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is school boring

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Started: 6/14/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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No, school is not boring. when you are at a good school with teachers that understand you and know you and students who are all!! good friends, you start to see that the work becomes fun and imboring (if that is a word) and therefore is not boring. if you disagree with me then you should try a day at my school. a massive school with campuses all around the world.
Therefore, I am right in saying school is not boring.
Thanks for your time!!!
Debate Round No. 1


are you a teacher?
which school do you go to? (i wont stalk you im 13)
and i just wrote this debate because i was bored so dont get competitive


hey bro
Nah im not a teacher but a yr 10 student --16
meridian school is my school. it is a branch of oneschool ...
i am in no case a teacher pet but rather enjoy time with fellow students and doing L2L which is where the students are just given core subjects and a few lessons a week and the rest is just study (lessons without a given subject) or tutorials (lessons where the teacher is available of that certain subject and can help us ) which are in the learning center which is a big room with different areas including quiet rooms collaborative areas and individual cubicals. (more info should be on the websites if you google search them). As an added bonus all students are given laptops of their own to research and do work on with emails and such set up, (these of course are highly monitored and watched to make sure we are doing school work other wise may be confiscated :(:( always a catch.... )

ummmm my advice to a younger student would be to get work done fast and enjoy the rest with books, sport games, other students, etc. however do NOT do it the other way around and have fun then do work but rather reward the work with fun... use goals and that stuff to make good time management and use school time wisely so you can have fun outdoors or on the comp.

also what school do you attend and are you from Australia or where??
and thanks for making this debate it you have helped me to realize how much more fun i could have at school on top of what i already do.

P.S. everyone has bad days and boring days i know - i am not a maniac that LOVES school i just enjoy it because i have to go to it :):)
thanks again and looking forward to your response...

Tom is actually my name!!! hint hint..
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TOMbg 3 years ago
P.S.S i was not trying to be competitive but just helpful....
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