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is todays generation is better than the old one

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Started: 5/7/2017 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Today's generation is bad and does not give respect elder due to technology everything is at the tip of their fingers this have made them lazy now they dont spent time together now they have less understanding amongst their family


I will be debating that the new generation is just as good as the previous one.

To start: Respect. The new generation doesn't exactly respect the elderly, and I'm not saying thats good, but just because you're 70 years old doesn't mean you have some divine wisdom. In fact, lots of people from todays generation seem to have more knowledge and experience in certain fields than lots of old people.

With technology, this has made SOME lazy, but not all. I know people from the new generation that use the computer a lot, and aren't lazy in the slightest.

"They don't spend time together" Well, they kind of do. With emails and chat messaging, they talk and stay in touch all the time. I don't understand why its bad that they don't do it in person. In fact, chat messaging is actually better, as you have more time to think about what has been said, and what your reply should be making conversations generally better.

I happily await your counter argument. :)
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Posted by G_Skeptic-Guy 3 years ago
These are more than lilely strawman claims made by the misinformed elderly sppread to the quite possibly even more misinformed middle aged and to the point of hitting the misinformed teens and youth.

I'm also guessing that this debate and the setup in round one is subjective and emotion based due to lack of words, examples and citations.

I'm not accepting this debate since the burden of proof is on you are you're fairly new.
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