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is God real?

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Started: 12/19/2017 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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God is real. If God did not create the earth then who did? There is simply no theory or belief that answers this question. Lets take a look at some of the other common beliefs for how the world was created. Lets start with the big bang theory. This theory states that the world exploded into existence. This theory goes against two scientific laws. The law of conservation of energy, and the law of conservation of mass. It goes against the law of conservation of energy because energy cannot be created or destroyed. The Big Bang theory states the exact opposite. It says that energy just came from nowhere. This is a direct contradiction that energy cannot be created. It goes against the law of conservation of mass because mass can't come from nowhere. The big bang theory on the contrary says that mass just appeared from an explosion. Who created the explosion? Where did it come from? Why arent there just random explosions all over the place? Another thing is that life is the most complex thing on earth. If you study biology then you can see just that. Look at microscopic organisms, look at plants, look at animals, look at the way the universe is expanding, look at the planets. This all can't just be a probability. There simply had to be an intelligent designer who created this amazing world. For these reasons the big bang theory is not true. Now lets go to evolution. The root of it states that the world evolved from a single cell. And then that cell multiplied until we have the world today. Evolutionists say that oh there are fossils that support evolution. How do we know that those arent fossils that existed during Adam and Eves time? Another question evolution fails to answer is where did the first cell come from? Back to my point about the complexness of life. Because life is so complex it can't just create itself. There had to be an intelligent designer who created the world. This creator is God. He had a plan about how life was going to be formed. He created all of these complex life forms, planets, plants, animals, microscopic organisms. The world we have today can't have created itself, or evolved from a single cell. For these reasons I believe that God is the creator of this universe.


I will not condemn you for your beliefs. If you believe that God exists, then so be it. But, if you want my take on it, then no, God is not real. I'm going to start by saying this; There was a tiny patch of space that repelled itself by a certain type of energy that can't be recreated in labs. This constant force caused the explosion, which is what we call "The Big Bang". This patch of space doubled it's size roughly 100 times. In addition, the microscopic beings, the animals, etc. stemmed from a single cell that came from the random chemicals that the Big Bang caused. Also, how are you absolutely sure that it was a single and highly intelligent creator? Now, onto your statement on evolution, there were different chemicals that mixed (that were created from the Big Bang) and formed the first cell. That cell split, and split, and split, until it eventually formed bacteria, and eventually aquatic animals. Life is complex, yes, but not as complex as you think. Plus, there are more than just fossils that support the theory of evolution. One popular one is the similarity of apes and humans. Look at how similar apes and humans are. We evolved from a common ancestor between apes and humans, and that there were many different human-like species, like neanderthals (and there were fossils to prove this!). Finally, Adam and Eve did not exist, we find that they trace back to different times in our past. Mitochondrial DNA traces back to a single female ancestor who lived about a hundred and fifty thousand years ago yet the genes on the Y chromosome trace back to one male who lived about eighty to hundred thousand years ago. So, to wrap it all up, i'm not condemning you for your beliefs, but there's a lot of evidence that God isn't real that you must look into.
Debate Round No. 1


The two arguments of the big bang theory and evolution are invalid and I can give evidence for each. Let's start with the Big Bang Theory. You mentioned the theory that a patch in space repelled itself and caused the explosion. But still, that energy can't come from nowhere, it had to be created. You can't believe in the big bang theory and the law of conservation of energy. But even if the creation of energy were possible, the big bang theory has not answered all of the questions. For one, if that explosion happened, then why aren't there explosions happening all the time? You also mentioned that life is not as complex as we think, so lets focus on that for a second. Lets look at an example of a life form. microscopic organisms, which seem to be fairly simple are not. They have a nucleus, plasma membrane, cell wall, ribosomes, mitochondria, cytoplasm, and many other parts. Now lets look at what the cell does. It Reproduces, it senses and responds to changes, it collects energy. And the DNA. Science says that if you were to take a small sample and write out all of the information in it, you would end up with a pile of books 500 times higher from here to the moon. All of these amazing qualities can't just be a probability. It can't just explode into existence. There has to be an intelligent designer to make all of this happen. Now back to the theory on evolution. If a mutation from a monkey to a human possible, then why has there never been a human born into this world as a different species? Or any life form for that matter. There has never been a single life form born as a different species. this makes evolution simply unreasonable. God is the only reasonable solution for how the world was created and is the only one who properly answers the question of how the world was created and all of the stuff in it.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Achilees11 3 years ago
I'm not saying that God isn't real, but please tell me how God was created. Since energy and mass can't come from nowhere, how can God? If life is so complex, what in the world had to happen for this all powerful, intelligent being to be created?
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