yes , exactly the population of bees is declining every year. Although human can be the first cause but there are many other reasons for this deterioration.
The two parasites TRACHEAL and VARROA MITES are also effecting the bees. Both of them are effecting the bees internally and externally respectively and the solution of the problem is still under question.
The electromagnetic radiations of cell phones attract the bees which damages there navigation and hence they are not able to locate back to their home . Technology finds a solution for everything and if this technology helps us as well as harms our environment the scientists should consider it and also find some successful solutions for the negative side effects.
Debate Round No. 1


In regards to varroa mites and tracheal infections that is an understatement. They are a huge huge part in the decline of bees. As a beekeeper I have seen the damage first hand. But my biggest argument is that these mites and diseases are a result on our global economy. Honey bees in the areas where these diseases/mites were at one point immune to these. But with the importing and exporting of goods, along with our reliance on a handful of bee breeds (which man bred) has made the bees more susceptible to disease and made the disease/mites a worldwide problem.

As for the cellphone argument I would like to see some supporting evidence. as far as I know the research done recently has debunked that hypothesis. Their was a study where bees under powerlines were having trouble finding their way home. But that was only the hives directly under, which with that much electricity and bees uncanny and unknown sense of direction and navigation, its no surprise. the amount of electromagnetism from a cell phone or a few cell phones doesn't amount to enough to confuse a handful of bees let alone the trillions and trillions that have disappeared.

as for finding a technical solution to the problem that is not the answer. we have been doing that by genetically modifying crops and coming out with new medicines to give our bees. But once the varroa mites or infections become resistant we have to develop a new cure to compound onto the many we are already using. which is itself a huge stressor for the bees and is part of their decline. we need to find a solution and im afraid technology is the cause not the answer


Technology , actually during 1950's we were not even aware of the machines , inventions etc. There were superstitions about most of the things which technology proved detrimental .
Actually its not a single person responsible for this declining bee species its the whole world.
"To borrow an old analogy that Paul Ehrlich often used, with the wild pollinators, losing a species is a bit like losing screws in a plane . If you lose a few here or there, it's not the end of the world, and your plane can still fly. But if you lose too many, at some point, the whole plane can suddenly come apart in mid-flight." said Berenbaum. That's what we call an exact answer . Not all the species are under danger but only a few .
If people are so much concerned for bees then they should stop using the technology and find some peaceful ways , it would be a pleasure working with such people but the point is , aren't these people using technology ? half environment care takers or technology haters are using cell phones (harmful for bees ) thats again technology , other half are exploiting the environment and pretending being environment carers .
The point is obtaining every thing at a single time is not possible , its we who decide not the technology .
Debate Round No. 2


In our current situation its hard to say only some species are at risk. This is impossible if you use technology and climate change as the reason for their decline. just like they cant make pesticides that target just one species of insect, what kills one kills (or damages) all. I like your airplane analogy because i cant agree more, honey bees are our canary in the coalmine. and I must admit in some respects we do need technology to solve the problem but not in the way most companies(monsanto) or people think. finding a new way to genetically modify seeds or developing new medications and pesticides is not the answer. In many ways in regards to bees/farming we need to go "back in time" and return to a less big business approach and go back to the way we used to do it. buying local is a big part of that.

the technologies we need to invest in are ways to combat climate change and or better regulations for importing foods. Yes its true that alot of these people are still exploiting the environment, but alot of them are farmers and companies like monsanto have forced them to do things their way (literally, if you dont buy monsanto seeds they will lobby the grain buyers not to purchase your product)

And inregards to the cell phone thing, I have not seen proof that cellphones cause any harm to bees at all


My dear friend i think as you mentioned above you were against the changes in the lifestyle of humans because that is leading to bees extinction. But now you are favouring technology in some parts too. Just take care what you actually feel is the reason for the declination.
My last words would be that bees have a relevant role in the environment but we cant go against human ways just to encourage their safety . Bees are important the same as the requirements of the people because declining needs of people have never been seen so its time to save bees by technology too. When we can discover ways how to save human beings then why not bees ? and that can be possible only through technology.
Debate Round No. 3
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