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is not picking up trash good?

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Started: 2/14/2018 Category: Health
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not picking up trash is not good for multiple reasons:
1.if trash is thrown into an ocean/lake animals can mistaken it as food and eat it and then get sick/ or may die


"1.if trash is thrown into an ocean/lake animals can mistaken it as food and eat it and then get sick/ or may die"
Well your title implies that this debate is about picking up trash from the ground, not the ocean. SO disregard the ocean stuff as it doesn't apply to this debate.

Anyway, leaving litter on the ground can be okay, that is if we chose to employ a system similar to that of the Chinese.

In China, litter is uncommon. This is because when people throw things on the ground, scavengers can pick it up and sell it to recyclers. The system works very well because it creates income for some people and also leads to cleaner areas. Many people are looking for an easy way to make money, this is a good one. Also, think about this:

"You could put recycling bins in all public gathering spots, of course. (And they actually have them) But then you"d have to pay a guy with what is, undoubtedly, a big personal carbon footprint, to drive around in a big diesel truck and empty all the bins. And what would he do with them?

Would they really get recycled or would they just end up in a landfill as happened in New York City a few years back when they actually stopped recycling all of the recyclables they were collecting because it wasn"t economically attractive. They were actually making the environment worse by having a separate collection for "recyclables" that were just going into a landfill..."

Also, you might ask, "What about non-recyclable trash?" Here is another good argument:

"And like any business, the scavenging business has its own issues of leveraging fixed costs. If you stop your bicycle to pick up an empty plastic bottle and there is a candy wrapper sitting next to it, you will pick up the candy wrapper as well. The candy wrapper is worth far less to the recycler (who is perhaps the local government) than the bottle, but you are already there. You are already bending over to the get the bottle. So in the end all litter has been removed. Not just the most valuable litter. (I point this out because many places in the U.S. have bottle deposits that are attractive enough to cause someone to pick up an empty beer bottle beside the road. Doubtful, however, they will pick up the empty fast food bag sitting next to it.)"

(I do not necessarily agree with these arguments, I just like debating.)
Debate Round No. 1


the ocean has a lot to do with this debate matter a fact


No, you said this in your title: "is not picking up trash good?"
That is referring to picking up trash off the ground and litter. If you wanted to talk about the ocean you should have made a different title. Let's not focus the entire debate on topicality (shout out to policy debaters haha), please.

Anyway, my argument is that if we employ a system similar to that of the Chinese, litter will not be as huge a problem as it is now. The Con did not refute any of my arguments which means they agree with all of them.

Thus, I win because the Con conceded to all my points.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by desttoyer 3 years ago
Posted by Amphia 3 years ago
Fair enough.
Posted by Masterful 3 years ago
If those argument are not good enough for you, why are they good enough for me?
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