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is Tom Brady better than Peyton manning?

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Started: 1/28/2016 Category: Sports
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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my argument is that peyton manning has had a better career than tom brady


I will gladly accept your challenge that Tom Brady is exactly better then Peyton Manning. To start this off, that while Tom Brady and Peyton Manning hold similar winning success in the regular season, The difference is that Tom Brady has the better postseason stats to show that he is better holding a 22-9 record. Brady has also been to six super bowls winning four of them. He also has lead the patriots to 5 straight afc championships. In total Tom Brady has lead the Patriots to 11 total AFC championships winning 6 of them. Now for Peyton manning, He holds the most losses at home, while having the most losses all time in the post season. Hes 1-2 in super bowl play. Manning in total has a playoff record of 13-13. Mediocre numbers for postseason play. The postseason matters on who is the best and Brady holds the better record with the ability to lead his team throughout the postseason. Both are good but Brady is better and the postseason proves that he defiantly is better.
Debate Round No. 1


so first off, Peyton manning holds more records than Tom Brady including the most all time pass touchdowns along with the most passing touchdowns in a season and the most all time pass yards are the notable ones.Tom Brady has cheated to get to the Superbowl and in the Superbowl, so those do not count. so technically he has won two fair and square.

and Peyton manning has won 2 of the 3 arc championship they have played each other in. Peyton has not cheated like Brady. I have 4 words foe you, deflate gate, spy gate.


What my opponent is trying to say here, is that Brady and his team's success does not matter because he assumes they cheated throughout the past 15 years. To clear spygate up, you were allowed to tape opponents anywhere up until 2006. Bill Bellicheck was just a clown and did not follow up on protocol that you cant tape in certain areas during the jets week 2 matchup. Spygate was confirmed by coaches that taping opponents and such was part of the game until the 2006 season came rolling around. To show a example to my argument, here is exhibit A.

This link will take you to an local CBS article from Pittsburgh that former Steelers coach Bill Cowher admitted that stealing signals was part of the game. With his testimony and other former coaches such as Jon Gruden and Jimmy Johnson all admitting that it was part of the game. You don't believe me? look more deep in the web and you will find articles supporting what I am saying. So to go agianst your arguments, you and most of the general public are miserably trying to make spy gate overblown.

In my next exhibit, viewers will be taken to an article, that tackles the truth behind spygate and how overblown it should be due to filming with cameras and stealing signals were part of the game and was allowed up until 2006.

This will circumvent my argument that spygate was not that big of a deal. As my opponent is trying to argue the fact that Brady's success has been based on "cheating"

Now to my opponent, is one of the superbowls you are referring to the Rams and Patriots in 2001? please if your saying that the patriots cheated, they did int. The story was retracted from the local newspapers in Boston, but espn years later said the same thing, but found out the story was false and apologized after.

My point to spygate is that filming opponents was part of the rule book up until rule change. Mr.Brady and The patriots success is not based on cheating like you make it all out to be. The success is huge and the public just simply hates the franchise. Otherwise we would not be talking about if Brady is better then Manning.

Now to deflategate, I dont know where you have been, but Bradys suspension was overturned by the judge based on the fact that The NFL had no proof that Brady cheated. Roger Goodell was also abusing his power and the judge also saw that.

Many people including professors and a 4th grade student have conducted tests proving that the balls deflated from weather. My video exhibit to further my argument will show on a 60 minute interview that a new york college professor debunks deflate gate in many ways

Basically in the video, it tackles the issues found with the wells report and how the NFL tried to act like scientists but failed. The NFL dismissed the idea that weather caused ball deflation using a ridiculous scientific theory called the ideal gas law, which was also debunked.

During the seahawks and vikings playoff game this yea, the nfl was scared. Why? because they believed the balls were going to be deflated by the weather! they switched gameballs at half time because of this.

The league knows that they were wrong after this and they were trying to punish a good player and a good team. The league office wanted to make headlines. They made headlines alright, but as a bunch of clowns.

Now that I am all set clearing this up, do you think Brady cares that manning has one win over him in the afc championship game? I wouldn't think so because Brady is playing at a higher level and has been to more superbowls and has won more then Peyton. Brady has also played with less talent around him compared to peyton. Brady has had only a few players that can be considered all pros such as Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and Rob Gronkowski,. Other then that Brady has had to work with no namers throughout his career and has made a success out of it. Peyton has had all pros such as Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Julius Thomas, Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, and Emmanuel Sanders. Peyton has had these guys for all of his career.

