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i think that having an arm for a d*ck is better than d*cks for arms

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Started: 3/27/2017 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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You could work out with your d*ck.
also you could hold an extra item if you wanted.
you would also have the best angle to punch someone in the balls.


so u saying you rather not have abiliy to have sex?

look here punk. i got downsyndrome n i never get sex. dont fortit ur penis an ur ability to have sex cus it aint sumthin u should take for granted. give me penis hands an i mite finily get laid but until then the closest im getting to possy is by licking my cats bed.

i culd go around dick slappin people with my giant penis hands. plus that mean id have 3 penises so 3 orgasm right? i would jizz fantastic waves of seamen into the faces of my adversaries and they wouldnt retaliate for fear of me penatrating them with my double d!ck hands. life wuld finaly be gud for me :)
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they would be normal sized penises though so you wouldn't be able to use them


I dont need arms i can use my feet to change the T.V channel over I can open doors with my feet. besides if these arms deeks are proportionate to my current deek then they would give me a significant reach advantage to what i curently have. an i could finaly suck my own deek
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