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is school transportation a right?

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Started: 5/20/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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School transportation is or should be a right because students need a way to get to school. Must students don't have a ride to get to school and since students are basically forced to go to school but they need a ride there. If they don't have a ride to school and are enrolled the parents of the students can get in trouble by the government. If the school doesn't provide transportation for students then the students shouldn't be held accountable for the action of the school if they don't have a ride.


School transportation costs money, plain and simple. Kids who already do not take the academic society seriously wastes funding for those wanting to learn. A school is a right because everyone should learn and be able to learn. Now, all of those wasted funding that could be used to teach more serious children, are used for those who's parent's don't care enough to give their children a ride or a walk to school. Many parents of children believe that their kid is perfect. That contributes to in the classroom. You are sixteen, you should know of all the idiots that mess around at your campus or your high school. If they cannot afford a ride, homeschooling is always an option. A bit more work, yet the same amount of knowledge can be retrieved from it. Anyways, a huge majority do not need a bus ride or a parent to get them to school. Either they pick a school really close to them, or they just ride a bike there. In the conservative attitude this country and the world has developed, a bus ride to school should be the least of our worries. Wars and Drugs have been the main causes of havoc. We cannot afford any costly values into transportation when the kids generally do not need it, and when there are many other things us as a society should deal with instead.
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