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iPhone5 vs GalaxyS4. Galaxy S4 is better

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Started: 10/21/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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Why S4 is better than iPhone5?

It is no surprise that Samsung Galaxy S4 is probably the best Android smartphone manufactured by the Korean electronics giant till date. Like all the previous Galaxy series smartphones that had enjoyed great success, the Galaxy S4 too has hit the 20 million sales mark in a record time period " a breakneck pace that Samsung has never experienced before.The Galaxy S4 is a spec and feature-rich smartphone, limited only by its cheap and flimsy hardware. At a first glance, the S4 looks near-identical to the Galaxy S III, with both being constructed almost entirely of plastic. To compete against the best (like HTC One, iPhone 5, BlackBerry ZTE, Lumia 925, Sony"s Xperia Z), Samsung has loaded it with some interesting and never-seen-before features.

While the processor type will vary by region and model, versions sold in the U.S. come equipped with a 1.9GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600-series CPU with 2GB of RAM. In benchmark testing, it delivered performance gains over the HTC One and iPhone 5. The 5-inch full HD display of S4 with 1,920 x 1,080 resolutions delivers a pixel density of 441ppi far ahead of the most of its peers. One of the drawbacks of Super AMOLED, of course, is that colors can appear oversaturated at times, but ultimately it's a matter of preference. Despite powerful features, the Galaxy S4's battery life is exceptional, making it through a day's use without having to recharge

1) S4 has its own built-in infrared blaster

The Galaxy S4 is the first Galaxy handset to feature a built-in infrared blaster, and Samsung puts it to good use. With the combination of Samsung"s WatchOn app and the third-party Peel, the Korean firm has created a single service that allows users to navigate their TV guide and control a television or set-top box all from within a single app.

2. Near field communication (NFC) chip
The NFC chip allows you to talk to other devices with NFC. Thus, you can swap content like photos between phones just by tapping them together, make mobile payments, or pair your phone with a stereo with a tap.


While I do agree that the S4 is a better phone in terms of hardware specs and operating system, and while an IR blaster and NFC are amazing technologies, I feel that these points alone don't prove the S4 as a better phone.

To truly compare the two phones, the iPhone 5 and GS4 (Why you decided to compare year old phones is beyond me however), we must look at various points to determine the best phone of the two.

Build Quality
The iPhone is designed and build much better than the Samsung counterpart, an aluminum, steel, and glass construction give the phone more rigidity, but all a more solid feel in the hand, and a much more cosmetically appealing phone. The S4's plastic body however does make repair a bit easier and a removable battery is always nice, but that doesn't counter the flex present in the phone compared to the more premium looking and built iPhone.

Samsung decided more is needed with the GS4 and added excess to the camera application, while some of the features may be cool, they are more gimmicky than useful, but whatever sells. Samsung has put very good camera's in their phones, and the GS4 is no exception, the 13 megapixel camera produces very sharp images and video. Apple's 2012 iPhone uses the same 8 mp camera found in the 4s, but with some tweaking, the color reproduction seems a bit better with the iPhone camera, though the sharpness edge of the GS4 makes me like it a little more.

The GS4 runs Jelly Bean with Samsung's Touch Wiz on top, right away, I feel this detracts from the phone a bit, as it adds unneeded redundancy, software bulk, and bloat to the phone, then again I'm a stock Android person. Samsung was focused more on quantity rather than quality , and it shows. The excessive features aren't well developed and seem to only be there for the initial wow and not long term practical application. The fact that this bloat can't be removed without rooting the phone causes great sadness to me as it goes against the openness concept of Android itself. The iPhone runs iOS 7 at of now, and to me, it feel like a re-skinned iOS 6 with more fancy colors and pretty animations, sure there were some feature additions, but they loose their novelty quickly. The strange of iOS lies in security and available apps. It's not lie that with Apple holding the major chunk of the market share in more developed markets like the United States, most developers with focus any newer app ideas on the iOS platform before rushing to Android, and with a drastically lower amount of devices to worry about, fragmentation on iOS is almost non-existent. This added advantage of a known to work platform that requires minimal know how to operate and "just works" make sit much more valuable to the typical customer.

The ir blaster is nice, however, without Samsung's proprietary software, it would be useless.

