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if you file a false report, You commit an inexcusable crime

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Started: 2/23/2019 Category: Philosophy
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Lieing about rape or a hate crime type attck is worse than actually being attcked because you discredit the 99. 9% of reports that are legitimate. . You hurt your people your cause, Your punishment should be severe to the extreme, As your crime does so much damage to the vast majority of vitims who tel the truth


Your argument is way too extreme. False reports do not discredit the others. If people believe that logic, Then the problem is education, Not false reports.

The punishment should fit the crime. If there is no victim, Then there's not crime.

Your method actually hurts more people because if people think they might go to jail for filing a report, They might not file the report. What if I'm a rape victim and I file the report and the man is found innocent when he wasn't? Should I go to jail now for filing a false report. Because that's really the only way we could even guess if it was a false report or not. I don't think false filers are just admitting their lie. So how would we even punish a crime that we don't know is happening.

Even if there was a case where we could prove a false report, The most I could say is that the offender should spend the same amount of time in jail that they put upon the falsely accused. Other than that, The rest of your argument is too harsh.
Debate Round No. 1


billsands forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


There are victims, The police who waste time they could be chasing crimes, Real victims of real crimes suffer, And the credibility of real victims of hate crimes is put in question there are so many victims which is why this is such a serious crime


If there was a notable problem here, I would agree with you. But you haven't given me any logical connections. You only make claims.

The crux of your argument is that it causes harm to other victims in the future. But this is an extraordinary claim. You're talking about a random person having an effect on another random person and causing a chain reaction. This is known as the slippery slope fallacy. There are too many unaccounted cogs in your model. Furthermore, I demonstrated in my previous statement that implementing your policy could cause rape victims to go to jail. These makes your proposition a risky one. If an idea is risky, Then the evidence for that idea needs to be that much stronger. I think that's enough on the issue.

Good Debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by WrickItRalph 3 years ago
Posted by Country-of-dummies 3 years ago
@Normaldude. . . Uh, You might consider using language that can be tolerated in the presence of toddlers!

Sorry, Just trying to figure out what ni**er means. . .

@wrickitralph I am glad I do not own this website, Someone's comment would be deleted. . .
Posted by idisagreewithyou 3 years ago
@normaldude isn't a very normal dude.

but seriously wtf
Posted by WrickItRalph 3 years ago
Wow, You just wear your bigotry right on your sleeve don't you? Well at leas I don't have to waste any gray matter trying to figure out if you're a closet racist.
Posted by normaldude 3 years ago
If you try to put a certain label on a person that isn't true it destroys their life. Put out a rumor that someone is a child molester and see what happens to them even if they never go to jail that will follow them around forever. Trying to destroy someone who you know isn't guilty is horrendous and the false reporter should face the same punishment as the crime delivered. It won't keep anyone from anything but because its always non white people doing this of course you don't think its a big deal and probably think it would be worse for a black person to be called a ni**er
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