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imagination is false, and belief is imaginary

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Started: 7/14/2015 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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there is no true or honest point to make beyond personal experience

belief=be lie, as i dont know is true

i dont know=i have to imagine it=i can at best imagine it=maybe

my personal physical experience of now is everything, and anywhere beyond that is the reflection of nothing


Vi_Spex always thought provoking but always a little flawed. If you haven't befriended me yet you should.

Ok so your resolution has 2 points that you must prove are correct:

1)imagination is always false

2)belief is imaginary

So I will mainly attack the first because this is an extremely strong and incorrect claim.

1 - -
Imagination is not always false, we imagine ourselves in others positions, this doesn't make them false, it doesn't make the thought false. We imagine tomorrow, but tomorrow isn't false. You can even imagine a location and the location isnt false. This is where your logic is flawed, the act or concept of imagination is based off of prior experiences, we know that trees are made of wood because we have learned or experienced this. Thus nothing in your immagination is false, it is simply based off of things you have experienced. Children imagine monsters, you may think this is false, however the components that form these monsters are inherited from real world things, thus they are not false but misplaced.

2 - -
Belief is Imaginary
To imagine is to compose a thought within yourself, to believe is to have faith in someone elses statement. These are different and thus this is an incorrect statement.

you cannot break belief up in English, you must go back to its origin.

gelyfan or belief does not contain liogan, or lie. Thus the origin of belief does not contain lie, meaning its definition-ally different.

i dont know - I you have absolutely no knowledge of it then you wouldnt be able to imagine it, nor would you realise you dont know it.

my personal physical experience of now is everything, and anywhere beyond that is the reflection of nothing:

Quite the quote but this means that no history, or science you have physically experienced is true.
Debate Round No. 1


do you think you can enter other peoples bodies and feel what they feel?

thoughts are not real, lies exist thou

i cant grab a tree i imagine

its simply true that imagination is false.. it like saying reality is false.. its you having to prove your case that imagination is false

if you imagine a mountain does your head explode?

memory is what i have experienced, truth, and imagination is false, like santa

belief is emotional attachment to information, or to put it more simply, guessing while not knowing it is true

i cant be a lie without having a belief


in an endless amount of possibilities , i still dont know the looks of one unseen

physical experience is true, you cant phyically experience your imagination


I push everything because its refuted for the most part...

I can imagine water, does water exist? yes, thus imagination can be true.

no imagining a mountain will not make my head explode, however mountains are real thus your imagining something true.

a lie doesnt mean it is believed, if I lie and tell you im 9ft tall, Ive lied and you dont believe it.

Your imagination is based off physical experience thus they are one in the same.
Debate Round No. 2


i can imagine santa clause..

so imagine something that you can show me real fast then, shouldnt be a problem

physical is the opposite of mental..

are you serius?


You cant imagine Santa clause, you can only imagine a fat man in a red outfit, all of which exist, Santa's face is populated with someone elses face that you have seen.

I'm imagining this debate. Its real.

you mentally store physical experiences
and yes I am.

Debate Round No. 3


no thats the thing.. i can imagine whatever i want.. it isnt contingent upon memory or else i would no be able to lie

lies are complicated by separation and true is simple now as one

anything i imagine is false, you can imagine whatever you like, you can imagine opra is involved in this debate and you cant get her screaming voice out of your head until you stop believing in god

thats right i have memory.. and imagination would be the opposite of that. fantasy is illogical, memory is logical


See at this point your committing a fallacy: proof by assertion

You cant show that EVERY POSSIBLE THING that someone imagines is false, its literally impossible to do so, im imagining lunch, and i know its real because ive seen it, i imagine its taste and i know it is true. thus I am imagining something true.

also, this : i can imagine whatever i want.. it isnt contingent upon memory or else i would no be able to lie

simply is a lie, you can lie and know something 100%, If i break a lamp, i know its broken, but i can still lie about it, and imagine it still exists.

imagination is based in memory[1]

Debate Round No. 4


possibilities are imaginary, not real

can reality happen? is your neighbour home right now?

so, stop eating real food........................................... and just imagine eating food for the next week, shouldnt be a problem there

so if you imagine the lamp didnt break, which is the truth?

imagination is the opposite of memory.. illogical and logical, future and past

i cant die in a dream, as i can only die if i am alive


Push my arguments again:

This is fallacious again... ignorato elenchi

This doesn't relate, I can imagine truths, I show that because I can imagine food before i buy and eat it.

If i gave you a list of giberish like this:


and said they were food, and asked you to draw them, you would have no idea, and thus not immagine anything, instead you would take attributes from other food and assign them to my menu. But if i said:

3)Soda Pop

You could imagine everyone and choose what you want.

imagination is based off of memory.

You can imagine youre death and it will occur, but the type of death you imagine is based off of thought.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Preston 3 years ago
:3 nah ill ask for its removal, bugged debate lets me vote...
Posted by vi_spex 3 years ago
as if you had a choice in the matter
Posted by Preston 3 years ago
haha, vi_spex maybe i should make you win!
Posted by vi_spex 3 years ago
hehehhe, the desperation is clear
Posted by Preston 3 years ago
why did it let me vote... pls remove
Posted by vi_spex 3 years ago
you dont have memory of your mother transforming into a dragon and spewing fire in the kitchen at your parents house, but you are imagining it right now
Posted by vi_spex 3 years ago
its a wooden lie it will really smack you hard
Posted by vi_spex 3 years ago
imagination is the opposite of memory.. illogical, fantasy

memory is logical
Posted by vi_spex 3 years ago
when the lie hits your head you will get a big dent and i will put the flag in the ground in victory
Posted by Preston 3 years ago
DUDE, you lost because you said: imagination is false; it may not create or be physical but it is grounded in memory and things that are true can be imagined making imagination true.
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Reasons for voting decision: pro merely made assertions but did not support them well. Con showed that you CAN imagine specific things (i.e. people, food like pizza) that are true. Thus con wins.