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is Cell better then Frieza (DBZ) pro:Cell con:Frieza

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Started: 5/20/2014 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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So round one is acceptance round two is constructive round three is rebuttal round 3 is reconstructive round 4 is summary round 5 is final focus (IF YOU KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT FINAL FOCUS IS A DEBATE TERM)


I will demonstrate that Frieza is substantially better than cell on many, many levels.

Good Luck Pro!
Debate Round No. 1


OK I will tell why Cell is better than frieza
what I define cell is Perfect Cell what I mean by frieza is Final Form

1) Cell can turn super saiyan but frieza can

As you know frieza beater like crap by Goku and Trunks by turning into super sayan and cell can beat frieza by turning super sayan even though frieza in final form he lost to super sayans but lets take cell he has sayan cells human cells and the worlds best fighters combined even though cell lost to Gohan during DB battle of the Gods 1 when Vegitas brother said they are stronger than frieza but Avo Cado lost like crap also cell has Goku's cells that lets him have infinite power levels like Goku but Frieza goes over 1 million so that is why cell is better than frieza


I am grateful to Pro for instigating this open debate, I assume from the wording of the resolution that the burden of proof is shared. That being the case I will spend this round to build my own case for Frieza being better than cell and will address my opponent in the following round.

The resolution 'better' is worded very vaguely, and reminds me very much if the age-old question of 'are boys better than girls?' that many of is were faced with in school. The naive male persons would of course cite their physical superiority, and the females would cite their generally superior examination results, ability to bear children, etc.

Therefore it is quite apparent that determining the 'better' of the two, Frieza and Cell, requires weighing up all the positive and negative attributes of both characters, to get the whole picture.

I will concede very quickly that Cell is demonstrably stronger than Frieza in raw Ki, and would have the advantage over Frieza in a direct conflict. This is just one of many attributes they battle on, however, much more needs to be assessed. That being settled I is I'll establish my main contentions.

C1. Frieza contributed more to the economy
Cell employed precisely zero people over the course of his lifespan, and in fact killed most people that would be a benefit to his cause (future trunks (time travel), piccolo (dragon balls)). Frieza employed hundreds of henchmen, and also commandeered the Saiyan race, which he used frequently on missions to conquer and sterilize planets for sale. Frieza was in the planetary trade business and therefore was most likely maintaining a substantial monetary flow. That being the case, cell contributed substantially less to the galactic economy than Frieza did.

C2. Frieza has destroyed more planets than cell has
Cell is quoted as stating he wanted to blow the Earth up, but clearly failed in his mission to do so. Even in his climatic kamehameha struggle with Gohan, he could not destroy the Earth dispute the otherworldly energy output produced. Frieza, however, is known to have destroyed many planets, including Namek and Planet Vegeta, which are home to some of the strongest warriors that exist in the universe (the Nameks and the Saiyan race). Frieza clearly sports far superior planetary-destroying credentials than cell does.

C3. Frieza has killed more main characters than Cell
Frieza killed both Krillin and Vegeta, dispute Vegeta being far and away the strongest Saiyan at the time and Krillin with his substantial plot armor. Cell only managed to kill Future Trunks in his quest, who was likely weaker than Vegeta at the time. It follows that Frieza trounces Cell in this area too!

C4. Frieza is more durable
Frieza has survived:
Being sliced in half
A spirit bomb
A planetary explosion

The only significant survival story of cell's was having his right arm blown off by Vegeta's final flash attack. I daresay Frieza clearly demonstrates greater tenency than Cell here too!

I think I have laid down plenty of reasons to think Frieza is better than cell! Over to Pro!
Debate Round No. 2


ok first as a bout the economy frieza had more money yes but even though he had money that only got him empoyees and cell is technically a one man army so he does not need any people also about the destroying the destroying more planets frieza was a sissy and attacked from space while the sayans knew nothing exept Bardock also the Namekians they only had power levels of 3000 not that much compared to cell. About killing more characters while killing more characters in the story at that time Krillin was weak compared to now also vegita and so there was a big advantage to that when now they were prepared by all means and knew what the threat was even though frieza survived more he got his butt wooped by a super saiyan 1 while cell got his butt wooped by a SSSJ2 so that is a big difference also he survived the planet explosion because of king cold.

so there fore I have rebutted all their arguments so their arguments fall so vote for con


Thanks Con.

Pro seems dead-set on showcasing Cells strength and power. But so what? I already conceded in round 2 that Cell was stronger than Frieza, that doesn't demonstrate that cell is better than frieza however, not at all. By this reasoning Gorillas are better than Humans, since they are stronger than we are.

Obviously this resolution is far more open than a direct contest of brute strength of the two characters.

To rebut my opponent:
Frieza's planet trade business:
Pro seems to shrug this point off, as I believe it is an important one. Frieza clearly generated greater capital than cell did, as he was still trading in planets at the time he wiped out planet Vegeta (see Bardock, father of Goku). Therefore it is clear that Frieza contributed more capital to the economy than Cell ever did, substantially more.

"Cell was a one-man army"
Well, so was Frieza!! Frieza was one the fiercest and deadliest forces known in the universe at the time, with virtually no peers. The only characters capable of matching Frieza in even Frieza's base for, were Goku and Vegeta. And Goku and Vegeta had only very, very recently attained their exceptional strength levels at the time the conflict occurred.

Therefore, Frieza was essentially just as effective as Cell in his affairs, which constistest of a mix between his planetary trade business, and role as a tyrannical warlord over the galaxy, and over planet Vegeta.

Namek's power levels
Pro makes the complain that the power levels of the people Frieza killed were very low, only 3,000. Well this is false for starters, since Frieza also killed King Vegeta, Bardock and Nail, all of whom has power levels exceeding 10,000. Also contrast this with cell, who attacked only Earth, and the civilians there had power levels barely exceeding 5 with the exception of the Z-warriors.

