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is global warming an issue?

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Started: 4/30/2015 Category: Science
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i think that global warming is an issue that we as people should act upon global warming has increased by a large amount and us being a main cause of it should find a way to figure a way to decrease the amount


I accept your debate, pro! Now, there is a good deal of evidence that humans are not causing global warming at all. It was simply America heeding Al Gore's warnings based on misguided interpretations of scientific studies. Our planet has a natural cycle of heating up and cooling back down. In fact, from 1940 to 1975, "global cooling" was the big issue, but that scientific theory was discovered to be false. You can read about global cooling here:

This isn't just an ignorant, uneducated viewpoint; thousands of scientists have signed a petition claiming that humans aren't causing global warming ( A lot of environmentalists claim that because there is a scientific consensus and all sorts of graphs and charts, global warming is definitely real. That isn't how questions are answered. A lot of scientific theories were widely accepted by the public in the past were suddenly made irrelevant with new evidence.

It's widely believed that global warming is causing Arctic ice to melt. Mysteriously, the Arctic ice cap has expanded by 50% since 2012: Also, the climate models created by skilled scientists, who can't even accurately predict when it will rain half of the time, have been wrong over and over. Read here: As many as 95% of them have proven inaccurate. There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will cause catastrophic heating of the Earth"s atmosphere.

But let's just say that if global warming theorists were right, which they are not in many cases, what would happen if the Earth became filled up with the greenhouse effect? It has happened before in the Earth's history, in the Ordovician period 440 million years ago. The carbon dioxide concentration was up by a whopping 16 times that of today. The planet still supported plenty of flora and fauna, so the environment certainly wasn't in danger. ( These carbon dioxide emissions were caused by mass volcanic activity, and they were eventually brought down by the same thing, volcanic activity. Global warming is not being caused by humans, and there is no clear or present danger because of it.
Debate Round No. 1


Even so global warming is still a big issue yes the earth has hot and cold periods but they may get worse and worse each time until eventually a whole species or country is wiped out by habitat loss or water levels rising but other issues that may be included are that scintist say that warmer climate can be a "disease vector" which can then cause our health to be poorer also with the increaed warmth it can cause other places to go into drought like california for example but how soon will you think for another state to go into a major drought and finaily the warmer air can cause air polution to increase, Higher air temperatures increase smog.


Panicking of environmentalists about climate change is based on future projections and speculation, nearly all of which have turned out to be wrong. Humans may be contributing to shifts in the Earth's temperature. Al Gore claimed that by 2012, Antarctica would be completely melted due to global warming. What melting-ice-caps activists fail to realize is that most of Antarctica's ice is already underwater. When you put a piece of ice in a glass of water, it raises slightly, does it not? And when that ice melts, does the water level raise? No, because it has already been displaced by the ice. The ocean works by those rules, and there is no danger of a global flood.

Another fault in environmentalist logic is their emphasis on how humans are the only reason global warming could possibly happen. Humans do have an affect on the environment, of course. But their impact is relatively small, because natural cycles and extinction events will happen whether or not fossil fuels are being burned. Even if humanity makes no attempt to switch to a different energy source, temperature will only rise a few degrees Celsius. Effects of this would be minor, certainly not helping to spread diseases, droughts, or smog. Even less likely is a mass extinction event.

Debate Round No. 2


finale round exciting so as your explaining very well detailed in your counter arguments your are basically saying that there is no issue in global warming WHAT SO EVER and i guess it is how you see it really but on my part here i truly think we have a problem even if we are the main cause or not global warming will continue happening and the numbers can reduce or most likely increase so we need to find ways to help with this because global warming will nit go away and if our government should help with things like global warming rather than spending all our money on nuclear bombs us humans will be the cause of earth to end so we should feel obligated to help preserve plant earth for as long as possible


Very well, here are my closing thoughts. I do believe that global warming exists, and I must correct you: my argument was not that global warming will have no repercussions on the environment at all. My argument was that it won't be as severe as the "doomsday" scientists predict will come very soon. Though arguments from your side of the spectrum are very much based in fact and science, it should be at least acknowledged that in the end, humans are prone to error, including scientists, and they cannot predict the future. This is a simple truth that I can't really cite sources for. It's a shrewd quality to be cautious for the worst possible outcome, but it shouldn't gain so much attention in politics. The United States government, however, spends around $20 billion for both global warming and nuclear weapons, relatively equal. While trying to protect the planet in all of its natural beauty in a noble cause, it's simply not realistic to spend billions of dollars on it. Instead, the government should be focusing on education, military, and law enforcement: issues that are relevant and short-term. To conclude, global warming exists, but is not grave or tangible enough to be treated as a serious issue in the politics of today's world.

Good luck, Pro. Thank you for a good debate.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ConceptEagle 3 years ago
"The good thing about science is that it is true whether or not you believe in it" -N DG Tyson
Global warming is as proven as gravity.
This controversy is just a repeated version of whether or not the Earth revolves around the Sun or the other way around.
Posted by Celinasong 3 years ago
Um... Global warming is happening whether or not you want to accept it. The reason why people are fighting against it is because they are simply in denial. Humans don't want to face the truth and they do not want to be placed in blame( especially when we're talking large scale problems). The fact of the matter is that, yes, the earth does experience periods of heating up and cooling down, but it is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that the Earths temperature is rising and falling unsteadily and inconsistently. If you look up graphs on how this is from the early 90s to now, you will see that it has changed dramatically. Even though many people choose to believe that humans have not caused this change, let's think about it logically. Let's use some common sense. We are the ones that have changed the world. And yes we are changing it for the better of mankind, but we are at the same time affecting our planet. Like balance, we need to balance what we do on our planet. We have officially tipped the scale on how much the earth can naturally balance, and now we are waaaaaay too late to try to fix it. It's inevitable. If you choose to sit back and watch as we greatly affect our planet, then thats your choice. I'll let God be the judge of that. But let's get real here. who wants to see our beautiful planet wither away. Go ahead and take a closer look at the globe. The green isn't so green anymore. The blue isn't even blue at all anymore. Does that not disgust you? The facts that scientists are predicting the loss of entire countries in a mere 50-100 years due to high sea levels? Does that not scare you? The facts that hundreds of thousands of animals are on the border of extinction... Does this not weaken your heart?

Climate change is an issue, and it's serious.
Posted by pressplay010 3 years ago
I agree this is an important debate, I am initially on Pros side but I am most interested in Cons arguments as I have seen nothing of that sides evidence.
Posted by dekotacat1 3 years ago
Thank you some one who can see that we need to do something about global warming !
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