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is feminism good for the world

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Started: 11/27/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Feminism seems to be only bad for the world as it spreads the idea that your personal failures are out of your control. Thinking in this way helps no one and lets people just work less and feel good about it. Also the "riots for equality" are almost always violent. Also we all know that the "great big bad patriarchy" just doesn't exist


Feminism has a stigma attached to it that is nowhere near the truth. The idea behind feminism is equality for ALL- to not judge or oppress because of one's gender. Feminism is a great attribute to this world because it has helped women all around the world gain rights. It has given women a reason to fight for what they believe in and continue to fight for change. Additionally, feminists have fought for not only women, but everyone who has been oppressed/victimized at some point in their life. They have been there from as early as fighting for the abolishment of slavery, to fighting together to diminish Jim Crow laws, to the current issues happening today in our nation. Furthermore, the idea that feminism only makes people think that "personal failures are out of control" is absolutely inaccurate. Is it their fault that that they don't make the same amount of money as men? Is it their fault that men are more likely to get hired even if they are more qualified? Was it anyone's fault that there has been any injustices at all? Feminism allows people to fight for that change with others who are just as passionate about equality, which in fact, should be everyone.
Moreover, the idea that the patriarchy has completely diminished is also incorrect. Although not physically seen, forms of patriarchy still happen in subtle ways. The simple fact that women are frowned upon if they don't wear a shirt while men can and making a normality of women taking their husband's last name are just some of the many ways that shows we are indeed still living in a patriarchal world.
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when you say feminism has worked (as in first and second wave) i agree but now we are all equal. Men and women are not payed differently for the same wage. This is because the statistics you look to use a large number of people in "similar" but not equal jobs and find a difference since different jobs pay different amounts of money even in similar fields. Also, there are other reasons women (on average) are payed less like pregnancy, staying with the young child and differences in behavior (like being less likely to ask for a raise.) If there was a giant patriarchy paying women less why would anyone hire men? If companies could get away with a cheeper wage why wouldn't they. Proof of this is the move to work in China because labor is cheap there. 3rd wave feminism has not helped women all over the world if it did it would get rights for women in India and Saudi Arabia not worry about man-spreading and "a pink tax." Less qualified women will get into S.T.E.M. fields more than there more qualified male counterparts because the business wants to even out the gender group in a work place. This is indisputable since there are many statistics that show this and since they do the same for non-white and non-asian people.

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