I love the idea of NFC, and love using it to trade photos and the such with friends, but a similar technology is built into iOS 7 called AirDrop that acts very similarly to NFC, but uses a secure wifi like connection between the devices, allowing people to trade information without even touching phones. This puts both phone on an almost even playing field. While the idea of mobile payments is nice, I don't see NFC being used a much as I would like it too, and if one is one Verizon, they they don't get the NFC capabilities of Google Wallet.

In a side note, I believe a fairer comparison would be to the iPhone 5s instead of the 5/5c (same phone, different body) as it was released in 2013 as the competitor to the slew of Android phones that appeared on the market of the past year.

I don't think one is fully better than the other, but that it boils down to personal preference.
Debate Round No. 1


Life companion

Make your life richer, simpler, and more fun. As a real life companion, the new Samsung GALAXY S4 helps bring us closer and captures those fun moments when we are together. Each feature was designed to simplify our daily lives. Furthermore, it cares enough to monitor our health and well-being. To put it simply, the Samsung GALAXY S4 is there for you.
Dual Shot

See both sides of the story

Two cameras, one extraordinary photo. Capture the "I was there" moments of your life by simultaneously shooting with the front and rear cameras. Get the shot you want with more variety of styles to choose from. With Dual Shot, friends and family can experience everything with you, no matter how far they may be.
Sound & Shot

Listen to your photos

Every picture you take on the Samsung GALAXY S4 can come with sound. So now you can remember what was said, played, and heard, not just what it looked like. It adds another layer of excitement to help you relive and share every moment of each picture much more vividly.
Drama Shot

Capture every action in one photo

Get a sequence of photos in one frame to create a collage that tells the story better than a single photo could. Drama Shot lets you take a series of pictures of any moving subject and puts them together " so you can see
the detailed action that"s seamlessly merged into one very dynamic photo.
Group Play- Share Music

Share the enjoyment with friends

Get your friends together and let them enjoy your music simultaneously. Wirelessly connect multiple Samsung GALAXY S4 phones to play games and share photos and documents. Get all Samsung GALAXY S4 phones together and create a powerful sound system that enhances the sound quality and keeps the party going.
Story Album

An album for every occasion

Have the Samsung GALAXY S4 organize your photos and create albums based on specific events or customize them the way you want. You can even apply themes and choose various layouts. Then print the photos and hold the memories in your hand.
Samsung Hub

One stop shop for any content you want

With the Samsung GALAXY S4 you can browse and shop through any content available from every Samsung Hub in one place. Videos, games, music, learning " it"s all in one integrated store. It has what you"re looking for in an easy to use and stylish magazine layout.
* Service may vary depending on country
S Translator

No more language barriers

Say or text what you need translated into your new Samsung GALAXY S4 and it"ll read or text back the translation. The Samsung GALAXY S4 is a handy companion while traveling abroad, allowing you to easily communicate with locals, discover exotic foreign dishes, and explore hidden hangouts around the world.
Support: English, German, French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Korean.
* S Translator relies on a data connection and available languages are limited. Additional terms and/or charges may apply. Results will vary by circumstance.

More ways to communicate

Share what"s on your screen with one of your friends, even if you"re both in two entirely different places. Instead of just hearing what they"re up to now, actually see everything that friends and family are doing with Dual Camera. Connect with two of your friends or family on a more intimate level.
Air View

A simple and new approach from the ordinary touch

~85;Save time by having a quick preview without having to open up the entire content.
~85;Air View makes it, easier, and super-convenient to enlarge content and photos, preview emails, and speed dial all with your finger barely hovering over the screen.
~85;Supported features: Information Preview, Progress Preview, Speed dial Preview, Webpage magnifier.
Air Gesture

A simple and new approach from the ordinary touch.

~85;Control your phone by just waving your hand over the screen without actually touching the screen.
~85;Just wave over the screen to go through contents for a quick glance Respond quicker to your calls by answering with Air Gesture
~85;Supported features: Quick Glance, Air Jump, Air browse, Air move, Air call-accept
Samsung Smart Pause

A phone that follows your every move

Building off of the Galaxy S3"s Smart Stay, the Samsung GALAXY S4 knows what you"re doing and intuitively moves along with you " automatically scrolling up or down emails or websites when you tilt the phone from one side to another. Whenever you look away, the Samsung GALAXY S4 makes sure to pause whatever you"re watching, so you don"t miss anything. Amazingly, Smart Pause resumes where you left off when you look back at the screen again.
Samsung Home Sync

