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is communism a good thing?

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Started: 1/4/2018 Category: Politics
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Communism is not a good thing. It takes a way the opportunity for true high achievers to to be a contribution to this country. Communism will ultimately result in a collapse in the government.


Yes, given past experience communism can be portrayed as an evil form of government, however, there are many examples of how this can be an effective way of governing in certain situations. Firstly, Democracy was at first a horrible way to govern (look back to the Greeks) and tweaking the government turned America into one of the biggest superpowers in the world. A lot of people may argue that Communism causes workers to not be inspired or want to work hard for there company because they have no incentive but the fact is if you don't want to further your research in the first place chances are that raising your salary won't make you advance either or you would at least not put a lot of effort in it. The main reason speculated amongst people theoretically is not that the way to govern is bad but the people who do it. Almost all of the Communist countries were proven one way in the other to be corrupt and this is what makes government fail you can even see it in the modern day world, tensions with Iran rising but it has a president, however, the government is corrupt. Ultimately Communism may not have had the best track record in history but before making a decision if Communism is good or bad you should look at other factors resulting in the failure of the form of government.
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