Clearly Frieza is confident in the face of tough civilian opposition.

The remainder of Pro's argument was hard to read. But I will add 1 more contention:

C4. Frieza has superior objectives to Cell
Cell's virtually only goal in life was attain 'perfection', which consisted of absorbing 2 androids. This perfect form only brought with it increased power levels and no significantly new abilities.

Frieza on the other hand was attempting to attain immortality via. the dragon balls. Clearly if both goals were obtained, then Frieza would be virtually unstoppable, there would be absolutely nothing cell could do that would be superior to Frieza, since the latter would be immortal.

Moreover, Cell knew the Earth had the dragon balls on it... Yet did not pursue this goal, and chose the clearly inferior goal. This seems to demonstrate that cell is less intelligent then Frieza.
Debate Round No. 3


Ok nice rebuttal con but to be honest like in the DB world like in martial arts you need to be strong to survive like seriously Cell gained powers he had Goku's Kamehameha and all that awesome moves like seriously frieza had only one deadly attack that was scary Planet Destructo or something like that so Cell is technicaly the present Z warriors combined exept Gohan but he reached perfection also he killed king vegita just because King Vegita relied on his Sayian warriors and they hung him dry and Bardok he faced frieza and his forces head on so that made a big difference frieza had people friends like his minions they respect him and his body guards they give their lives for frieza so technicaly Cell is technically more of a one man army than frieza also cell had moves that the Z warriors knew also about episodes it took about 7 episodes but for gohans fight only IT TOOK ABOUT 10 literally that is in english DBZ but in Japan episodes that probably took more. Also he did not contribute he just took the money for him self so technically that is called investing not contributing FYI PRO

Now for the reconstruction first it said better so I am talking about strength so that means better like in strength so that considers as better as you know if you mean better like seriously Cell was made to kill the Z fighters and Goku and Terrorize the world but he gained perfection and he became perfect also Cell can do these stuff like frieza BUT he was programmed so if he was free then he can start a planet trade or alien slavery and be like frieza but more successful

Therefore vote for Pro



I don't believe there is much left to argue, I have already established that Frieza is far superior to Cell I'm several respects. And I had a very hard time reading Pro's rebuttal, given then not a single full stop was used (!).

Frieza contributed substantially more than Cell did to the galactic economy, as it evidenced when Vegeta betrayed Frieza, Frieza at the time owned 79 different planets. That's 79 more than Cell did when Cell died. That number was very close to being 80 given that Frieza has effectively sterilised planet Namek of all life before dying.

Moreover I have given evidence that Frieza was more intelligent that cell, and had better goals in life.

Pro's rebuttals regarding Frieza's lack of techniques is a poor one, as Frieza had a plethora of techniques at his disposal, these include his planetary destruction techniques and kienzen, which is capable of cutting through anything, including Cell.[1]

To expose how ridiculous Pro's arguments are let's formalize his argument:

P1. If X is stronger than Y, X is better than Y
P2. X is stronger than Y
C. X is better than Y

So let's take another DBZ characters:

P1. If Goku is stringer than Bulma, Goku is better than Bulma
P2. Goku is stronger than Bulma
C. Goku is better than Bulma.

This obviously is completely false, especially when you consider the intellectual prowess that Bulma brought to the DBZ cast. She invented the time travel machine, the dragon radar, Gi's, blutz wave generator to name a few, moreover she was a multi billionaire and ran a successful business of her own. Furthermore she was instrumental in the repairs of android 16, who was a seriously powerful ally to the z warrior cast. Only outmatched by the four super saiyans and cell at the time.

Compare this to Goku, who is flat broke, and lacks basic intelligence in almost every regard except for martial arts, it is clear Bulma is the more balanced character.

The same reasoning applies to Frieza over cell, except now we have Frieza who is a very capable warrior alone, and capable of much the same destruction cell is that Bulma would be incapable of doing for example.


The resolution is affirmed, back to Pro.
Debate Round No. 4


thank you con for sticking with me for the debate and here are the reasons why I have one

even though con argued against my poin it still stands due to the fact that they only attacked the logic not the analysis

I have rebutted all their arguments and reconstructed mine

Cell is a far more superior being due to the fact that they are combined with the strength of the androids and the Z warriors my opponent has failed to rebut that

so therefore con has won


Thanks Pro.

In conclusion I would like to draw your attention to the following unaddressed points:

Pro doesn't address that Frieza is more successful economically
Pro doesn't address that Frieza owns more planets than Cell
Pro doesn't address that Frieza creates more jobs than Cell does
Pro doesn't address that Frieza clearly has better life objectives than Cell
Pro doesn't address that Frieza is quite a capable warrior too
Pro doesn't address that Frieza has committed genocide on greater scale, and destroyed many more planets

Therefore, we can conclude that on balance, Frieza is substantially better than Cell.

The resolution is negated, note Con.
Debate Round No. 5
1 comment has been posted on this debate.
Posted by ElCoyote 7 years ago
seems a bit unfair because yes Cell is better because Cell is by far much stronger since it took a SSSj 2 to defeat compared to Freiza with a Super Sayian 1
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Vote Placed by Geogeer 7 years ago
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Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
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Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: While I could do an in depth analysis, I'll leave it at one argument that stands out. Con's Bulma argument effectively nullified Pro's arguments. Pro made no attempt to refute this argument. Argument to Con. Con called up a source, but failed to provide it. No points awarded. Conduct, S&G, roughly equal.
Vote Placed by Romanii 7 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: Pro dropped the majority of Con's arguments... and he said "con has won" at the end of his final round XD

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