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is bullying bad?

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Started: 9/19/2018 Category: People
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con starts. I will not forfeit this time.


Bullying is good as it creates a stronger person out of the person being bullied. A person grows a thicker skin, Can handle criticism and does not shy away from conflict in the future after being bullied. It makes a person become a fighter and want to eventually challenge the bully and bring him down. Otherwise the rest of the people are just sissies and cry babies that are afraid and wimpy and can't handle and stand up to adversity.

Bullying prepares you for adult life where in the workforce there are bullies everywhere and you need to rise above it or be demoted to the broom closet. The strong always come out on top and the whinny babies end up working minimum wage jobs because they can't handle the pressure. It's for this reason why bullying is good and should always be practiced.

Bullying shapes you for the future and builds character and resilience and makes a person a warrior and builds strong character. The ones that can't handle bullying are just emotional, Wimpy limp wristed gimps who can't survive in this fast paced no holds barred world. Bullying provides that early character building exercise.

Are you going to stand up to the bully or cower like a sissy in the corner crying.

Bullying is good
Debate Round No. 1


In 2013, A little boy named Peyton has a very sad story about being bullied.

In 2001 when Peyton was born, He was born with a teeth dis-order that caused his baby teeth to be permanent. They were healthy, But they were a motted, Yellowish color. He was also a lot smaller than boys his age and had glasses and red hair. In spite of these thing, Peyton was an easy target for bullies. It started in 2nd grade and people constantly teased him and said things like, "Your teeth are nasty, " or "You're such a loser! " Even though his mom told him these things weren't true, The way kids work is that as they get older, The words of their peers speak louder then the words of their parents. Peyton asked his mom, "Mom, Why can't people just be nice? " People never stopped pushing, Shoving, And name calling Peyton. Unfortunately, The bullying of Peyton got worse and worse as he got older. In middle school, After several kids had tormented him for a long time, Suicide came to his mind. He thought that if he was going to half to be bullied like this, Why is life worth living? One day after school, Peyton was in his room for a very long time. His mom decided to check on him and found that he hung himself from his ceiling fan. He was rushed to the ER but it was too late. He had too much brain damage and died that day.
Source: https://www. Rd. Com/true-stories/inspiring/bullying-in-school/
Unfortunately, Peyton is just one of many people that have experienced bullying that resulted in suicide. There are many kids in our society there are just too many people that have been bullied.
And not only has bullying resulted in suicide but many other serious things as well. These include the following:

" Social isolation
" Feelings of shame
" Sleep disturbance
" Changes in eating habits
" Low self-esteem
" School avoidance
" Symptoms of anxiety
" Bed-wetting
" Higher risk of illness
" Psychosomatic symptoms (stomachaches, Headaches, Muscle aches, Other physical complaints with no known medical cause)
" Poor school performance
" Symptoms of depression

Source: https://www. Psycom. Net/effects-of-bullying

Other long term effects include:

" Chronic depression
" Increased risk of suicidal thoughts, Suicide plans, And suicide attempts
" Anxiety disorders
" Post-traumatic stress disorder
" Poor general health
" Self-destructive behavior, Including self-harm
" Substance abuse
" Difficulty establishing trusting, Reciprocal friendships and relationships

It isn't right for us to sit back and just let bullying happen. We need to put a stop to it before bullying becomes out of hand. It is our responsibility to protect all of these kids from being bullied.

Now to your arguments. You said that kids would develop a tougher skin after being bullied but as the story of Peyton proved, That is not the case. He never "got over it" or thought "words can't hurt me" he never came to either of those conclusions.

You also said it prepares them for their adult workplace. Well how can they even get to the adult work place if they are suffering from low school performance, School avoidance, And Chronic depression. Don't you need to succeed in school to get a job? If so, Then how can you get a job if you are suffering from these symptoms.

You said bullying builds character. This is simply not true. It is merely an excuse to harass, Torment, And embarrass people.

Questions for con:
1. Do you believe that bullying is the best way to build character?
2. What is better? To have members of our society suffer from depression, Low academic achievement, Suicide, And poor health, Or to stop bullying?
3. Why is it that so many members of our society have committed suicide after bullying if their supposed to have "tougher skin"


you must be a real pansy, Should I call you Nancy? Bullying always happens and it always will because people always want to feel more powerful, More important than others and to make themselves feel better they bully the weak or the timid or the not so confident people.

But bullying brings out 2 choices in the victim, 1, Grow a thick skin and stand up for yourself, Or 2, Be a baby and cower and cry and slash your wrists because you are a wimp who can't stand up to adversity.

You ask where I get the idea that bullying makes people stronger. Well I am the prime example of bullying and have expertise advice on the subject.

