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is dora better or is mickey mouse better

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Started: 6/4/2018 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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is Dora better or is mickey mouse better??
who do you think is better?


HAHAHAHA this is a funny thing to debate about XD you can't prove this because it's just an opinion but i will try to prove it my best so you know those type of things when Mickey Mouse is better because its more creative how they make a mouse talk and making a mouse talk is more creative than a human talking so personification is what makes Mickey Mouse have a better chance of being better than Dora?? no?? no?? also the fact that a type of truth in the study of truth is authority while almost everyone likes Mickey Mouse better and hes more popular?? and Dora is repetitive because every episode she is trying to make it a certain location but than Mickey Mouse has a different adventure and its not always about a mission its also about the connections that he has with other characters and this is an example, there was an episode of Mickey Mouse where Minnie Mouse was putting too much perfume on that smelled good and she was walking out in the society attracting everyone in the society and everyone was following her so she came up with the solution that she needs to jump in the garbage so that the good smell goes away and than everyone started going away from her and than at the end of the show Minnie Mouse arrives to Mickey Mouse because she was suppose to meet Mickey Mouse and than Mickey Mouse got disgusted by the smell HAHAHAHA you have to admit that if you put all of these philosophies together about Mickey Mouse being better even god would accept this philosophy to be only "true enough" no?? no?? HAHAHAHA the vibration of this philosophy isn't proof but the vibration of the philosophy would be accepted as true enough if you read the philosophies carefully if you don't get it at first because a type of truth in the study of truth is authority while almost everyone likes Mickey Mouse better while another type of truth in the study of truth is empiricism and empiricism deals with knowing things by observing it so when you observe the opinions of humanity you see whats the popular opinion while you also see that back than people were smarter because the conscious age of the earth which is why old school rap is more complex than new school rap because in new school rap they worry about how catchy the chorus is but in old school rap they worry about how the rhythm is on the beat and how much rhymes you can put on the beat before the 5th second or 10th second and old school rap has a lot of tongue twisters to and unexpected flows that switch all of the time and impress the fans that are listening to the rap no?? no?? and if you argue that back than wasn't smarter because today we have more technology i can say that the reason why today we have more technology is because of the fact that through out the generations of the earth humans been building there knowledge up and the knowledge has been recorded so when the generations go by they figure out more things about nature but just because they have more knowledge today it doesn't make you smarter because you can have all of the knowledge in the world and still you can be dumb and this an example, if i taught you the grass is green, the sky is blue, the sun is hot, you have a mother, you have a father, you are human on a physical level, video games exist, we have a government ETC. you can still be dumb because its just knowledge everyone knows the things i listed so there is a different between intelligence and knowledge, knowledge is knowing things but intelligence is the quality of your awareness or consciousness and the ability to shift it so that you can make a philosophical lecture on irrelevant facts while putting them together in the philosophical lecture so that you force it to make sense no?? no?? if your intelligent your communication is high vibrational and impressive but just knowing things doesn't get you to communicate with intellectual talent like your IQ is on a high level no?? no?? you can share knowledge by knowing things but can you make smart creative points with your knowledge and destroy peoples philosophies with it?? you see what i'm saying? XD and now another thing about Mickey Mouse being better than Dora, you know those type of things when mickey mouse teaches the kids better than Dora because the educational agenda of Dora is about teaching about Spanish only and a little bit of stuff that are obvious but than the educational agenda of Mickey Mouse is astrological talent?? astrological talent is a better education for a show because kids need to learn how to grow up with there personality and the more astrologically smart you are the more you master your soul and make better decisions because astrological talent means character traits like intellectual, honesty, loving, egotistic because you need to learn how to be egotistic to in this society so that people don't step all over you, down to earth ETC. and not only that the kids will astrologically improve but also they will know how other people work so that they are mature in there compatibility with people and they need to know what makes people angry, what makes people happy, what makes people sad, what makes people a good person, what makes people a bad person ETC. no?? no?? and to go back into the point about how Mickey Mouse is more creative, notice how Mickey Mouse doesn't even look like a traditional mouse how hes black but his face is white HAHAHA no?? no?? mickey mouse is better to because his laughter isn't traditional its a unique laughter that everyone would remember and i bet you that no one would be surprised if someone tried to master that laughter to show other people that they can laugh like Mickey Mouse and impress people while Mickey Mouse also teaches kids that magic exist and when you think magic exist you will become a god because you will be aware that you can do magic but if the parents taught there kids that Mickey Mouse is right about magic they will like magic even more and they will meditate everyday so that they can do magic if there parents tell them to meditate to get there god powers back while god means to invoke on the source so gods are the co creators who call on the source which is the genesis in the first chapter of the bible that means "source" so the source is the traditional god of the universe while real life gods are co creators of the universe who is lower in the life rank of the traditional god of the universe no?? no?? i know you know these type of things, you know those type of things when Mickey Mouse is better than Dora by a long shot because of all of the stuff i said while also because of the fact that kids get more imaginatively smart when they watch Mickey Mouse because there is nothing imaginative about Dora but when they watch Mickey Mouse houses are jumping and the sun is smiling?? HAHAHAHA and the whole vibration of the show has an imaginative delivery to it while Mickey Mouse is definitely better by a long shot because how Dora teaches the kids has a corny delivery but Mickey Mouse has a delivery that teaches the kids that no one can make fun of and Mickey Mouse is accepted by even a lot of cool people no?? no?? even gangsters be wearing Mickey Mouse shirts and the creators of the shirt make Mickey Mouse have a gangster appearance so you don't see how everyone likes Mickey Mouse?? no one in this society can even find an inspirational vibration that would make Dora look cool on a shirt no?? no?? what woman would wear a cool Dora shirt?? it doesn't make sense in this society HAHAHAHAHA no?? no?? cool means impressive while almost everyone in this planet always expresses impressive egos so do you really think that Dora can be cooler than Mickey Mouse to the truth of authority while cool nature has a lot to do with authority because cool nature comes with peoples acceptance?? and this is my last philosophy so you ready?? you know those type of things when Mickey Mouse is cooler than Dora because of the fact that Mickey Mouse has astrological talent that makes kids like him.
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Posted by TheConsciousNarrator 3 years ago
@RobloxLove6969.........THAT'S IT!!! we're fighting now LMFAOOOOOOO HAHAHAHA LOL LML ROFL!! >>> XD <<<
Posted by RobloxLove6969 3 years ago
in my opinion roblox is better then beth of these thangs I cod win at a robloc competition lmao fite me
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