Brady also has the best winning percentage out of all quarterbacks right now. He also has a better touchdown int ratio with a 2.85 compared to mannings 2.15.

To conclude my entire argument for this round. Bradys success has surpassed peyton manning by a mile. Alot matters when comparing quarterback success. The only foot you must seem to stand on, is the fact that you can say that the patriots have 'cheated'. But my arguments say otherwise. Are you denying his success because you hate him? Because hes talented or because hes goodlooking? If you are trying to turn this into a debate about if Brady is a cheater, and not is Brady better then manning, Then my best suggestion to you with my fair respect as much as possible is to forfeit this debate, because you said the most asinine garbage I have heard from you and other people from my past experiences. That is not a good argument, and consider this a lesson to all viewers that people simply hate success. I wouldn't get to comfortable if I am Peyton right now, considering the fact that he could be in trouble for the possibility of taking HGH which is the biggest banned substance in sports right now. Not saying he will get in trouble but I wouldn't get to comfortable if I was him. I am also not here to say Peyton is a bad quarterback. I think he will go down as one of the top 5 best quarterbacks to play the game, but defiantly not as better as Tom Brady.
Debate Round No. 2


so first off, tom Brady also ha Julian edlemen who is better than Emmanuel sanders and Dallas Clark was not that good neither is Emmanuel sanders for that matter. and the balls were not deflated because of weather, it has never been a rule that u can look at the other persons plays. i was not referring to the 2001 Superbowl with the spying.

Peyton Manning has very similar post season stats so they both preform just as good in the playoffs. and peyton has way more career touchdowns and way more career passing yards.


Peyton is not better then Brady, I don't know what makes you think that other then the fact that he leads in touchdowns and yards, you are failing to see that Brady has thrived more in the postseason. You fail to see that Emmanuel sanders is very good and has made the difference for Peyton since cooming to Denver. Dallas Clark was also considered one of the top tight ends in the Leauge. I don't know where you get the idea that they were not good. Julian edelmans a great receiver and could be all pro.
Another thing though is that you failed to even bother reading my sources. Otherwise you would not keep going around in these ridiculous circles saying weather did not cause it. It did cause it, but you fail to see it and you want to keep your head in the sand. If you were not referring to spygate and the 01 Super Bowl,then which one were you referring to? You failed to mention that
Debate Round No. 3


so spy gate occurred in 2007 not 2001 for starters. brady and manning have similar post season stats, so that is not accurate and who was the best in college and picked one overall and


To conclude this debate, you fail to see the big picture on what it takes to be better, manning is not better then Brady. If you think Brady cheated, then you must follow the media and not take time to think and research about what you hear. That is all to conclude
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Darth_Zeider 2 years ago
Tom Brady is better because he won more Super Bowls than Manning, who chokes in the playoffs.
Posted by U.n 2 years ago
The correct answer is Cam Newton. The naming of only white quarterbacks is inherently racist.
Posted by MikeTheGOd 2 years ago
I am mainly a NBA/collage basketball fan but I watch some big NFL games. From a guy who only knows the basics in football like what a fade/streak such is I can tell you just from what I watch that Tom Brady is more impressive to witness on TV.
Posted by ExJock 2 years ago
🎵The Pats need to cheat to win🎵

🎵Brady likes deflated balls🎵

🎵Pey-ton is clearly better🎵
Posted by diarrhea_of_a_wimpy_kid 2 years ago
Hey there, ref, these balls seem flaaaat
Posted by Peepette 2 years ago
Dem fighting words diarrhea, such slander of Brady. He's the very best quarterback eva!
Posted by FlamboGus 2 years ago
Pey-ton's arm needs some HGH.....
Posted by diarrhea_of_a_wimpy_kid 2 years ago
The entire debate must be in Nationwide Verse.

Pey-ton Man-ning is the besssst.
Thom-mas Brady cheats a looooot.
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Reasons for voting decision: IMO Pro won this debate in the 2nd round. He significantly countered Cons claims that Brady had cheated, and provided multiple sources to back up his arguments. I was also impressed when he listed Dallas Clark as an All-Pro, my initial reaction was that can't be true but I fact checked it on pro football reference and Dallas Clark actually was a 1x All Pro, as difficult as that is to believe. And of course the post season success, which Pro pointed out, does weigh heavily in Brady's favor.