I was bullied all in grades 6-8. The reason for it was because I was a new immigrant who came here and did not know one word of English. My family settled in a tiny farming town in Pennsylvania, They sent me to school in grade 6 without knowing how to read or write or speak any English. From day one I was bullied by the local trailer trash rednecks about being an immigrant, I got beat up by groups of people, I hated my life here, But after 2 years of bullying and getting beat up, By the time I reached high school, I could speak English and I refused to give in to the bullies, So I got suspended 4 times in high school because I refused to be bullied and got into fights, Which I never started, But always finished with the bully bleeding on the ground, So I would get suspended. Now I guess I look like a thug on my school record because I fought all these time and got suspended, , But they were all in self defense, So I couldn't care less what my record shows. And now I kick the sh! T out of bullies or anyone bullying someone else.

But all those years I got bullied made me who I am today, I had a friend who also didn't speak English he arrived in the same small town as me and got bullied, Would come home with black eyes all the time, He ended up committing suicide at the end of grade 8 because he couldn't deal with it and just wanted to go back to his old country. He never adapted. He was weak.

You have choices in life, You can be a wussy and blame the system and complain about everything or you can do something about it.

Bullying made me a stronger person, A person with thick skin and a person confident enough to know that bullies are just insecure people looking for a high by bullying others. Bullying will never go away just like greed, Prostitution, Lying, Etc etc. These are human traits that will always be around. So it's up to you of how you will handle bullying, Because if you think that bullying stops once you leave school and join the work force, Think again. There are bullies everywhere.

So what are you going to do Nancy, Be a victim of bullying and cry about it, Or do something about it.

Bullying is good because it makes you a fighter and a stronger person, As for the rest of the whinny babies, I call it natural selection, Only the strong survive. The rest, You are just pansies or shark meat. Cry me a river

mic drop
Debate Round No. 2


Let me first say that I am not arguing that bullying should be abolished. A lot of schools have rules against bullying and still experience bullying. Bullying will always exist but in this debate we are arguing whether or not it is a good thing.

Let me point our two flaws in the example you gave. One, Because it is a personal example and without any evidence to back it up, You can make up anything you want. As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure it isn't true because you said that you are 12 which means you wouldn't be in high school yet. You said that when you were in high school, The bullying continued. Second, Even if it was true, It wouldn't exactly support your case. You said that you got suspended 4 times because of the "tougher skin" that bullying gave you. In fact, Victims who are bullied often results in them being more suspicious and more likely to get in fights.
https://www. Stopbullying. Gov/at-risk/effects/index. Html
But all of this ultimately is irrelevant because you can't back up your personal case with evidence.

Let me also note that you haven't addressed any of the points I made in the first round about the negative effects bullying gives to the victim. Here are some more.

" Poor school performance (missed school due to suspensions increases this risk)
" Increased truancy risk
" Difficulty maintaining social relationships
" Increased risk of substance abuse

Not only does it effect the victim, But also the bully. Here are some effects it has on the bully. Here are some effects.

feel disconnected from school and dislike school
get into fights, Vandalise property and leave school early.

It also has effects on the bystanders. Here are few of those

be reluctant to attend school
feel fearful or powerless to act and guilty for not acting
have increased mental health problems, Including depression and anxiety
have increased use of tobacco, Alcohol, Or other drugs.

https://www. Education. Vic. Gov. Au/about/programs/bullystoppers/Pages/impact. Aspx

Does bullying really make people stronger? Or just make them more fearful, And give them suicidal thoughts.


Jackgilbert, I am succumbing to this debate. I have to admit, You have better debate material and sources and your arguments are better in this debate

You win, I give up
Debate Round No. 3


Thank you for conceding FanboyMctroll, But I have to ask, Are your opinions about bullying still the same after this debate?
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
Any time
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
@ jackgilbert - you have opened my eyes to bullying being bad, Thank you for the debate
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
you are pretty fast there Sherlock, Em2001

did you use a slide ruler to figure that out, Oh wait you don't even know what that is, Or a microfiche or pager, Or Betamax, I forgot you were just a thought in your dads nut sack back then
Posted by em2001 3 years ago
so he would be lying and his argument would be invalid, He wouldn't have been through high school yet.
Posted by em2001 3 years ago
didn't FanboyMctroll post a comment on this site saying that he was only 12
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
That wouldn't have happened if you made the response time shorter
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
well my debate round is posted, So what's the hold up, Is this a debate or just a chatting site?

How is bullying bad, I just presented my case, Lets go
Posted by alitar 3 years ago
We found something we can agree on
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
You are probably right
Posted by alitar 3 years ago
FanboyMctroll is obviously a huge troll. Take it from me he's just messing with you.
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