Enjoy your personal cloud

~85;Samsung HomeSync is the optimum personal cloud device for family entertainment. With 1TB of storage capacity, Samsung HomeSync stores tons of pictures and videos once it's taken wherever you and your family members are.
~85;Bring Android games, movies, TV shows and streaming content directly into your living room on a large and vivid TV. Mirror Mouse, the specialized navigating feature of the Samsung GALAXY S4, is a much simpler and easier way to enjoy all the features of Samsung HomeSync!
Samsung WatchON

The ultimate TV remote

Connect your Samsung GALAXY S4 with your home entertainment system and let it be your TV expert. It suggests different programs based on your preferences, provides program schedules, and does the channel surfing for you.
The Samsung GALAXY S4 even allows you to remotely control the TV or set top boxes. So sit back, relax and let the Samsung GALAXY S4 take the work and hassle out of TV for you.
S Health

Achieve more for your health

Stay active and fit with the Samsung GALAXY S4. It will track your workouts, daily intake, and weight levels. Get the current status of your surroundings for your activities with the Samsung GALAXY S4"s Comfort Level. It shows your comfort level based on temperature and humidity. Monitor your progress with both Health Board and various charts. Together with the Samsung GALAXY S4, being motivated for better health has never been so easy.
Adapt Display

Optimized display settings that fit you

Give your eyes a rest and let the Samsung GALAXY S4 adjust your view.
With 7 automatic modes and 4 manual modes, the Samsung GALAXY S4 provides the optimal viewing experience. See your favorite videos, games, books and emails displayed with amazing color quality. Get the perfect and optimized view with the Samsung GALAXY S4.
Adapt Sound

Sound, the way it was meant to be heard

Hear everything with the right balance and perfect volume customized for you. The Samsung GALAXY S4 dials music up and down and balances left and right audio based on your hearing, the sound source and your preferences. The Samsung GALAXY S4 provides an optimal sound experience tailored to you.
Live in a world of infinite possibilities

The design of the Samsung GALAXY S4 defies what"s possible.
The incredibly-wide FULL HD Super AMOLED screen fits perfectly within an extraordinarily slim bezel that"s encased in a special polycarbonate body, making this the lightest and most sophisticated GALAXY yet.


I fail to see how a list of features about the GS4 that appears to be copied and then pasted off of Samsung's website makes your case. Most if not all of the software features that Samsung boasts can be found in both the app store and play store.

But again, I fail to see how this blatant copy and paste off of Samsung's website adds to the debate about how it's better than the iPhone 5, as it's not really much of an argument on its own.
Debate Round No. 2


Lazy_Lipids forfeited this round.


Both the S4 and the iPhone 5 offer some features that are greater than others, but I feel that in the end, as they are better than one another in different applications. Both phones are awesome in their own respects, and it boils down to personal need and preference. Power wise? Of course the S4 is better than the iPhone 5. Media consumption? An argument can be made for both, but iTunes is still ahead of the ever growing Google Play in terms of apps available, content available, and delivery, and leagues ahead of Samsung's "Hub" store.

It comes down to this. What do I prefer? Raw power, camera quality, app compatibility, ect, and for each person, the priorities will very. The iPhone is a simpler phone, granted, weaker, but in some cases, simple is better. The S4 is a much more powerful phone, but with that, some complication occur, but for someone like Pro or myself, we can overcome an possible complications and use the phone to it's full capability, but this alone doesn't make it better than the iPhone 5.

I love both phones, but for different reasons. The iPhone excels where the S4 fails, and where the iPhone fails, the S4 excels, but in the end, the decision of which phone is better lies in each individual's personal opinion.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by anvesh 5 years ago
As far as the RAM and Processor clock freq is concerned, we should not compare it between to 2 devices running different OS.
iOS and Windows doesn't need much RAM/Clock fre/No.of cores as it is needed for Android.
Smooth running depends on how well an OS can utilize the h/w resources.
Posted by Aless1994 5 years ago
Although both points made here are good and intelligent, I believe there is one major thing that you both are leaving out and that is the customer, in a way of sales and satisfaction. Although sales may not always make the better phone it is always good to look at it to determine what was the most sought after phone. Something I would like to point out is that in the 60 that Galaxy took to sell 20 million phone ,avarage. The Iphone sold 48 million in its first quarter meeting Galaxies mark in only 25 days.

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