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improved mental health leads to better grades in school

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Started: 9/10/2018 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Firstly improved mental health does lead to better grades as it is easier to focus. Having a good mental health means that focusing on certain things at a time is much easier as stress levels are low and school work isn't such a challenge. Being in a good mindset allows people to be able to have a clear head which means that it is easier to remember and stay on track resulting in better grades at school because you didn't have so much on your mind to interfere with you learning. According to https://gatewaycounseling. Com/prioritzing-mental-health/, When doubts and fear aren't in the back of your mind, Learning becomes easier, Which proves that if learning becomes easier then grades can go up because of better understandings and focus.


Hello Pro,

It might be true that having a good mental health might make someone focus easily and lower stress, But that isn't the reason why someone would achieve good grades. According to studies done by The National Center of Education Statistics, The students that have the best performance are the ones that work hard and are determined to be successful, No the ones that are mentally stable. In addition, Most of the limitations that people with poor mental health have can be avoided or solve through different methods, So that means each person has the same level of understanding ( https://cpr. Bu. Edu/resources/reasonable-accommodations/how-does-mental-illness-interfere-with-school-performance/ )
Secondly, Learning becomes easier if the student is willing to let itself be taught and is willing to learn. Someone that might be going through depression might think that learning is the thing keeping them interested, And therefore that person might have better grades than someone with a stable mental health that prefers sleeping over studying.

I would also like to point out that the link you posted on your claim does not lead anywhere, Therefore I can't seem to find any evidence supporting your idea.
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