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is Donald trump a racist ,fascist, sexist, twerp

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Started: 11/9/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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He obviously by the way he treats the people he is supposed to be helping is because he just is such a big narcissist that he just thinks about him and his ego. Not to mention that he is so childish its inexplicable . He thinks of himself as royalty and everyone else as scum.


Is Donald Trump a racist fascist sexist twerp?

To the degree that the media portrays him? No.
Is there a part of each of these in everyone? Nobody can say no.

Don't count me as a Trump supporter, but I will be glad to take up this side in the debate.
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Posted by nobleislandbag 2 years ago
Agreed, Stonehe4rt. Most people are viewed as racist but are simply responding to cultural differences that have been associated with different races. Keep in mind, there are delusional racists out there.

I agree that the idea of sexism is dumb. You could call me sexist. Women and men just aren't the same.
Posted by Stonehe4rt 2 years ago
That would be a better debate: Is everyone racist, facist, sexist, twerp.

I don't think everyone is. For example, if you had a white kid and a black kid, and they only ever knew each other. Neither would be racist. Now in everyday life we dont have that scenario, and while yes we may associate certain actions with certain groups, I dont think that is being "ist" towards anyone. For example, i could say that most crime comes from poverty and that there is a large amount of impoverished black people. This isnt racist but just a general fact. I don't hold prejudice towards anyone. I mean another fact is that white people enslaved black people, which could be the cause for why many black people are now impoverished. Again not that I am prejudice towards white people either.

Sexism is just dumb, will never understand it, can't even comprehend it. Well, being sexist towards your own sex maybe. Cause we could see each other as rivals or what not. Like I would punch a guy if he punched me, but wouldnt punch a girl. I don't think that is sexism though, just knowledge of the consequence, if I punched the girl she could get much more hurt. It is biology.
Posted by Historybuff01 2 years ago
I am interested to see where this is going.
Posted by Historybuff01 2 years ago
doesn't everybody have at least a little bit of these in themselves?
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