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infants born in botched partial birth abortions, should be killed

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Started: 7/1/2015 Category: Politics
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irecognize that partial birth abortions are illegal now. but this debate is hypothetical in that it is legal.

i would like a rhetorical debate. i am actually against this. but, i want someone who is for partial birth abortion in all situations (even if it's done in the name of emotions of the mom which just means inconvenience etc, as often occurs... don't debate me if you don't accept this premise. i'll be happy to prove it in another thread though) but say they are against this to debate me.

what's the difference between an inch in and an inch out of the mother? i say, it's a techincal difference, so the doctor should just kill it right then outside of the womb.

or if we want to add some level of respectiviblity, assuming putting the baby back in and then killing it wouldn't count as to respectability..... we can just transport teh baby to a killing room made and sanctified for that sort of purpose.
or, we could wait a few days or weeks if the baby is viable until a govenor gives the okay, and then kill it.

it's all the same difference.


Botched partial abortions are a terrible thing- when the baby should have been killed- but survived.
It is uncommon for a baby to survive an abortion, and there must be a reason for it. Each person is destined to do something great in their lives, and what is different about this baby amongst millions of others? When a baby survives an abortion, the baby should be put into an orphanage- or kept in a hospital until it is ready for an orphanage or foster home. An abortion is already an immoral thing that is only done when needed, yet when a baby does happen to survive the attempted killing, it would be even more immoral to kill it. A baby- the most innocent, harmless thing in the world- brutally killed after surviving an attempted murder. If the baby has been born and then is killed, it would still be the same thing as cold-blooded murder.
This would be extremely immoral and goes against all of our human rights- after all, what is the difference between the ways that a baby who has survived an abortion and a serial killer are treated? A baby has done nothing to die, and murdering it in cold-blood just because an attempted murder has not been successful would be even more immoral and cruel, destroying the very basics of our human society.
Debate Round No. 1


i asked for an opponent that was for abortions but against killing them outside the womb. con considers partial birth abotion murder.


amanda.huang forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


amanda.huang forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Regemdeus 5 years ago
personally I feel they should be if no one wants to take on the responisibility, it may be kinder than an orphanage and within the 2-3 weeks at least before they start developing mentally they are really only as human as ants and we are fine crushing those.
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