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if someone says they are a gender other than what they were born as. Are they?

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Started: 8/8/2018 Category: People
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(i should clarify that at one point I too was transgender and have recently gone back on my decision. ) a man should not wake up one day and decide that he is now a woman. This is mostly because there is no way to be sure that you are what you tell yourself you are. There is a ridiculous rate of suicide for the trans community and it's not because of the "bullying" that they endure. It's because of the regret for the surgery or the regret for coming out as trans. Once you do that you can never go back to your old identity. I should know because I have had to deal with changing my gender for the second time. Gender dysphoria is real and I feel like we need to spread this message to the poor souls who are currently going through what I went through


Just because some people make mistakes doesn't mean all people should pay for it.
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