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is school truly even needed

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Started: 2/11/2014 Category: Education
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Is school truly even needed?
yes I believe that school is needed even though we don't pay attention to the instructions ... at least the teachers didn't give up on us , we need school in our lives and people think that just because we do math in school that we will never have to use it... well that's not true we have to use math everyday and to think that we only need in school is a lie , why not have school we need it to achieve our daily goals with math even though you don't think you really using it you really do . like paying bills you have to count and read the math problem. math is essential to life.


I would like to agree with one thing first. School has been needed in the past. I would like to assume that by school you mean a school set by the state, or a public education system or what you want to call it, in difference to a school of something, where you learn the specific knowledge within a specialized field, like doctor.

In the past it has been needed for school, do to the industrial revolution. A new standard of knowledge were required, as every became machined. However today we are moving towards a more individual and service business world. In this new kind of world, knowledge is easy to acquire and standards are becoming less important. Also with new range of possible businesses that has never before imagined, if we had to have a education system that would prepare us for it all, it would take a whole lifetime to learn, and as such we don't have one. Nearly all countries do have a public education system, where they have tried to modernize it to follow the needs of the world, however, this has lead to people learning a lot of information that is unnecessary and their dream life in the future becomes more distant to them, as they need to go through a long education.

Also in this world, where standards a breaking down and specialization is cheered for, we discourage new entrepreneurs with the willing an cunning to reshape the world in front of them, with a 20 year long education.

I would also like to state that the current public education system around the world also kills a lot of creativity in people. And that the current public education system all go on the idea, that every person around the world, learn the same way. Which is nearly a common fact, that everybody lean best different ways, and yet the education system have very restricted learning methods. And within this system there are a hierarchy of subjects, where some subjects are looked up upon and even forcibly required at a high level for even be able to complete the education. Example, in nearly every country, when you take a public education, you always have the countries own language and linguistic methods on the highest plan possible, so when you are go out of the school, you will be able to analyse a piece of literature and write a paper about it filling 1.5 times as much.
Debate Round No. 1


In the past they chopped off (colors) hands off for learning how to write ,spell, and read. the change has come we are now equaled and we all have the right to have a free education. we have to take advantage to that free ticket to success in life . Is School truly even needed? Yes school is Important Third Good Marshall didn't win the case Brown vs. The Education for no reason,we don't have a choice to not attend to school in the state of Michigan even if your eight teen you have to attend , if you choose to truancy you parents will have to go to court and all type of problems and pay court cost, tax payers have to too. its not such thing that school is not a good if it wasn't everyone in the world have the free will not to attend , you have to an high school education order to work at restaurant's, big company names. you cant live in the 20th century with out knowledge of how to survive . school might not be for some people and it might be , me personally I don't like how the school system is set up but I cant complain because this school is essential to me I have to know all the subjects that had in school to remember what I have do in the real world . you cant work at jc penny's at the cash register with out the basic math skills or social skills. economics teach you what the world is really about. with out a high school education your not gone to make it in the world like how you want , you will have to depend on others and what they have just because nobody push you into pursuing your goal in life as a kid.
is school truly even needed? school is the gateway to a successful and independent life. celebrities have the choice to go to school or pump up their popularity in the society , but in the long they want to start a new career they have to go get a GED and go through the school process anyways,being famous don't mean you know everything , they are just publicity stupid all for the money , money is fine to have but education is even more perfect to have , money can buy you anything but the he high school education that's the American dream, everyone dream of graduating and having a good job and big fancy house and family and a dream house. who don't have that sweet dream ? I mean if you don't you are slipping your head under water slowly to no life.


Some companies require a higher education, because they have to make sure that you know what you are doing within the field of business the company compete in. That is understandable. That we can all agree on. So let me quote one thing from the short sentence: "higher education". Now let me quote something from Wikipedia: "Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, or research."[1]. Companies want people that have learned a higher knowledge and better skills within their field. To make sure we have those, we have school diplomas, a piece of paper which states: "The student ______ knows his ****...", and that is what they want. The Paper Of Proof Of Knowledge And Skills.
School was made so that all kids could get this education from relatively cheap to completely free, because at that time it was harder to get skills and knowledge within many areas. That was because the only way you could get the knowledge was trough expensive books, or in the library if they had it, and other hadn't lent it; getting skills was also hard sometimes do to the prices of the materials. However that time is long past for many people, except many poor country. Countries who are extremely liberal, like USA, also got a bit of the problem, with the poorest simply don't have money to do anything. Today we can get cheap books, read FREE online about all the knowledge in the world. You don't even need a lot of money to get most materials to experiment with your skills within most areas. If you want to learn about anything, you can easily get that information. Can you gain the knowledge and skills which compares equally or over that of a school diploma? Yes. You. Can.
So basically, if you easily with minor resources can get the skill and knowledge required for the dream job of your life, why do you then need to go to the school? All you need is the diploma.
Do you know the thing called self-study? You go to a school, tell them you want to enroll but under self-study, they give you a list of all the books which the other student get to learn with (you have to acquire them yourself if you want to), list of what knowledge and skill you will need and be tested on, and some dates. The dates will be where you go either to a meeting and telling about how it goes with your self-education, and the date of the final exam. Now as I explained above, you can easily gain the knowledge and skill required by yourself. Now you might argue that you in the end still need the school to even become a self-educating student, but that is because of the current system. In its place, we could put a small building, a few school workers hired. You just go up the desk, tell them you name and show you ID, and then they can just give you list. Easy. You can then dedicate some time for it, maybe even learn in an alternative way than schools do now a days.

Now before I close round 2 in this debate, I would like to state, that school probably will still be needed if you put the system in I explained above. Why? Because that is just how some learn best. Some learn best by themselves, some need to be put behind a desk and told to listen. No human is the same. However to this date, I have only seen 3 in 30 of students, finding school to be the best way of learning, and every person I know who ever done self-study, all got better grades were done earlier than the others. But is school truly even needed? No, we have alternatives, some even right now seems better than school right now.

Debate Round No. 2


dejiababie26 forfeited this round.


ILikeBananaPie forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by the_streetsurfer 6 years ago
We do need school but the entire educational system needs a reform.
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