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is evolution real

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Started: 12/19/2017 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Evolution is not real. The reason it is not real is because life is so complex, it just can't be a probability. Instead it points to the fact that God is real, and he created the earth


Whoever made this needs awnsers, fast.
It has long been known that evolution is what created the human race. We have seen other animals go through evolution, so when we found skulls of what seemed like malformed humans, scientists decided to study. The world is an ever-changing environment, and back when humans were hunter-gatherers, we were different.

Also, God is not a valid argument. There is no proof that he/she exists.
Debate Round No. 1


To answer your questions, let me just say this. In this world we have many complex forms of life, such as microscopic organisms, plants, and animals. All of which have various functions, parts, and criteria which makes them the most complex things on earth. Now lets compare this to evolution and I will show how evolution is impossible. The theory of evolution states that a singular cell is the result of this entire universe. Where did the cell come from? To this question I would like to have an answer to. The evidence that supports evolution is evidence that supports what happened after the cell was created, but it never says how the cell was created in the first place. They say that life was created from dead matter. But back to my point about the complexity of life. Dead matter cannot have possibly created all of this complex life that we have today. For one it goes against the law of biogenesis which states that all life comes from life. Evolution states that this cell that created the whole earth originated from a dead substance. This contradicts one of the most well known laws of science. Life is so complex that it is unreasonable to believe that dead substances could have created this cell which created this world we have today. Another flaw in evolution is the process of how the world evolved from a single cell. It says that the cell reproduced until we have this world today. But how could one cell, created so many different life forms such as plants, animals, and humans. Why aren't all of the living species the same as the first living cell. It just doesn't makes sense. Now to answer the question about there being no evidence for God. There actually is. Although it is not direct evidence, it is still evidence. There is no theory, religion or belief that answers the question reasonably about where the first life form came from other than Christianity. This belief clearly states, unlike evolution, where life came from and how it started. God created all of the plants, animals, and humans that exist today. For this reason, I stand by my belief that evolution is false.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by 00Amina00 3 years ago
If you're saying that god created everything, isn't possible for god to create evolution? #loophole
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