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is the expectation of masculinity in men causing issues for men& 1 of the reasons high sucide rate

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Started: 1/7/2018 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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is the pressures on men to be masculine causing issues for mens mental health from a young age men are conditioned to not show emotions e.g when they fall they are often responded to by comments like "man up" or "boys don't cry" where as girls would most likely get hugs and kisses to make it better are we a nation conditioning our sons to not speak about there emotions? and is the pressure on men to be big strong causing men to feel inadequate leading to high suicide rate ?


No, the pressure on men to be masculine is preparing them for the real world, if they are husbands or fathers, to take charge and make hard decisions and control their emotions in front of their children. Children look to their fathers to be the emotionally strong parent, and if they break down and cry in front of their children then they know something is really wrong. During the Dustbowl, wives said that as long as their husband said everything was going to be okay, even after they lost everything, then they believed it. Women are allowed to be weak and vulnerable. It is their position in the household. Men should be the strong rock that holds the family together. The man should be the strong leader, and emotion shows weakness. The crying and showing of sadness or defeat should be in private, in front of only their wife. For the suicide rate, don't you think if boys weren't told that they are all rapists, sexual assaulters, criminals, and forced to give up their "Toxic" masculinity, then the suicide and depression rate would be lower. Very few men are rapists, very few men beat their women, and if we stopped telling teenage men that they are going to grow up to be one, then they won't think that life is worthless, and they won't, subsequently commit suicide. Being masculine and being strong and manly isn't bad, it is good. Men are MEN. We should be able to be masculine, be rugged and the head of the family.
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i understand and totally agree theres nothing wrong with being masculine i'm a women and believe i have a masculine character but is "pressuring men " to be masculine proving to much for them ? 6,233 suicides were recorded in the UK for people aged 15 and older Of these, 78% were male and 22% were female, are the pressures of men to be strong the breadwinner the reason for this? men are expected to fit this box and soo much is expected of them, and there isolated or labelled "wuss and stuff like that " when they don't fit the Masculine expectation , i was raised equal to a man in the sense my mother was old fashioned which i appreciate as i am similar she always taught me the women is the soul of the home and the source of everyones happiness but she also taught my brothers that they were important in the house and the head of the homes she made them clean and cook and chip in the housework, and taught them masculinty but also to communicate their issues and concerns i feel others have not been so fortunate as they are taught they neeeeed to be what society sees as a man? if not there deemed inadaquate they cant express or share their emotions with friends or familys or anybody and suffer in silence, why is showing emotion seen as a weakness why is seeing a man your husband your father your brother crying seen as weakness ? and not just a normal emotion lol with the shift in society with the female movement and women now competiting with men , is the pressure of masculinty causing many men to become homosexual? as they dont see themselevs what the world calls a man ? i know its a bit out there but im just imagining a small frail boy in this world trying to be a man and failing , cus his tiny and his not loud and his not what girls finds attractive, and fails to identify with a man due to the failing to find himself manly? excuse the spelling lol just in middle of assigment aha so had no chance to correct


Look at what I said about the Dustbowl. The man is the strong base of the family, and should be seen as such. crying is seen as a weakness because the man of the house couldn't remain strong and emotionless and reassuring, then it must be something serious like a death. I am talking about their children, or sibling if they are still teens, seeing them cry, I am the oldest, and I have that responsibility in my family as my father is not around. I am the shy, tall, lanky person, yet I like being a man. I want to be the strong man who doesn't reveal anything, but it doesn't mean I don't cry, show emotion, and I am not contemplating suicide. Manliness isn't always physical, it is also in the presence you have in the room. A commanding, yet subtle attitude. I am very reserved, yet I can have a commanding presence in the room.

I don't think the suicide rate has anything to do with the expectation of manliness, I think it has to do with the opposite. As I said before, I think it is about young men being told they are going to be rapists, criminals, and shamed for their manliness. I think it is because liberal, progressive ideology teaches men to be weak, when they naturally long to be strong. I think it is the suppression of manliness that leads them to think that their life is worthless because they aren't allowed to be manly. Plus, constantly being told you are going to be a rapist when you are older is very degrading to a human being, and takes away from their life and makes them question if they should, and deserve, to live if they are destined to be a rapist when they are older.
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Posted by adriannaoliwia 3 years ago
i agree with the pro, we need to get rid of sterotypes like men are not supposed to cry and it makes them weak. its all pointless, people are people and they will cry and fall and everything, and they csnt be judged for that
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