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is human activity the main cause of climate change?

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Started: 5/15/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Are humans really responsible for the rise in global temperatures? Are what the scientist and the news saying, really what's happening? Well if you actually dig into it, you might be surprised to know that human activity is not the primary reason for climate change. The earth's temperatures have always fluctuated and the 20th century isn't any different.

The earth is melting. The polar caps are going to raise the ocean levels. Polar bears have no place to go"..All because of humans. These are things you might hear on the news. But what if I tell you it is not because of human activity. That's right, humans are not the ones causing all of this. Yes the oceans are rising, and yes the polar ice caps might be melting, but it's not because of humans. Research done by Purdue University found that over 47 percent of scientist believe that climate change is not humans fault, but that its a mixture of humans and nature. You might hear that 98 percent of climate scientist believe that climate change is all humans fault, but just because a large group believes in it, does not mean it is true. But you might also notice that its 98 percent of climate scientist. Meaning they only surveyed that group and did not survey other science groups. why would they need to survey other groups? Well because climate change takes many professions to actually study it and give all the actual factors and reasons for climate change.

Earth's climate has always warmed and cooled throughout history. If you research the 20th century the rise in heat is actually normal and under the 5-degree average change that nature does naturally. On the news, you might hear that greenhouse gases caused by humans are one of the most contributing factors. But in actuality, there is no actual evidence that human-caused co2 levels are heating up the planet. 460 million years ago during a glaciation period, the co2 levels were actually 5 times higher than they are now. says the national academy of science. But notice that when the co2 levels were 5 times what they are now, the earth was forming glaciers. There are no actual correlations between the earth warming and the co2 levels. Written by Jimmy Wike for the spectrum. We are at the Holocene of the Quaternary ice age. Jimmy goes on to say that "At the peak of the last glaciation, about 18,000 years ago, there were ice caps and glaciers over two miles high covering Detroit and much of North America, Europe, and the southern parts of South America and Africa." this goes to show that we are heating up after this ice age and that climate change is only nature doing her thing.

Now last but certainly not least, what about the burning of oil and coal, that has to do some bad? Yes, it does bad but not as bad as we think. Human produced co2 is actually absorbed by the forest and oceans across the world. Meaning it's not sitting in the air like we were told. The Asia Pacific journal found that over 50% of human co2 has been absorbed into forest and oceans, and have actually promoted growth among the forest. How about the rapid co2 levels, in general, starting in 1958? that did not occur till the 20th century. Well like I said the co2 levels and climate change have no correlation, but if you really get into it. The industrial revolution happened as early as 1780. So if human produced co2 levels rapidly rose the co2 levels on earth in 1958, why didn't it happen in the 1880s? Or the 1930s? When the way of factories wasn't as clean as they are now. Because human activities aren"t the main reason levels of co2 are so high.

So today I have given some reasons as to why climate change is not primarily humans fault. in fact, climate change is an accureing part of nature. As humans, we cannot control the climate. We can not make it warmer or colder. So we have to live with that. after hearing my reasoning I ask you to stand with me against the thought that human activity is the primary reason for climate change.
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Posted by Overhead 3 years ago
Apologies, the website kept on giving errors last night when I planned to respond and I'm at work now so no time!
Posted by unknown777 3 years ago
Human are not the 'main'cause of climate change. It's the negative reaction of nature with each other when we do some human activities such as deforestation. Weather today is unpredictable because nature is unorganized, sewage and clean water are being mixed up, air pollution that can be found in cars and factories will be mixed up with clean air, grabage and soil are also mixed up. Groundwaters are being mixed up with sewage and grabage. The rain ,tides and snow can't be predicted anymore since the flow of the air , precipitation procces and water had changed from time to time since pollution are getting worser and worser and those pollution absorber is not enough.
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