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is evil and good just figments of the imagination?

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Started: 4/10/2018 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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the only thing a human has to do in life is to die, everything else is just a choice.
if god is just a figment of ones imagination and life in the end just ceases to exist then there's no meaning in life, thus there's no transcendental being. evil and good are both just figments of ones imagination and so is morality. everything is a construct. rape and murder is equally meaningless like love and care.


So if we can look at your first argument we can tell that you're going against God you are saying there's no real belief in him before there's no moral. If there was no moral why would there be police to stop wrong why when you where younger if you were good you got a treat or present . Now the old bases on this is if there is morality at all. Well I believe that there is why else would there be good people and bad people. We all have that little voice in your head that says why you shouldn't do that. Most people in the world or in the scientific standards would say that this is a conscience that little moral part of you. I believe this is a holy ghost reaching out to you as you can see in the Trinity if you believe in the Bible that God the Father God the son God the Holy Spirit. Now the key thing for me is my morality comes from the Bible the Ten Commandments and all the other laws God made. As in exodus he makes the Ten Commandments. So if we can tell from this that he made rules from the get-go. But let's say that you don't believe in God then you don't really have morals cuz you don't have anything the base off of. If there were no morals anything we go right would be wrong wrong could be right it would just be a blur. So if we look at this you need a basis of faith. The definition of faith is believing without seeing. This is how we believe in Jesus Christ. As it was also said in the Bible it was hard for people to believe in him them just imagine how hard it is for people to believe without seeing. This isn't really a debate on whether there is good or evil this is the debate on is there God or no God because without a God or a deity entity or whatever you want to call it well I'm moral background out nothing to come from there would be no morals so this is a debate whether there is a God. So we can dive deeper in the weather there is God. My first argument would be that the resurrection did happen. We can tell this by historical facts and in every religion he is spoken of. But in those religions they do not consider him the son of God. Like in the Quran they consider him a prophet. But also not even looking at the Bible there were 500 people that were witnesses to this miracle. This miraculous Wonder. I wish to see how far this will take us in this debate of morals.
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religion is a construct of living beings that become intelligent enough to question their own existence asking how, when, or how they become. Everyone had their own ideas based on their own life experiences and potentially some deep, reasonable thinking mixed in there as well. But who is to say some dudes religion can be more real than another when it's all one shot in the dark with battered old musket?
Yet everyone assumes there's absolute objective truth because they'll burn in some hell if they do not think so. It's this factor of religion that starts wars when people start saying "you're wrong, I'm right."
That's why I'm not religious, but I am a realist in believing there's a possibility of higher power and for there not being one but the bible isn't proof.
But it can benefit society if it gets caught up in a religion that claims to be an objective truth and promotes values R03;R03;and denounces negative things and promotes Compassion.
morality is made up by society and ones emotions. There is no voice telling you what's good and what's bad, its your own emotions.
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Posted by canis 3 years ago
"is evil and good just figments of the imagination?"...Well if we did not imagine it..It would be action/no action...
"Evil and good" are "old" words and useless. Sometimes fighting agains "evil" comes with extreme cost and no bennefits good at all. ..But in our imagination it was the "right thing" to do..So ..F... the dead..And the suffering..
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