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humans lives more important than animal lives

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Started: 2/14/2019 Category: People
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Did you know that we have been destroying animals homes for timber for more houses and other things that humans feel are not as important as animals lives? Animal lives matter just as much as our lives matter and we do a lot of things that completely ruin their lives, Their families and everything that they have to live for. Animals should be loved and cared for just as much as our lives and there are reasons for it. The needs of humans should not be above the needs of animals. Humans are causing deforestation to the homes of animals and are causing extinction, Among other issues.
The first reason why we need to worry about animals lives is cause we are destroying their homes. Deforestation is the mass destruction of trees and hurts the climate and animal wildlife. Between 1990 and 2016 the world lost 502, 000 square miles (1. 3 million square kilometers) of forest. That"s bigger than south Africa. According journal nature"s website the Amazonian rain forest has lost 17% of its forest over the past 50 years. Not only does animals need trees so do we. We need trees for a variety of reasons. They absorb the carbon dioxide that we exhale. The greenhouse gases that humans create are also taken by trees and as those gases reach the atmosphere and global warming increases. National Geographic says that farming, Grazing of livestock, Mining, And drilling combined account for more than half of all deforestation. Forestry practices, Wildfires and, In small part, Urbanization account for the rest. The loss of clean water and biodiversity from all forests could have many other effects that humans can"t foresee, Touching even more than you're morning cup of coffee.
The second reason why we should stop the killing and animal abuse is the Extinction crisis we have going on. Did you know that wolves are being persecuted and neglected by the U. S federal government. Unlike past mass extinctions with asteroid strikes, Volcanic eruptions, And natural climate shifts, The current crisis with extinction is caused by us-humans. In fact 99 percent of currently threatened species are at risk from human activities, Primarily those driving habitat loss, Introduction of exotic species, And global warming says The Extinction crisis article. The article also states that in the past 500 years, We know of approximately 1, 000 species that have gone extinct, From the woodland bison of West Virginia and Arizona"s Merriam"s elk to the Rocky Mountain grasshopper, Passenger pigeon and Puerto Rico"s Culebra parrot- but this doesn"t account for thousands of species that disappeared before scientists had a chance to describe them. Nobody really knows how many species are in danger of becoming extinct. Noted conversation scientist David Wilcove estimates that there are 14, 000 to 35, 000 endangered species in the United States which is 7 to 18 percent of the U. S flora and fauna. This shows that the extinction is hurting our animals and plants.


Okay. Let me start this off by saying I am new to debating and this is my first debate.

humans lives will always be more important to the world then animal lives as human are what bring change in the earth.
I haven't seen a donkey that was Steve jobs. And we give animals a good life. Animals are able to live with no regrets because of humans. Animals just co-exist among us, We are the centre of attraction, We kill animals everyday for our own consumption and at this point of consumption, It cannot be stopped (I think we can agree on this).

when I look into your argument it says more about how we are destroying the world of animals making their life a living hell, If you suppose, You have not established the value of animal life and why it is worth more than a human life, With these points I don't think you have established the topic clearly. You have said "animal lives matter just as much as our lives" but you have to mention why. And I don't think you can compare a lion to a human. A lion might be the king of the jungle, But the human can burn the forest as he pleases. I know that this sounds sadistic but it is the painful truth.

the only reason that I can possibly fathom that animal life could be worth more in the eyes of A human is the emotional connection with an organism that you cannot communicate with using words. And this itself is an illusion that is created by the human mind.

And to contradict your points about humans destroying the homes of animals, I will accept that it is true, But at the same time the reason that animals still exist is because of us. Most endangered species are in sanctuaries or place where the last of their kind is preserved, This proves my point, Human intellect is stronger then that of animals. We have technology and knowledge. Which are the most fundamental things in life.

I would like to end by saying that a human life is worth more than animal life simply because a human contributes to society than an animal ever could.
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by thecreature 3 years ago
Sorry, I am new to debating as mentioned in the debate. I accepted it to check how the website works, But yes this does not qualify as a debate
Posted by thecreature 3 years ago
I have am new to debating thus I chose a one round debate like this to see how it worked. But I agree this not a debate.
Posted by politicsfortherun 3 years ago
I agree. I don"t know about y"all, But all I see now is commercials about hurt animals. What happened to the commercials for the starving and homeless kids? Would know honestly choose to give money to an organization that gives food and puts animals in homes, Rather than a child? Or not even a child. Walk out to the city and see all the homeless people. You don"t wanna help them?
Posted by Red_Fox 3 years ago
With only 1 round, It is not a debate. With more rounds, I would love to engage.
Posted by Leaning 3 years ago
I think the value of 'things is subjective. But that isn't quite accepting the debate as it is meant to be taken, I think.
Posted by UltimateGenius 3 years ago
We got a vegan here. I agree with your values and with the values of meat lovers, But I personally love the taste of meat.

Instead of killing animals, We should use stem cells to grow our meat. We could use stem cells to create burgers without actually killing the animal

It has already been done, But the burger costed thousands of dollars, So go on and support the research into this. Cells are not animals and the animals that the cells came from don't die. I also think we should stop cutting down trees and start melting metal and making stone bricks
Posted by DumplingDebate 3 years ago
This person looks like he is a good debater.
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Reasons for voting decision: I feel that con should have phrased the question of the debate better before starting out in his speech. Personally, while con's argument is clearly rich in facts and figures it lacks in substance which proves that animal lives are more important than human lives. Pro has pointed this out, which to be fair means that by de facto he already wins this debate. However, he has also pointed out several rebuttals stating that humans have undertaken efforts into protecting endangered animals which pretty much establishes a solid view in the voter's mind that humans don't deserve to be appreciated less. So my vote falls to Pro. (It's so weird to have one round for the debate though, it's not even really a proper debate unless both debaters actually contend with each other).

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